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A New Beginning                      (Tayley) by misguided_daydreamer
A New misguided_daydreamer
Tayley:) Watch Hayley and Taylor's relationship grow stronger as they come across multiple obstacles. (This is my first fan fic so sorry if it sucks and also the beginn...
  • tayloryork
  • paramore
  • hayleywilliams
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hearts can heal. | a collection of paramore oneshots (ft tayley) by intoshallowpools
hearts can heal. | a collection intoshallowpools
a series of oneshots based around the members of paramore (primarily focused on tayley.) - NOTE: although many of these oneshots are inspired by / based upon things we h...
  • joshfarro
  • allweknowisfalling
  • taylor
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The Only Girl in the Band by youXfoundXme
The Only Girl in the Bandby youXfoundXme
Vanessa Laine is a college student and aspiring musician. She's got the look and she's got the voice. The only thing that's stopping her is her stage fright...and an opp...
  • kiss
  • change
  • paramore
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PEACH (Awsten Knight x OC) by ThatEmoGirlLexi
PEACH (Awsten Knight x OC)by ThatEmoGirlLexi
"Your such a peach"
  • warptour
  • waterparks
  • atthedisco
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Heal Me:  When the Alpha meets the Rogue by MissStefanie
Heal Me: When the Alpha meets MissStefanie
Andrew Pears, Alpha of The Red Claws, had long given up on finding his mate. At 23 years old, aside from his pack responsibilities, he had turned himself to his career a...
  • paramore
  • wolf
  • andrew
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1: It All Started With Field Day by NuclearPistol
1: It All Started With Field Dayby Devious Devil
Gerard Way. A 16 year old teenager who's pansexual. He in love with his best friend, Frank Iero, but something happens. Frank who was supposedly all for the LGBTQ+ turns...
  • frerard
  • patrickstump
  • bands
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Take All the Time You Need by officialpmorefanfic
Take All the Time You Needby officialpmorefanfic
Alex never would have thought working as an Audio Engineer for Paramore could turn her life upside, but here she is with feelings she can barely comprehend herself. Ale...
  • gxg
  • panicattacks
  • lgbt
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You Know You're Emo When by mariadrinkscoffee
You Know You're Emo Whenby gay ships amirite
i bet you can relate ;)
  • bands
  • bringmethehorizon
  • gee
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Your Face/// ryden by ryden4lifexoxo
Your Face/// rydenby a
After years of being arch enemies, and Brendon being bullied constantly for his sexuality, Ryan and Brendon's hatred for one another turns into a budding romance. Read...
  • panicatthedisco
  • joshler
  • brendonurie
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Pen-pals From Heaven (Phanfiction!) (COMPLETE) by Danosaur_For_Life
Pen-pals From Heaven ( Danosaur_For_Life
A story about when two boys become best friend over letter, will they stay friends or become 'friends with benefits?' WARNING- CONTAINS CHILD ABUSE, SELF-HARM, BLOOD, I...
  • workers
  • phil
  • abuse
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Headfirst Into Shallow Pools | Alex Turner by thisismydivision
Headfirst Into Shallow Pools | S. Christensen
Emma was just visiting a friend. Alex was busy writing their next record. Temporary was all it was meant to be. She would leave and he would go back to the way his life...
  • musician
  • alexturner
  • matthelders
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Flute Chords or Notes by shiandreiaxx
Flute Chords or Notesby s h i a
---- Highest Rank is #7 in Random. [Feb 17, 2018] // old style of rankings here in wattpad. All Right Reserved™ 2018
  • lyrics
  • request
  • tagalog
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The Rita's Girl by bookbabere
The Rita's Girlby yan
"Because love's such an old fashioned word" -Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie ~!~ In which Rita meets Allen when she goes to Rita's. ~!~ This bo...
  • jb
  • short-story
  • hilarious
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Teacher (GxG) by LoloReyes0002
Teacher (GxG)by Jumanjenga
Whatever you think this story will be, it isn't.
  • bands
  • music
  • teacherxstudent
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Give Me All Your Hopeless Hearts (Frerard/High School AU) by FireNinjaDagger
Give Me All Your Hopeless Hearts ( FireNinjaDagger
Frank didn't plan on befriending the art and music kids at school and he especially had no intentions of falling in love with Gerard Way. All he wanted was to get throug...
  • brendonurie
  • frerard
  • paramore
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good songs by marss-barss
good songsby liv
some 90's, some new music
  • wham
  • songs
  • 2018
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Paper Hearts by ILikePineapplePizza
Paper Heartsby Emma
a story about two people who have just about given up on love || warnings: rated T/M for explicit language and sexual content
  • hayleywilliams
  • tayley
  • fanfiction
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Adopted By Who?  (Panic at the disco / Brendon urie fanfic) by falloutboy_fanfic
Adopted By Who? (Panic at the falloutboy_fanfic
Liz is your average 16 year old girl, she finds herself in Panic! At The Discos tour bus when she wakes up and meets the man who saved her life.... Will she stay or will...
  • panic
  • fanfic
  • panicatthedisco
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Once Upon a Nightmare (Vampire Teacher/Student) by TheEmmysShow
Once Upon a Nightmare (Vampire TheEmmysShow
For centuries the two vampire kingdoms have been battling waiting for the psychic Princess to come along. Anna Williams thought vampires were only in nightmares and horr...
  • violin
  • primary
  • nightmare
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A Final Song, A Last Request by AvengedSevenfoldGirl
A Final Song, A Last Requestby Randy Meeks
As he came in front of me, the crowd surged forward and surrounded the area. I was being compressed into the railings and screamed out in pain. He heard me. As I saw him...
  • mshadows
  • pregnancy
  • kiss
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