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Spirk Oneshots (Star Trek) by GayThing
Spirk Oneshots (Star Trek)by Lynn
The title is pretty self explanatory. Also the amazing fan art isn't by me but by deheerkonijin. They're on Tumblr if you want to check them out. (Which you should) Hop...
Spirk Oneshots by AngelOfTheLord_101
Spirk Oneshotsby AngelOfTheLord_101
So this is my collection of Spirk one-shots, I hope you enjoy :) *I don't own Star Trek or any of the characters*
Of convenience by SgstjGsyj
Of convenienceby Sgstj Gsyj
Kirk needs to get married for political reasons. Spock offers himself as the logical choice.
Prank Wars on the Enterprise (Spirk and crew) by xxElementWolf7
Prank Wars on the Enterprise (Spir...by xxElementWolf7
It's April 1st. on the Enterprise. No words are needed.
Spirk oneshots (Star Trek) by Maluxian
Spirk oneshots (Star Trek)by Maluxian
It is a collection of my favourite spirk oneshots from ao3 . It might contain some mcspirk tho. Disclaimer: i don't own any of this work. They belong to their original a...
Tiny Hands, Sad Eyes by mrwwow
Tiny Hands, Sad Eyesby mrwwow
Jim Kirk gets shot by an automated weapon while on an away misson. Instead of injuring or killing him, it deages him. Now Spock and McCoy have to try and fix it, all wh...
Spirk - Yours by uss-spirk
Spirk - Yoursby Oswin
Kirk and Spock both begin to have feelings for each other. They go to Bones for help, but realize that some things you can't learn from others; you have to experience th...
Humanity (Spock/Kirk) by PyroWaffle
Humanity (Spock/Kirk)by Madeline
Spock goes to the bridge to complete some later duties and work when he finds kirk watching the stars, he finds himself in an emotional state, and his humanity begins to...
This Side of Paradise - Alternate Ending k/s by spock_bag
This Side of Paradise - Alternate...by Spock_bag
Fluff peice of kirk/spock (spirk) at the end of the TOS episode 'This Side of Paradise' Instead of anger, Kirk uses love to dispel the spores from Spock.
Star Trek (Spirk) by RareTenaring16
Star Trek (Spirk)by Fan Boys Rock
AOS and TOS crossover fic It's Christmas time, Stardate 2264, and The Enterprise stumbles upon an anomaly and ended up in Spock Prime's reality in 2290. Now they must fi...
Light Years Ahead (Spirk) by Fangirlmode-in-3-2-1
Light Years Ahead (Spirk)by Fangirlmode-in3-2-1
Jim is reluctant to go to his high school reunion. What will everyone think of him, his husband and their kids. Let alone his huge success as a captain. (Spirk, With kid...
Using the ozh'esta to lure Jim out by TFALokiwriter
Using the ozh'esta to lure Jim outby Speedy
Four times Spock started the ozh'esta when he lost track of Jim and the one time McCoy called him out on it .
The Spaces Between Us (Burn From The Fires Within) by rightsidethru
The Spaces Between Us (Burn From T...by rightsidethru
Warmth. There was warmth-weight-settled against the solid line of Jim's spine, comfortable and familiar in all the best sorts of ways, and the Enterprise's Captain didn'...
Commander by HoodedFangirl
Commanderby HoodedFangirl
A Spock/Kirk fanfic. Features the rest of the Bridge crew. Inspired by Kelly Rowland's Commander. Where the Enterprise crew can't help but compare their First Officer to...
Polyamory | Star Trek (Spirk x OC) by Jayden_The_Enby_Boi
Polyamory | Star Trek (Spirk x OC)by Jason T. Winters
James T. Kirk was confident in his path in life. Just one more year in the academy and he'd graduate and be a captain in no time. But, while he still can, he was gonna h...
XO - A Spirk Fanfiction by ladyphina
XO - A Spirk Fanfictionby ladyphina
Spock has a little more understanding of human customs than Jim Kirk gives him credit for. A cute little non-serious and slightly cracky reboot!Spirk piece I wrote a wh...
Erroneous Conclusions  by mrwwow
Erroneous Conclusions by mrwwow
Kirk uses the computer to create a document that charts his interactions with Spock, who he is very much in love with. Kirk has decided that Spock doesn't love him. He...
Make Me Feel Alive(ENG) by sweetylisa
Make Me Feel Alive(ENG)by 🥥𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙖⚜️
- All these times, Mr Spock's emotions were trapped and locked in his heart like a hostages and wanted to break free, fly off his lips and be heard by Kirk, how hard his...
Fictober by lowkeyboke
Fictoberby lowkey boke
Hey, I had decided to do the fictober challenge so I leave you here some slashy stories.