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Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~ by Starlight_88
Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~by Victoria
Nico di Angelo had been shunned by his father, King Hades, for two years after he came out and told him he's gay. Since then, the young boy lived two years as a normal c...
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The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for release.  by story-lover1423
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for r...by story-lover1423
(A Percy Jackson fanfiction) The king of gods made a horrible mistake a long time ago, yet none of the other gods went against him in fear of the consequences. The king...
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The Half-Blood Games | Percabeth by iheartshipper
The Half-Blood Games | Percabethby Kate
Annabeth Chase had a good life in District 3. Her father died in the 52nd Hunger Games, and her mother died giving birth to her. She had to go live with her great-aunt...
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Love Hurts (Percy Jackson AU) by thedeathlydemigods
Love Hurts (Percy Jackson AU)by eurydice?
Everyone has a soulmate. And until you fall in love with them, all of their scars and bruises appear on your body. If they're in pain you'll know it. Will the stress of...
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Soulmates | Heroes of Olympus AU by california_king_bed
Soulmates | Heroes of Olympus AUby Callie
When you turn 15 you get a tattoo that represents your soulmate. When you kiss your soulmate for the first time, your tattoo will disappear and their initials will appea...
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Limitless Love {Percabeth Fanfiction} by MaiaPapaya4Life
Limitless Love {Percabeth Fanficti...by Maia
Completed Percy and Annabeth have always been best friends. And when I say always, I mean always. So, it's quite a surprise to Percy and his friends when Annabeth become...
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Ultra| Percy Jackson/Spiderman  by Kitty_Stichez
Ultra| Percy Jackson/Spiderman by Kitty_Stichez
Percy Jackson goes to Midtown where he meets Peter Parker. The demigods are bored after Gaea, monsters barely attacked and it looks like New York has more than immortal...
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Shadow Traveling to a Whole New World by Jedigirl135
Shadow Traveling to a Whole New Wo...by Jedigirl135
Life at Camp Halfblood was finally settling down and Nico Di' Angelo was finally happy. Everything seems fine until one night Nico has a fight with his boyfriend Will So...
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Demigods & Gods React To TLT  by DeathstarDeathClan
Demigods & Gods React To TLT by Deathstar DeathClan
The Gods and Demigods find TLT (The Lightning Theif Musical) and react to the animatic version. What will they think about the aninatics and the musical? Read to find ou...
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Breathe (Percabeth AU) by bellaschneeb
Breathe (Percabeth AU)by bella
Annabeth Chase's life is pretty much perfect. She has great grades, amazing friends, and a good image at Goode High School. But all of this is about to change, with a co...
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Agent 18 by CloeTheTealSnake
Agent 18by Ghost 🤘🏻
Fury adds a new member to the Avengers with one goal for them: learn his name. His true name actually since Maverick West isn't it despite the teen's claims. Will the he...
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PJO INSTAGRAM! by The13thdemigodwizard
PJO INSTAGRAM!by Fandoms&Memes
what the title says- Percy Jackson Instagram
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Demigods Happened (PJO/HOO) by SalixMendax
Demigods Happened (PJO/HOO)by Taz of the Raven
Just your average mortals meet/ book of one-shots. They're mostly connected to one another, but you will have to figure out the order for yourself. Sorry for any confusi...
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Mortals Meet Demigods, and a Few Fluffy One Shots! by KoalaPerson33
Mortals Meet Demigods, and a Few F...by Kitty the Chinchilla
The title says it all. I only own the plot and random OCs I might add! All rights go to Rick Riordan!
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Little Miss Popular by olympusaviours
Little Miss Popularby OLYMPUSAVIOURS
*Slowish Updates* *PERCABETH FANFIC* Annabeth Chase used to be the star athlete of her school, but that all changed when she got her heart broken by her now ex- boyfrien...
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we'll meet again || percabeth au by perthroria
we'll meet again || percabeth auby RIORDANVERSE ✨
Percy Jackson was the senior high school hottie of Goode. He had pretty good grades, despite his dyslexia and ADHD, gold medals from swimming championships and all of th...
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The Skeletons In The Closet by sadieddie11
The Skeletons In The Closetby wolfstar is life
The gods have decided it best for some choice demigods to go back in time to view each other's pasts and past events that have happened in order to get to know each othe...
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Demigods at Hogwarts- What could go wrong? (Pjo/Hp Crossover) by WarriorofGraceClan
Demigods at Hogwarts- What could g...by Gracefall
When Rachel speaks another prophecy, it isn't received well. 7 demigods are selected for a speacial quest to a wizarding school known as Hogwarts. What could possibly g...
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Daughter Of The Prophecy by annjaeg
Daughter Of The Prophecyby annjaeg
Rue, a camp half blood demigod, has been in at camp since she was 12, escaping an abusive home. She lived through both CHB wars and made numerous friends along the way...
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