One shots by immatureatbest
One shotsby jj🦔
A collection of one shots. A good majority are brallon. After that its really just whatever? I started this back in 2016, so bear with me. The i swear it gets better aft...
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•Night Time• Changlix by Changlix_child
•Night Time• Changlixby Freckles
He made another promise he couldn't keep and his lover promised too. Sequel to °Thanks°
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A Sophitz Story by kotlcmoonlark
A Sophitz Storyby Summer Esperago
Sophitz. That's all I can say. Looks like you'll have to read the story to find out more.
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Dadvid and Danvid ONESHOTS by TotallyNotMundane
Dadvid and Danvid ONESHOTSby Actual Void Creature
Sup babes. I'm alive henlo. This book is basically just things that come into my head. AND YOU CAN REQUEST STUFF. This is probably going to super angsty. But I'll make c...
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Levi x Eren by CrazyAcidicRainbow
Levi x Erenby CrazyAcidicRainbow
Read and find out hehehe all I can say is YAOI <3 <3
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The unexpected boyfriend by djfur26
The unexpected boyfriendby Frost
Jacob northcote is a troubled teen who has moved to California from the uk follow his story as he meets new friends new enemies and mates.
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doppelgänger; meanie by gyusebumps
doppelgänger; meanieby aci
doppelgänger (n.)➖ghostly double of living person.
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Bad Boy - g.d. by TastyKarla
Bad Boy - Lex
Hi im Kylie Johnson and this is my story how i fell in love with a Bad Boy. I lived with my Mom, My dad, My brother and my dog. In the begining we had just recently move...
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Vernon Imagines by lovingcarat
Vernon Imaginesby lovingcarat
Some vernon imagines for you to read and enjoy (:
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Tomorrow They'll Be More Of Us by -byebyebi-
Tomorrow They'll Be More Of Usby Your mom
(Discontinued?) Mostly JEGGY F I G H T M E Get ready for fluff, feels, and failure. (My writing sucks, but I'm constantly improving) This book has gotten really dark as...
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(Book One) Weiss Schnee x Male Reader by DarthSand
(Book One) Weiss Schnee x Male Ironic
RWBY is super cool so I did a thing. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.
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"that was my butt!!" by whateverindeed
"that was my butt!!"by whatever indeed
help me
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Rant Book 2 by emotionallytoxic
Rant Book 2by Chase
where i might actually rant but probably won't
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Beautiful lie OR painful truth by LilyGirl666
Beautiful lie OR painful truthby Ruby Blue
This one girl named Ella is the beautiful lie along with her squad Emily and Everly. Then theirs a girl named Faith... Who is the painful lie...
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drawings~ by potatesssss
drawings~by random
I made these drawings enjoy
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IKON'S?? by JASHYY_09999999_LENS
IKON'S??by JASHYY_09999999_LENS
What will happen when Park ChanHee was a trainee in yg entertainment and become an blackpink's 5 member and Ikon's 8 member and becomes their Girlfriend
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Save Me | Kim Taehyung by IAMKOOKIE97
Save Me | Kim Taehyungby 전 정국
Mahal mo ba ako? Mahalaga ba ako sayo? Maililigtas mo ba ako, Kung sakaling nasa panganib ako? Tulungan mo naman ako oh, Nalulunod na ako sa puro kasinungalingan. Hindi...
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Witch's Tempting Curse by BlankGaming123
Witch's Tempting Curseby Aegis_Desire
BE Story Where Three Girls Get Cursed By An Old Lady/Witch And Well You Know, You'll Have To Read To Find Out What Happens With Them. I Would Like To Thank @LiquidFlood...
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Mihawk x reader by L-is-my-life
Mihawk x readerby L is bae
Mihawk gets jealous
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nct instagram boyfriend imagines by icingkookie
nct instagram boyfriend imaginesby —hiatus .
your daily pictures from instagram, tagging your boyfriend in it.
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