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Shadow Land by completelyhopeless
Shadow Landby completelyhopeless
Second book in the series Evelyn thought her battle was over when she broke from her ancestral bondage and the curse putting the mate bond. Destined for greatness, Evely...
Chronicles of Zigrora : Wings of The Desert : Epic Fantasy Romance Shifter by Benitobonita
Chronicles of Zigrora : Wings of Luna S. Winterheart
"Can he tame the beauty of the sandstorm?" Fantasy tale, love, adventure, and destiny collide in the heart of the desert. In the realm of Zigrora, a fledgling...
Daughter of Blood and Nightmares by KrystalBay
Daughter of Blood and Nightmaresby KrystalBay
Ashton is known to many as the nightmare girl. Cursed to see the nightmares of those she touches, dirty blood that summons and banishes demons. Her very own mother explo...
Sheepskin by blckberryhoney
Sheepskinby 𝔥𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔶
❝ Only the moon knows what happens beneath the stars. ❞ Leaving a boy dead and a girl missing, there's something sinister lurking within the tree line of Hollow Cree...
The Ethereal Mackintosh Enigma by ecamiestories
The Ethereal Mackintosh Enigmaby camie e.
A Paranormal/Supernatural Mystery/Thriller with a dash of SciFi-Fantasy. [Inspired by #vss365 word prompts on Twitter/X and Bluesky Social. DISCLAIMER: No AI whatsoever...
Curse of Ferreus by An_Intr0vert
Curse of Ferreusby An_Intr0vert
Running from his dark legacy, River finds himself caught in the midst of a werewolf rivalry bleeding into the human world; a low fantasy enemies to lovers story. River...
The Spectre Rebirth by LielBarsky
The Spectre Rebirthby LielBarsky
(If you haven't read the first story, make sure you read it first before this one, it would make more sense) After Mia rebirth back at the hotel, she got brought back to...
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HAVELI  by Ayehehesha_writes
HAVELI by ✨عائشہ✨
A horror, mystical thriller which will leave you speechless and freeze you're mind THE HAVELI....
sam and colby oneshots by lovexvalerie
sam and colby oneshotsby valerie <33
just some continuations of videos cause why not i'll only be doing cute stuff, nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whispers from Beyond: The Haunting Gift by Moon2003Shadow
Whispers from Beyond: The Moonshadow
In "Whispers from Beyond: The Haunting Gift," delve into the gripping world of Bhairavi, a captivating female lead with an extraordinary ability to see ghosts...
Paranormal House: Mogadishu by KellyGaudreau1
Paranormal House: Mogadishuby Kelly Gaudreau
The adventures of paranormal investigators in Somalia.
A Savior's Worth (Book #3) by heytheregisela
A Savior's Worth (Book #3)by Sela P.
(BOOK #3 in the Secrets of Aristol series.) A month after Eldon's knighting ceremony, things seem relatively safe and sound... until they aren't. Elouise and Eldon decid...
Vatican Rash by RHenrySwiss
Vatican Rashby R. Henry Swiss
This collection of fiction and poetry spins through a host of genres. From the sky's over France nearly 80 years ago to seductive prose, to the sound of tiny footsteps o...
 VOID:  INTO THE DARKNESS by reddywriterr
Reed is tricked by his brother into taking his friends back into the institute and Reed has an option to destroy the institute once and for all or to surrender to the in...
Three Idiots and a Ghost by salkim03
Three Idiots and a Ghostby s a l
3 + 1 = 3 ... idiots and a ghost! Cooper Smith, the clueless one. Archer Lee, the awkward one. Skyler Rose, the skeptical one. And then, there's Rags, the dead one. Can...
The Sullivan's by Arianapeige
The Sullivan'sby Kageni✨❤
What happens when you and your mother are banished from the witch coven because people think you are a werewolf but in reality you are hybrid? Gabriella has always known...
The Rejected Little Wolf by Arianapeige
The Rejected Little Wolfby Kageni✨❤
Her mother's death and her being wolfless made everything in her life change. Having given up on life, Leila tried to commit suicide but was shocked when she realised sh...
The Ena Project by marienarden
The Ena Projectby Marien Arden
[regular updates] On the border of two unfriendly countries Senna is about to graduate college to start quelling enas when her life is saved by a mysterious dark fei. He...
The Bishop's Shadow by carlmidnights
The Bishop's Shadowby Carl Vallejo
Aurelius Wingrave, a lonely prince who was the only survivor of his entire family after a terrible fire scorched their lives away in a flicker. As he himself was burned...
A Trickle of Soulfyre by KaraCarreira
A Trickle of Soulfyreby K A R A
Season 2 of A Sprinkle of Stardust Over a year after Lyrani and Nash freed themselves and their kingdom from Queen Rayn's vicious grasp, the realm is still hostile terri...