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Present by yesalexandria
Presentby Jordan Alexandria
Audrey Gage was in her third year at Barnette University when she meets Gwen Barton, the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. Audrey and Gwen fall head over heels for...
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I give you esoteric creepypasta because you didn't ask :)
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The Hollow Boy (Lockwood And Co#3) by Alishahamayoun
The Hollow Boy (Lockwood And Co#3)by Anna.H
Lockwood & Co. might be the smallest (some might say shambollic) Psychic Detection Agency in London. But its three agents - Lockwood, Lucy and George - are exceptional T...
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Morpheus Lucid (2018) by moonyarii
Morpheus Lucid (2018)by 문야리
Murphy at his mid-20's is nowhere near an exciting life. All he has is free time to eat, surf the net, sleep, and repeat. But beyond his always idle facade is a restless...
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Outbound by laurachiedu23
Outboundby laurachiedu23
"You went out," he stated calmly. It wasn't a question, she knew that, and he did too. "I don't know what your talking about," Riele gently crossed...
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Paranormal Investigation- Kantrias by Nagysereg23
Paranormal Investigation- Kantriasby Nagysereg
This is a made up story that I made myself, all caracters in the story are people I met in nationstates
The Haunted Spirits of Fort Mifflin (Rick Thane book 3) by AE_KIrk
The Haunted Spirits of Fort Abigail
Rick Thane is back in this horrifying tale set in PA, America. After being asked by his family to visit, Rick stumbles upon a very old event that changed American histor...
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Of Light and Darkness by DarkR0se5
Of Light and Darknessby DarkR0se5
Of Light and Darkness - Book 2 Sequel to The Omen's Key ** My name is Dawn, Dawn Clemence. My mommy is a vampire assassin and my daddy is... ...well, you see...he's kind...
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Lake Bellinor: What Lies Beneath ✓ by Loutka
Lake Bellinor: What Lies Beneath ✓by April ✨
[BOOK 1 TO THE LAKE BELLINOR DUOLOGY] DISCLAIMER: CHAPTERS 5+ WILL RETURN BY MAY 29TH AFTER MINOR EDITING. You can't get rid of it. You can't ignore it. And you can't co...
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Lunch at Martha's by Ophal_Blue
Lunch at Martha'sby Ophal blue
They booked tickets to Mauritius not knowing they had booked tickets to hell. When six childhood friends on a reunion vacation are invited to lunch by an eccentric and...
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Book 1- Renaissance Of The Six Realms by VarshaChandrasekar
Book 1- Renaissance Of The Six Varsha Chandrasekar
Sita, a seventeen year old who has only held a conversation with one human, her father, embarks on a quest to fulfill the promise she made to her father when he was on h...
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Paranormal!   spam by xxBabyxxGirlxx
Paranormal!  spamby 💫 faith ✨
PARANORMAL! | ❝THINGS ARE GETTIN' FREAKY IN HERE, YALL❞ spam  started & published  21 March 2020
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3 hours. by tamperme
3 jen
"Boo!" A face dropped in front of mine. I shrieked and ran to the opposite side of the forest. The man with a disfigured face followed me. I could feel the so...
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The Stars Immortal by angeliqueambers
The Stars Immortalby ↬ angelique ↫
Paige Marshall and Annetta Hart were only sailing to San Diego, but ended up on the shores of a realm cursed by a vengeful goddess. Not ideal, but it was meant to be.
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The Last Alpha by wonderlanderxx
The Last Alphaby wonderlanderxx
❝ After endless years of hiding in fear, I finally get to watch the terrorizing place fall and crumble into ashes. ❞ The werewolf species was thought to be extinct. HALV...
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Terra Firma #WRITEON by A_K_Villanueva
Terra Firma #WRITEONby α.k. ѵíllαղմҽѵα
||ON-HIATUS|| "A warfare of lies and brute--Its been our Fate to seek the truth." It was a slow torture. The world succumbed to chaos. A whole populace fallen...
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The Wrath Of The Destruction: Epicenter-13 by VarshaChandrasekar
The Wrath Of The Destruction: Varsha Chandrasekar
Twenty students. Three teachers. One dead driver. One school. Stranded in the school during heavy rains and thunders, the students and teachers must survive the entire...
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Two Faced by Pham0127
Two Facedby Pham0127
How do destined enemies turn into lovers Identical twins, doppelgängers,Gemini coven, and witches *Kai Parker is not my original character he is part of the book series...
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𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐒𝐓 𝐁𝐎𝐘, original applyfic  by potter_spellbook
𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐒𝐓 𝐁𝐎𝐘, original ☽
GHOST BOY, "i didn't know you were afraid of the dark..." . . . . . ...
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