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One Shot Hot Stuff by Give21
One Shot Hot Stuffby Loveyy Kim
Just hot one shot stories
Taking the Leap by RegularMisanthrope
Taking the Leapby RegularMisanthrope
Achilles is used to a life with rules and structure. Being attracted to men doesn't fit into what he considers structured. But he's used to burying things deep down, and...
Medication (boyxboy) by sickboysoldier
Medication (boyxboy)by rian
Daniel's schizophrenia is getting out of hand, and his medication just isn't doing its job anymore. In hopes of fixing his mental issues, he's sent off to a mental hospi...
Ares: My God Of War (malexmale)Book 1 Greek Gods Series by Wolf_Fire_Ice
Ares: My God Of War (malexmale)Boo...by Wolfy
First book in the Greek series. Who was this human, this very male human, that awakened his desire to feel again? If he were not a god himself, he would think the gods w...
DO NOT TOUCH! (COMPLETE)by Maria Cooney (Airam)
FINALIST IN WATTPAD 'So You Think You Can Write' Competition 2013 in conjunction with HARLEQUIN. Annie discovers that a one night stand is not as uncomplicated as she th...
My Professor's Secret by writtenbykara
My Professor's Secretby k a r a
"I don't know," he says, rubbing the back of his neck. "But I get this weird feeling that I shouldn't stop," he smirks. Alexandrea Castillo goes int...
Best Mpreg Ori/Fan-Fic (Recommendation) by bLank-sama
Best Mpreg Ori/Fan-Fic (Recommenda...by [ M I Z U ]
Best of mpreg's stories that I had read here in Wattpad. Warning: favouritism my vary based on your own taste/preference. If you want more, just visit my wall -reading l...
Legacy by WedgeTailedEagle
Legacyby W.T. Eagle
In the year 2118, the people of The Lights celebrate the deeds of the Legacies: a team of superheroes who saved the city a century ago, transforming it into the utopia t...
Kisses in the Dark (Yandere! Shadow Monster x Reader) by Tokugawa-Lacrimosa
Kisses in the Dark (Yandere! Shado...by Tokugawa-Lacrimosa
(Yandere! Shadow Monster x Reader). (Warning: mature, dark, disturbing themes ahead for the whole story. You have been warned!) You inherited a mansion on top of a hill...
To Learn to Let Go by JessMarie1017
To Learn to Let Goby Jess
Grayson Daniels is trying to cope with the trauma he suffered as a child when Trent, the beautiful local bad boy fights his way into his life. Will Grayson take a chance...
The Zohra Project by Preetx
The Zohra Projectby Preetz
#WattpadFeatured Twice. Investigative journalists, best friends, Naina, Ruhana, Samrat need to put everything at stake to finish project Zohra. They only heard the murki...
fwb ✔ by eatjahe
fwb ✔by 🌼
friend with bibi
Let It Be Me [Completed] by karahtheadultfangirl
Let It Be Me [Completed]by Karah
Her life was pretty normal. She loved her favorite boy band, her family, her friends, and her job. Her parents were divorced and she didn't have the best relationship wi...
How to Find Family in the Zombie Apocalypse by WithRecklessAbandon
How to Find Family in the Zombie A...by A novel or bust
Just another zombie apocalypse story! The sassy main character with DEFINITELY NO TRAUMA and zero farming experience ekes out a living in the barren land for several yea...
Book Covers by Beginning_Asuka
Book Coversby Amaryllis
Book Covers for my future stories- Including The Quiet Effect (Original Fiction), Dragon Weeping (Naruto), Painted Glass (Attack on Titan), and other story ideas.
last ✔ by eatjahe
last ✔by 🌼
before we bid a goodbye
The Cheerleader Suicides | NaNoWriMo by Nicoismysenpai
The Cheerleader Suicides | NaNoWri...by Popcorn Supplier
Annabeth Marvin is dead. A suicide, they say. A short walk to a long drop, they say. A mental breakdown from too much stress, they say. But cheerleader Vivien Cross know...
Road Trip to Werewolf Hell | LGBTQ+ by Nicoismysenpai
Road Trip to Werewolf Hell | LGBTQ+by Popcorn Supplier
There's nothing better than going on a road trip with the boy you've been making goo-goo eyes at for the past year and your slightly psychotic ex-girlfriend. After two o...
100 Days (boyxboy) by sickboysoldier
100 Days (boyxboy)by rian
Kaden decides to commit suicide on January first. 100 days before said date (September 23rd), his best friend Sam discovers his plans. Rather than preaching on about why...
LIMA RIBU SENJA by NadseHwang24
Senja hanya mampu mengupah lima ribu, untuk jutaan cinta Teo kepadanya. namun Teo mampu mengambil jutaan tawa senja, hanya dengan lima ribu nya. "Yo, liat deh itu...