Halloween Vault by sport
Halloween Vaultby Sport
For the first time ever, we have collaborated with 24 profiles to bring you a super duper fantastic event called HALLOWEEN VAULT. Awesome writing prompts, scavenger hunt...
  • supernatural
  • halloween
  • sport
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Stutter [J.JK FF]  by Army_and_lovatic
Stutter [J.JK FF] by Sarisha♡♡
"I- I li-like your da-daughter" The soldier tried to sound brave. There was silence throughout the court of ministers before the sound of laughter went pierci...
  • kingdoms
  • paranormal
  • bangtan
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Book 1: Sancta Labyrinthus by WeAreSOS
Book 1: Sancta Labyrinthusby WeAreSOS
Victoria thought the worst experience of her life was standing over her mother's mysteriously desecrated body, found after a month of disappearance. But now her father h...
  • humor
  • hotguys
  • humour
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Find ME by GustavoJPBravoRuiz
Find MEby Gustavo JP. Bravo Ruiz
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  • aventura
  • suspenso
  • paranormal
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Never Been Cursed by ALJwrites
Never Been Cursedby Amy Laura Jackson
When William wakes up with a killer hangover, he can't remember much from the night before. In fact, he can't remember much of anything. Not how he got to this B&B, not...
  • attraction
  • badboy
  • fantasy
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Madness by Invisible5792
Madnessby Invisible5792
" Trust me. You're not mad. You're about as sane as I am " A sinister smirk was plastered on her face as she spoke. To be honest, it scared the shit out of me...
  • deathandlife
  • mystery-thriller
  • death
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Witchtrot: A  Haunted House Tale by ShelleyBurbank
Witchtrot: A Haunted House Taleby Shelley Burbank
Would you spend the night in a house haunted by an accused Salem witch? Recent college graduate Lexi Beaumont, desperate to make some extra money to pay her student loa...
  • paranormal
  • writer
  • hauntedhouse
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The other Salvatore  by DOGZRU1E
The other Salvatore by Book queen
You guys have heard of Stephen and Damon. What about their little sister. Stephen had always been jealous of her being the favorite child. Damon however loved her. They...
  • somethingdifferent
  • original
  • paranormal
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Alone by WaterIsKool
Aloneby River
a·lone əˈlōn/ adjective & adverb having no one else present; on one's own. Being alone doesn't mean you're alone. Even if we feel lonely, we never are by ourselves. Eve...
  • scared
  • romance
  • sadness
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Goodbye - A Script Novel by humbleinspace
Goodbye - A Script Novelby Merritt F
Set in 1990s (1996) Dublin, Ireland, A very tense rival of two girls that will end in something revealing and deadly, after a long difficult battle for the truth behind...
  • drama
  • gothic
  • scary
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 101 Horror stories (LONG) by rmcki7858
101 Horror stories (LONG)by 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
All what I have to say is this book is nothing but blood and death.These stories are bound to give you some nightmare fuel and keep you awake at night thinking 'what the...
  • violence
  • horror
  • clowns
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Willow's Rest by Brandy_Nacole
Willow's Restby Brandy Nacole
Katie thought her life was finally on track. Her and her brother had a plan. Then, fate intervened and Katie finds herself fighting for her life.
  • ghosts
  • horror-thriller
  • youngadult
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My Nonexistent World by unknownalien11
My Nonexistent Worldby UA11
I created a world. A world where you could have friends you created for fun rather than spending time with a fake person. A world where you could escape your fears and...
  • world
  • comedy
  • mystery
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Mini Dark Stories by RebeccaSupernatural
Mini Dark Storiesby Song Write
  • halloween
  • horror
  • paranormal
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The House by agdot001real
The Houseby agdot001real
A 13-year-old girl experiences paranormal activity in her parents house. She does everything she can to stop from being possessed. She also find an alternate dimension i...
  • paranormal
  • thehouse
  • scary
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The House on Nile St by JaeRam465
The House on Nile Stby Jae Ram
Welcome to Milston an ordinary town just like mine and yours. But this town has a house with history. A history with murder. Read about Bryce, the new kid in Milston. He...
  • school
  • ghost
  • scary
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para todos los amantes del terror y de los creppypastas...
  • terror
  • fantasmas
  • paranormal
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Cuentos al Anochecer - (Halloween) Misterio/Paranormal/Terror by VeronicaVB89
Cuentos al Anochecer - (Halloween)...by Veronica Villanueva Bejarano
Cuentos al Anochecer nace para celebrar el muy querido mes de Octubre, celebrando Halloween y todas esas historias que tanto nos gustan leer en éstas épocas del año, don...
  • sorpresa
  • sobrenatural
  • tenebroso
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Kitty's Witch  by roxybx
Kitty's Witch by Rum Queen
"You taste like mine." Serena is a witch. Well, almost... If it wasn't for her badly behaved familiar she might have already ascended to full witch and finall...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • witch
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