Audrey's Secret | A Dialogue Story

Audrey's Secret | A Dialogue Story

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[A Dialogue story]

Cover By: @theworddealer


"I can't believe you! How could you do this to me? After I told you...I trusted you and you left m-me!

"You were suppose to be there! And after everything, two years Danny. Two years! How could you just dump me after all this time. You're such arrogant jerkwad that doesn't care about anyone but yourself! All of this time I thought you were the one. Someone I could rely on to-to hold my hand and get rid of my pain...but I was wrong."

"Whoever this Danny is sounds like a real douchebag. Nothing ice cream and RomComs can't fix."


"Wrong number kitten."

"Oh...well this is awkward."



"I'm glad I stumbled on this Dialogue Story. This should get much more recognition. I truly enjoyed reading..." 
~ @Nycll06

"Btw I'm loving your story so far, keep up the great work!"
~ @WorldofSama

"Incredible...the emotion portrayed is so raw and it was so well balanced between seriousness and a few light jokes throughout."
~ @LogicalYetDaring


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