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Siren by JulesRaina
Sirenby Jules Raina
There is something within me, older than I am. Older than this country and this culture. It's older than the language I speak. Something primitive and unadulterated. All...
  • siren
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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Demon Tales by 6Demon6Tales6
Demon Talesby Demon Tales
This Book lists some of the scariest Demons, their abilities and weaknesses. Each and every one of these beings is highly dangerous and should not be dealt without a gui...
  • demon
  • followed
  • horror
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Fallen Angel (Book 2)  by Cstef89
Fallen Angel (Book 2) by Stefany Castro
Tanya is a newly turned Vampire who has joined the highest ranking nonhuman organization. She has been given a case that seems off, as she tries to uncover what is going...
  • witches
  • vampire
  • love
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Masked Beauty // Sally Face x Reader by darksky144
Masked Beauty // Sally Face x darksky144
My mask was my only source of comfort until i met him. He was like me, he understood me better than most people could and ever would. My parents even didn't understand m...
  • sallyface
  • paranormal
  • sally
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HIS SEXY DOCTOR MATE. by crazyaboutbabies32
HIS SEXY DOCTOR crazyaboutbabies32
Eva Lilia Stevens is 34 year's Old A powerful were Faye were vampire And is the single mother of a beautiful little girl name Taylor violet stevene who's her life and is...
  • teenfiction
  • paranormal
  • action-thriller
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denizanası olmanın faydaları by griseolapis
denizanası olmanın faydalarıby diana
ben bir denizanasıyım
  • paranormal
  • denizanası
  • korku
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Morte, o Intervalo da Vida by DanieleCavalcante3
Morte, o Intervalo da Vidaby Daniele Cavalcante
Melissa não tinha muitas perspectivas na vida. Nem na morte. Após perder sua melhor amiga em um acidente misterioso, carregou a culpa por ter dito aquelas últimas palav...
  • youngadult
  • adolescente
  • lésbica
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•°•MY IMMORTAL LOVER•°• by Amilie_butterfly
•°•MY IMMORTAL LOVER•°•by Silent Killer
Si Luna Jasmine K. Gomez 13 years old na babae na gustong-gusto niyang maalala nung 2 years old palang siya dahil sabi ng kanyang magulang na bukas ang kanyang third eye...
  • creepypasta
  • truestory
  • paranormal
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FEAR OF ORDINARY by 913_flare
The balance of space and time is smooth, unblemished- or at least was- now, ripples and cracks appear on it; Every so often, just showing that there's something or someo...
  • magic
  • post-apocalyptic
  • paranormal
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Calls From The Dark. by The_word_dream
Calls From The Iffath_Naaz
Fee fi fo fum Wicked beings of Darkness fed, Some alive, others dead They scour the earth and paint it red. Walk in, but carefully for this book is full of tales of mon...
  • demonicactivity
  • paranormal
  • jinn
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Tides of Sorrow by NightElflady
Tides of Sorrowby A.J. Wright
Past: Two brothers - one a farmer the other a shepherd - once walked within the grace of God. Then one smote the other and hid the body in the earth. Thus the killer was...
  • vampire
  • gothic
  • betrayal
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Celestial Wulf Chronicles: Born Necromancer    Book # 2 by Omo-Ochum1980
Celestial Wulf Chronicles: Born Alexi
Fear is a bitch, but a mother's rage is one helluva a motivator. Spurred on, running flat out. My body will not stop until I reach the battle raging ahead of me. I see...
  • mate
  • supernatural
  • thriller
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H.I.M by carla_lovescandy
H.I.Mby carla_lovescandy
My cat's hair stood up as she mewed taking a step backward, she was terrified, I ignored her, but just before I took a look at the window, my daughter came in 'daddy? Ar...
  • horror-thriller
  • thriller
  • featured
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The time masters: The lost elementals by Mollyhjune
The time masters: The lost Molly H June
Camilla Watson was just an ordinary fourteen year old girl living with dyslexia and her single mom. All that changes in the blink of an eye. On a hot school day, every b...
  • teenfiction
  • mystery
  • nature
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Shard by LumyaSoloFett
Shardby LumyaSoloFett
  • paranormal
  • scary
  • shard
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El cascabel by AidaSoilanEnriquez
El cascabelby Aida Soilán Enríquez
Solo había una razón por la cual Sofía era una experta en encontrar más vida entre muertos que junto muchos vivos. Amaba el arte...
  • gato
  • muerte
  • ficción
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Beneath Ivory Skies (Book Three of The Whispered Tales) by angelapoppe
Beneath Ivory Skies (Book Three Angela Poppe
A young man moves into an abandoned house from a small village to run away from the lost love of his life. He lives secluded, far from the curious, jolly people in the v...
  • romance
  • scary
  • unknown
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A Monster Like Me (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic) by emily5964
A Monster Like Me (Tokyo Ghoul Emilyzzz
Blood Rose, the name that sends chills down each person's spine, Humans and Ghouls alike. Only a handful of Ghouls know where she came from, but certainly not how she ca...
  • kanekiken
  • juuzou
  • tokyoghoul
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Ghosts In Love by hkzzz_546
Ghosts In Loveby hkzzz_546
Stan has stalked his living boyfriend, Chase, ever since he has turned into a ghost. His death was unusual but he still died anyway and now as a ghost he's bent on ruini...
  • romance
  • gay
  • bl
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 Fear Of The Unknown by warriornyphm123
Fear Of The Unknownby Destinee Christopher
Waking up in a strange place with no memories, Nova sets out to find them meeting people with the same condition. A/N: this is my first book and there might be some gram...
  • paranormal
  • teens
  • mystery
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