The Vamp House by ecd2001
The Vamp Houseby ecd2001
Lincoln is no longer the only loud vampire. After his sisters are turn into vampire as well, to share this curse with him. Only a few people know about the louds secret...
  • lynnloud
  • loriloud
  • vampires
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Moving On by Jody070704
Moving Onby Jody070704
Her skin pale and chalky was as cold as ice. Her hair hung in clumps and her skin clung tight to her small fragile frame. Her lips flaked and her dull, grey eyes were su...
  • romance
  • paranormal
  • teen
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20000 Feet Above by juliamarrie12345
20000 Feet Aboveby juliamarrie12345
The world was coming to an end. there was no where else to go but up. little did we know, that humans lived on other planets. we traveled for six months by space ship, a...
  • paranormal
  • unreal
  • scifi-fantasy
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Revenge by hdjaxon
Revengeby Hailey Jackson
A 10 year old girl named Rain, dies. She committed suicide when was teased and pushed around for a while by kids at her school. When Rain becomes a ghost, she finds she...
  • bullies
  • paranormal
  • kill
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The Liminal by TheBuggiest
The Liminalby TheBuggiest
Lisa Gaunt does not believe in the supernatural. Her understanding of the world around her is based on observed phenomena, not what she might want to believe, so when he...
  • paranormal
  • scary
  • dark
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The Wolf And The Witch  by MimzeyKhan
The Wolf And The Witch by MMK133
His eyes suddenly turned to black from blue and he smirked. You wanna play bad fine. You are not the only one who can change colours. His pupil only changed but my whole...
  • prophecy
  • action
  • love
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The nightmare  by LimGruif13
The nightmare by Lee
First nightmare and then Sleep Paralysis. (Based on my experiences)
  • monster
  • hallucination
  • sleepparalysis
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Night Siblings Mb/s  (Book 1) by Endergirl1590
Night Siblings Mb/s (Book 1)by Ender
Just a story about the Night Siblings (Zoey, Lizzy, Emma, Elena, Sara, Aria, Zackary, and Taylor) about their pasts, experiences, secrets, events, and much more! Hope yo...
  • attemptedsuicide
  • yandere
  • animemoments
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AMARANTHINE| Love Unveiled (BWWM) by misslullaby_
AMARANTHINE| Love Unveiled (BWWM)by A•Alexis
It was the inevitable drawback of consequences. The black veils were lifted and Nick finally had to pay for his onset of irresponsible actions. A college professor at B...
  • eternal
  • love
  • nosferatu
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The Young Ghostbusters: paranormal eclipse  by DaylenneMelendez
The Young Ghostbusters: Daylenne Melendez
This is the new installment of the young Ghostbusters, replacing Red Moon. The young ghostbusters members experience their first solar eclipse until they discovered a ne...
  • eclipse
  • fanfic
  • 2018
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Gift of the Goddess by Heroicwings
Gift of the Goddessby Heroicwings
"You may call us whatever you like, Gods, Goddesses." One of the twelve giants announced to us. She was wearing a long red flowing dress. She had glowing white...
  • bestfriends
  • crime
  • supervillain
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The forgotten girl (a Pokémon fanfic and a paul x echo x Barry x ash) by lunaartist1
The forgotten girl (a Pokémon Senpie luna
Echo when she was 5 she got lost in a trick forest and she cannot find her self back,when she turned 6 she found her self back but later did she know her parents were DE...
  • mimikyu
  • paranormal
  • ốc
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Ashen Crystals (#Wattys2018) by arnav_sinha
Ashen Crystals (#Wattys2018)by Arnav Sinha
Aiden Perry is a freshman student who has just moved to Louisiana and is learning journalism. He is greeted on the first day of the academic year by a mysterious email c...
  • magic
  • report
  • journalism
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Zadicus: Nightstone Detective Agency Case no. 1 by JalissaPastorius
Zadicus: Nightstone Detective Jalissa Pastorius
Necking with daddy's friend would get us both in trouble or worse dead. This was only the tip of infamous iceberg that sank the legendary titanic. With daddy, out of tow...
  • action
  • badassreads
  • detective
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The Dance of Limbo by starstrix
The Dance of Limboby starstrix
After serving the government for years, a war stirring in Hell forces The Meraki Lycan(wolf)pack out of their residence in Nevada, and into the streets of Washington. ...
  • science-
  • vampires
  • lgbt
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The Mansion  by hwest36
The Mansion by hwest36
Mason Powell was just trying to live an average teenage life with his friends. He had goals of completing high school and going to college at the University of Oklahoma...
  • action
  • mansion
  • creepy
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Fallen from Grace (Book Two in Angels, Gods & Demons series) by AllyLaly
Fallen from Grace (Book Two in JulieSummer
Second book in Angels, Gods & Demons series, following Raphael's story ** Taking a small step back, those obsidian gems leisurely...
  • azrael
  • fallenfromgrace
  • paranormal
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The Study of Angels by InkwellPrincess
The Study of Angelsby Lila J
What do you get when you put a half-goddess angel with a target on her back and three bodyguards who happen to be apart of the seven deadly sins together on a journey ac...
  • angels
  • magic
  • demigoddesses
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Fantasy by angelika2716
Fantasyby angelika2716
My name is Elize. I am a Powerer which means i have a spesial power: controlling electricity Not all people in my city are like that ... some have very weak powers and...
  • love
  • powers
  • paranormal
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Symphony of Lilacs by mszame
Symphony of Lilacsby ماہ نور
[ A "GREAT EXPECTATIONS" RETELLING ] GENRE: historical fiction London, 1884 "Sometimes, even messiahs can't bring back the dead." Instead of earning...
  • writer
  • mathilda
  • ghost
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