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The Cop Next Door by princess-fill
The Cop Next Doorby Felicity
"Stop it, Dax." I wouldn't meet his eyes, I couldn't. His hot breath trailed up my neck, his soft lips ghosting over the exposed flesh. He chuckled when my bac...
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B A B Y | +18 by alondrapcs
B A B Y | +18by - m a r i e -
Nobody knows his name, the only thing people know is that he's a dangerous man and his nickname is 'Baby'. Women in cheap whore houses always talk about how good he is i...
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Are you mine? by stargazing2000
Are you mine?by stargazing2000
"I-I'm sorry Noah" I whisper. "What?" "I said I'm sorry." "There's nothing to be sorry about Amber. I just want to know what the hell...
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His Guilty Pleasure (FIRST DRAFT) by thatcrazywriterchick
His Guilty Pleasure (FIRST DRAFT)by Anonymous ;)
Gabrielle Hampton has always been a little heavier than her peers--a fact that no one seems to let her forget. Leo Hamilton in particular--having gone as far to coin the...
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Drowning by A_s_h_l_e_y_02
Drowningby Flowerlane
Leah Anderson. A 18 year old sarcastic girl that doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. Noah Clark. A 18 year old guy that has an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. Both...
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Opposites attract by luann16
Opposites attractby luann16
"You're so bad for me". "And you love that". I gulped as he lent in closer, trapping me between his body and the wall behind me. The worst part of t...
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Secrets Of An Omega: Part 1 And 2 by TJCharms
Secrets Of An Omega: Part 1 And 2by TJCharms
#19 in possessive as at 10 December 2018 She was powerful, fearless, ruthless, cold and most importantly, the alpha of the most intelligent, most fierce most dominant an...
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💛 Bakudeku Oneshots! | Fluff and Smut 💚 by Shipping_Trash1
💛 Bakudeku Oneshots! | Fluff and...by Shipping_Trash1
Heya!! No angst in this bc I don't have a heart for that sad sh!t, but anyway, there's quite the variety in here and I take requests, sooo..... Happy reading!~
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His scared love  by AnkitaGhosh205
His scared love by Ankita Ghosh
Sanjh Mehra is 21 years old girl who is sweet and simple loving and caring. Live with her father and sister Pakhi who is 19 years old. She shows that she is fine and hap...
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Surefire (Erik "Killmonger" Stevens AU Fan-fiction) by tweetylol
Surefire (Erik "Killmonger" Steven...by Maya Chambliss
Maya is trying to have a peaceful transition into her college year and official adulthood (technically). For a chance at a fresh start, she has moved back to the city to...
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Coke-a-cola and Pepsi  by lolcoolesst
Coke-a-cola and Pepsi by Thai woman’s whore
all Lisa wanted to do was go to the nearest 7/11 and get some soda for her night time munchies. She sat down with a woman but didn't think much of it. And just like tha...
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opposites attract ⇔ jenzie   by emmasefin
opposites attract ⇔ jenzie by *ᵐᵃˡ*
*completed* book 1 {when two teens are polar opposites but you know what they say... opposites attract} started: september 22, 2018 ended: february 12, 2019
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Invisible by riarkledale
Invisibleby Kenz
This is a story about a girl and boy who were complete opposites. She was invisible. He was painfully visible. She was broken, and insecure. She was alone. At least...
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Bubble Wrap by londonlocket
Bubble Wrapby a s h l e y
She's uptight and strung out on work. He's a musician with writer's block. When their apartment building experiences a black-out, they find themselves with nothing but e...
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AFTER THE RAIN (Bonus edition) by JoWatson_101
AFTER THE RAIN (Bonus edition)by Jo Watson
Some opposites attract; some rip each others clothes off. Stormy-Rain and Marcus are polar opposites: she's a free-spirited, Tarot card reading, rainbow-haired hippie; h...
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Emotions-[Taegyu] by kyouthin
Emotions-[Taegyu]by kyouthin
In which Kang Taehyun is an emotionless boy who never felt anything in his life. he never felt happy or sad, never cried or laugh. yet It all changed when a Choi Beomgyu...
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ѕιи ¢ιту ~ ʝα¢к ανєяу by -SCARYBITCH
ѕιи ¢ιту ~ ʝα¢к ανєяуby gнσѕтfα¢є
When the Devil and the Angel fall in love COMPLETED A SHORT STORY
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TWISTED by Discover709
TWISTEDby Discover You
Can two totally different people come together to same decisions? Natasha Rocher is a girl who is rude, arrogant and very outspoken due to which she is not liked by peop...
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Masked by Andrea_weasly1133
Maskedby Andrea_weasly1133
A Dramione fanfic, do I need to explain more? Hogwarts is hosting a Winter Solstice Ball and guess who are thr student planners? Miss Granger and Malfoy, what a great mi...
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The Prince And His Arrogant Princess by lovablesocks
The Prince And His Arrogant Prince...by 🌙
"How are you not afraid of me" Leo said while placing his arm on the locker only inches away from Aurora's face. "Maybe because you are a little bitch&quo...
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