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The Lovers Curse √ |COMPLETED| by NaughtyGoth99
The Lovers Curse √ |COMPLETED|by Teha
Banished. A 8 letter word that burns you to the core, for a mermaid that's like being alone. But this was her fate, her love for sexual connection over powering her will...
Wandering Soul by eyhSmik
Wandering Soulby Park Ri soo
It's an original collection of poetry and prose, written and published in chronological order
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A monument to all your sins. by BetaBuild
A monument to all your sins.by Shaun.
I can't really think of anything. I hope you enjoy it.
A Man's World - Alfie Solomons one shots. by clarke_writes
A Man's World - Alfie Solomons one...by Rose <3
A compilation of 'x reader' stories about Alfie Solomons, these are mostly fluff but I just write about whatever inspires me. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy...
Tale of Two Corgis by burritopup131
Tale of Two Corgisby burritopup131
Jasmine and Lavender are two twin corgis. Jasmine falls asleep, and wakes up without Lavender.
On The Road to Somewhere by Eclipse_Rose
On The Road to Somewhereby Angel of Chaos
He feels as if something were missing from his now peaceful life. I mean, don't get me wrong. He has a beautiful and smart girlfriend. A ton of loving friends. And a gre...
Pretty in White by crossroad
Pretty in Whiteby Freesia Lockheart
A week ago, Antoinette was going to be a bride. Now, she wakes up in a strange place and is said to be dead. Dunstan is a careless soul who's only wa...
Rurouni Kenshin: Unleash the Battousai by SuperSaiyan10
Rurouni Kenshin: Unleash the Batto...by help
Himura Kenshin thinks that Battousai is forever gone, locked away in his fragile mind. This bloodthirsty side of himself is far from it. "To never spill a drop of b...
wayfarer by 2theocean
wayfarerby - alsie -
✦"we're all just trying to find ourselves."✦ a wayfarer is a constantly wandering soul, with a need to explore the world and everyone in it, and a need to feel...
Love Started With Accident ~ Picture Tale✔️ by MelodiousHummingBird
Love Started With Accident ~ Pictu...by April Melody 🎶
wandering_nib conducted a Picture Tale contest. So this story is created for that and I'm the runner-up. A cute love story which started with an accident. Love 💕 Apri...
Telling My Own Thoughts; Short Poems ✔️ by Pawerr14
Telling My Own Thoughts; Short Poe...by Gian Geronimo
Book 2 of the "Short Poems" series. - - - "Applaud like there's no tomorrow; live like there's no such thing as sorrow." - - - (NOTE: THE TITLES OF T...
Lost and In Love by yass654321
Lost and In Loveby Blueeyedbabe123
Not all wanderers are lost, especially when it means you get to find some special people along the way.
Unraveling the Twisted by Kade_co
Unraveling the Twistedby Kade_co
A girl who's an escapist, collides with a boy who shakes her into reality. What happens when Arya realizes her long-lost brother lives in the same town she recently shif...
Let's Go Wandering || All the bright places || Sequel by mistyf1sh
Let's Go Wandering || All the brig...by Charlotte
Theodore Finch knows who he is- a pianist that is planning to travel the world with his girlfriend, Amy, who rescued him from drowning in the nearby lake. But a week bef...
IF by ironcurtain53
IFby Iron
in which a guy that is robbed and murdered realises that his unfinished task in the world of the living is to save his brother from taking his own life. this is a story...
A World Passed Only to Find the Next (FTO) by SilaDragnolgia79998
A World Passed Only to Find the Ne...by SilaDragnolgia79998
FTO Season 3 and 4 Crossover (Sorta) For this fanfic, season four is in a setting before Grandmaster Jonathan enacted his grand plan against the guilds of Alantide, just...
Simple Thoughts by vrushali_krish
Simple Thoughtsby vrushali krish
She likes him for a long time but couldn't afford to tell him. She finds that she is in oscillation whether to pursue this thought or ignore this. Eventually she underst...
Wandering To Nowhere by KaienShin
Wandering To Nowhereby BedheadAries
Adler was woken up in the dead of the night by a terrible scream. She witnessed a man standing in front of a tunnel she had not seen before. In curiosity, she followed t...
Fine by SonamLama764
Fineby Sonam Lama
it'll be all fine in the end. Fine is about a journey throught a friendship that didn't made it. In loving of memory of the friendship that came to an end. Thank you for...