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near north side//peter hayes by stephie177
near north side//peter hayesby stephie177
With only a year of training under her belt Luna is ready to step into the role of Dauntless Leader. With a new group of initiates coming in Luna feels the need to prove...
Holding On||Peter Hayes (Divergent) by Scxrpix
Holding On||Peter Hayes (Divergent)by Scxrpix
"When will it end?" I say in a small, weak voice. "All this... dying, murder, feud... I'm sick of it." "Me too," he agrees. "We just...
MISPLACED   ||   DIVERGENT¹ by emilyneverdies
She doesn't belong in Abnegation, and everyone knows. She had the guts to leave, but can she deal with what awaits her? Annabelle Kennedy was courageous and confident, b...
Born to be Dauntless  by multifanggirl
Born to be Dauntless by multifanggirl
"I was trying to help you Peter,I am trying to help you" I say ,he looks up at me,seeming angry ,I don't know why he's angry at me "really? Were you? Are...
Divergent Preferences/Headcanons/Imagines/Etc by juicehoee
Divergent Preferences/Headcanons/ juicehoee
I'm posting the Divergent requests I get on here and on tumblr! My tumblr is solariswrites so feel free to request imagines, preferences, head canons, anything on here o...
Tomorrow {Divergent Fanfiction}  by Writingwarrior_
Tomorrow {Divergent Fanfiction} by 💕💕💕
The choice is mine. The right is mine. Pick my own faction. Stay home with family. Stay in my born faction. Or give it all up. I have the right to pick. But what i...
Peter Hayes Imagines by heliads
Peter Hayes Imaginesby heliads
A collection of imagines about Peter Hayes from the Divergent movies/books. Feel free to leave a request!
I love you (Peter Hayes x reader) by Lizzie_hprules
I love you (Peter Hayes x reader)by Liz
Set in the first movie, the story of your love. A reader insert. Has a sequel. What happens if Y/n and Peter team up with Four, Tris, Marcus, Caleb, Tris' parents and Y...
All the colours of blue - Peter Hayes divergent story  by phoebeelwrites
All the colours of blue - Peter Phoebe <3
Azure is an amity born. After her parents die it's not the same in her faction so she takes a different path. Peter is Candor born. He's always wanted dauntless. So he...
the reckless and the brave, peter hayes by nightsister-
the reckless and the brave, 𝖎𝖟𝖟𝖞
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 a girl who has only ever known a life of peace finds herself at the heart of a revolution, thrusting her into a world of death and destruction. when all...
Bystander or Fighter? Peter Hayes fanfic by IlikeLouisTommo18
Bystander or Fighter? Peter IlikeLouisTommo18
This is my first Divergent story and I don't know much so please be gentle :) "You really think you belong here Pacer?" "I belong just as much as you do H...
Kill Em With Kindness by DaddyBonez
Kill Em With Kindnessby Oof_My_Bonez
Riley Keague is a amity transfer to dauntless, will she be able to survive the grueling initiation. what secrets are lying in wait for her to discover?
She's deadly by smenendez
She's deadlyby Shannon Menendez
Angel Emery is a Candor girl who changes factions on the Ceremony day. She meets some people, she struggles through initiation but she meets the worst but the best pers...
Let Go. || Peter Hayes Divergent [DISCONTINUED] by LukeysIrishDimples
Let Go. || Peter Hayes Divergent [ LukeysIrishDimples
"In order to pass the simulations you need to let go." I released a heavy breath, not allowing my eyes to meet his. "Let go of what?" My voice came o...
Dare // Divergent {1} ON HIATUS by _binbin_
Dare // Divergent {1} ON HIATUSby ☆゚.*・。゚FLOWER
O N H I A T U S ❝Yes, I have been told I'm too rude to be from Amity. Has anyone ever told you that you're an asshole?❞ In which a girl who was meant to be kind m...
Blinding Lights by LaceyMoseley-Ivy
Blinding Lightsby LaceyMoseley-Ivy
To other people who don't know Diana Applegate she seemed just like the rest of her birth faction, But to her Dauntless born friends, they knew different. Diana changes...
Fractured | Tobias Eaton ✓ by MURSWRITES
Fractured | Tobias Eaton ✓by ˗ˏˋ rowan ˊˎ˗
𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐃 | ❝ I'm not Divergent, I'm Fractured. ❞ ━ IN WHICH Rita Rose, a young Factionless girl is given the chance of a lifetime. Or, alternatively, Rita Ro...
She's From Amity (Peter/Divergent) by GhoulNote
She's From Amity (Peter/Divergent)by Ghouls
Lilly Mills is a quiet, shy girl from Amity. The faction of calm, happy, and farming. Then she goes to Dauntless, The faction of brave, strong, and wild. She felt what...
Enemies to lovers- Peter Hayes  by itsnotokwhatiread
Enemies to lovers- Peter Hayes by no one can know
An abnegation girl falls for the Candor boy... Peter Hayes
DROWN °  tobias eaton   ( slow updates ) by patrclus
DROWN ° tobias eaton ( slow 𝘼𝙡𝙞
𝐃𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐓 HERE'S THE BULK OF THE IRONY: for having a surname like Lovelace, Chantara had never understood the feeling of love. It was something she neve...