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The Heartbreak Chronicles by Fallzswimmer
The Heartbreak Chroniclesby Ali Novak
NOW PUBLISHED BY SOURCEBOOKS FIRE! Oliver, Alec, Xander, and JJ are just four regular guys. They're also members of the world famous band the Heartbreakers. This is thei...
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Night Life {Watty Awards Finalist 2012} by youXfoundXme
Night Life {Watty Awards youXfoundXme
She could be considered a certified insomniac. He hasn't slept the whole night through because of circumstance. She's reserved and quiet at school. He's the silent bad-b...
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the good part. tom holland by -americanteen
the good part. tom hollandby -americanteen
❝in a world where everyone is overexposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your own mystery.❞ in which the cousin of scarlet johansson is deemed the most myster...
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Girl Meets Rebell | Slow Updates by msftsavages
Girl Meets Rebell | Slow Updatesby Jessica
You know Girl Meets World. Riley's uncle, Josh Matthews, falls in love with her friend Stella. The artistic rebell with sass and a heart of expression. [A/n: This will b...
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Photograph by J-Bangwool
Photographby 💚제이🌴
"Destiny made us know each other, but reality ripped us apart." Photograph Jeon Jungkook AU Fanfiction Jungkook×Reader ©️J-Bangwool »Start: 08/9/18 »End: 11/25...
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Consumed by the lens(Creepypasta x reader)(Sorta OC X reader) by CheshireSadness101
Consumed by the lens(Creepypasta 🆆🅷🅾🆁🅴 🅱🅸🆃🅲🅷🅻🅴🆃
Warning: Many marble hornets references I'm tired of reading all of the books where the reader is this insane person obsessed with gore(Although that is so me). I decide...
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Maybe I don't hate you?||l.s by idek_larryaf
Maybe I don't hate you?||l.sby larriebby
"Louis that is your name right?" "No it's David." Louis and Harry are both in university, Louis's the captain of the footie team and Harry loves tak...
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BLSC #2 : His Secret Admirer by beyondlocks
BLSC #2 : His Secret Admirerby Janice Martana
BLSC #2 Aiden Locason The number one heartbreaker , even with that title girls still chasing him and follow him like a lost puppy. For him , none of them like him becaus...
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Always You  》l.s. ✔ by daintylouie
Always You 》l.s. ✔by b a b y
Sometimes the rain that pours down the windows looks a lot like symbolism for something that louis can't quiet put his finger on. Other days when the sun comes out and a...
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opia.    [harry styles au] by ohharderdaddyy
opia. [harry styles au]by Thali M.
The definition of the word "opia" is the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable, and that desc...
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Comfort Zone by _Brxndy_
Comfort Zoneby Brandy 🌻
Joshua Moretti is a single father. He never pictured himself dating again, and he surely didn't picture himself dating outside of his race, but then he met Amara Carter...
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A Singing Bird Will Come: A Novel of Second Chances (COMPLETE) by SuzyEngland
A Singing Bird Will Come: A Suzy England
A proposal of marriage, a pending divorce, and a Christmas Eve tragedy will change the lives of strangers Jay Avery and Claire Jordan in ways they never imagined. Alone...
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Holland family imagines by Will_Byers04
Holland family imaginesby Living on the edge
I love the Holland family ALL of them. I will be doing the following. Tom Holland ( duh ) Sam Holland Harry Holland Paddy Holland ( not a lot but sometimes ) Harris...
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Polaroids and Postcards by PlottingerTwist
Polaroids and Postcardsby H. M. Wilson
Jason Lovett, a no-nonsense guitar-player, is leaving New York to get to a career-making gig in LA. But before he gets far, his car breaks down. Being stranded without a...
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Selenophobia |larry| by btwzarry
Selenophobia |larry|by yasmine
. One is a famous celebrity who has deep hidden secrets. The other is a part of the paparazzi chaos; he watches carefully, until one day he notices t...
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Moonlight House (Book 2, Bellesea & City Series) by moudenes
Moonlight House (Book 2, Mara Oudenes
Wattpad Feature, January 2016. Selected by Lays Wavy, November 2015. Moonlight House, the "it" place to eat, have a drink, dance to great live music and meet n...
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Nervous || Tom Holland X Reader by SIDEPHAN
Nervous || Tom Holland X Readerby No U
The girl who was too nervous to go out of her comfort zone. The guy who went out of his comfort zone all the time as an actor. The photographer. The actor. And when she...
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I love you to the moon and back by Lalistheticc_
I love you to the moon and backby Yadooooooomm
The famous model, Jennie Kim found out that her photographer was her best friend from childhood and knew that she just doesn't want to stay as friends,she wants somethin...
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Awkwardly In Love(COMPLETED) by DialngCreatvty
Awkwardly In Love(COMPLETED)by @TheMightyKeyboard
love; noun 1. an intense feeling of deep affection. To bad Amelia's never really been in love. She has a general idea of it though. After three and a half years her boy...
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The Theory of Kayden | ✔️ by itwasntmelove
The Theory of Kayden | ✔️by itwasntmelove
[Book 1 in the Chaos series] The Theory of Kayden: - frontman of before the chaos - typical bad boy - grade a jackass - caffeine addict - my utter weakness ###### Photog...
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