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The vampire girl (Ignore The Mistakes) by Titan_luzan
The vampire girl (Ignore The •Luzan•
Like I said ignore the errors and mistakes I'll get to it and fix it sorry) Luz had ran away from home and entered a new town she didn't even bother thinking twice she f...
The Leader by divergentdestiny
The Leaderby 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂
She transferred to Dauntless from Amity to toughen up. Her plan didn't include making friends, nor did she plan to catch the eyes of a certain blue eyed leader. But here...
I Was Amity... by stephie177
I Was stephie177
Emmeline Rose Walsh is an Amity born sixteen year old who transfers too Dauntless. This is the story of how she got there and where she is going within her new faction.
Together  (Eric x OC)  Divergent by Kill_Kitty_Kill
Together (Eric x OC) Divergentby L
"We're both bad people, but together- we make something good."
The Strongest Amity.   by Sugarnubar
The Strongest Amity. by Sugarnubar
Anna Davis was the impediment of Amity. Kind, Friendly, Loving. For 17 years she was involved and never thought she would leave Amity. She works in the stables with her...
Rise Of The Owl House by Anthony7410
Rise Of The Owl Houseby Anthony7410
The first mystic warrior of the Boiling Isles in centuries. Follow AJ and Luz the humans in mystic and magical adventures filled with powerful witches and monstrous dem...
Shake on It by Its_Kingston
Shake on Itby Kingston
Striking a deal with the devil probably wasn't smart... When Hexside High School's newest transfer student, Luz Noceda, runs into trouble on her first day at a new schoo...
☆꧁✬◦°˚°◦. ƈʊʀֆɛɖ ռɛա ʟɨʄɛ .◦°˚°◦✬꧂☆ [ Yandere ! TOH x Reader ] by CI_2141-Not-Here-
☆꧁✬◦°˚°◦. ƈʊʀֆɛɖ ռɛա ʟɨʄɛ .◦°˚°◦✬꧂ CCI
!Rewriting! ────────────┊┊.·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .┊┊──────────── ⤷ Yandere!TOH x Fem!Reader ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ She died af...
Eric's Amity by fall_out_girl01
Eric's Amityby fall_out_girl01
Katie has lived in amity all her life when she bumps into Eric, she can't seem to get him out of her head. "Who is this guy?" "Why can't I stop thinking a...
The Owls Dragon (owl house harem x male reader) by Ninjacomix
The Owls Dragon (owl house harem Ninjacomix
Meet Y/n Noceda your basic everyday 16 year old boy.......except the fact that he has 2 horns on his head and a long black tail...... yeah his life is anything but norma...
.. the beast keeper and abominations. .. by faeorie
.. the beast keeper and anya
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of these characters, they are owned by Disney. (ENJOYYY! y/n is in beastkeeping an abomination! :D) hope u enjoy! (AN AMITY x NB!Y/N!) (ami...
The Owl House x Male Reader (Luz and Amity) by Deotakukids
The Owl House x Male Reader (Luz Deotakukids
You have lived near the Boiling Isles for quite a long time. You are what the people in this world call a "rare species". You are a Nature Walker. You have two...
The Half-Titan by loutnoot
The Half-Titanby lou
~Owl House Fanfic~ Podarge was the child of a Titan and a witch. From a young age they were shunned for being a hybrid, given the name "a harpy." Their father...
My Light (Luz Noceda x Male Reader) by wynter555
My Light (Luz Noceda x Male Reader)by Queen of the wolves
Luz and [Y/N] had always been the weirdos of the school. They both shared the same wacky views on life and loved everything to do with fantasy. They were the same (exc...
human of war? (male reader x owl house) by Prime25z
human of war? (male reader x owl gojifan005
a owl house x young kratos esc reader I own absolutely nothing except the idea itself and enjoy the cringe and the surprises along the road.
The devil [1] (Lumity/the owl house Fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
The devil [1] (Lumity/the owl CHILLs_Studio33015
•Only Season 1 •This is FANFICTION •I like Lumity, how about you? •Also now going to AO3, but is still in work at the moment I flushed, my heart was racing as the music...
\\Steel Will// *Eric Fanfiction* by 00IndieRock00
\\Steel Will// *Eric Fanfiction*by Nicole
Life as a dauntless is mostly paradise for Blake. She's fit in since the very first day of initiation and even ranked forth in her decision to become a full member. As a...
The Collector's Older Brother (The Owl House x male reader)  by Donatello_Kinnie
The Collector's Older Brother ( The Collector
Y/n, the older brother of the collector. Finally seeing them again after centuries of not being able to see or communicate with them from the demon realm, Y/N set off to...
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Decade of the boiling isles  by Dratinibro
Decade of the boiling isles by Dratinibro
Xander a boy who was abandoned by his parents at a young age now goes to a military school where he learns to protect people but when he gets a package his life changes...
The Witch's Wolf  by EmiraandVineySimp
The Witch's Wolf by EmiraandVineySimp
She turned a corner. There was a snap, that followed afterwards. pressing her body against the tree, and took a deep breath to steady her heartbeat. 'finally she's go...