INSTAGRAM // 5SOS by neejhanna
INSTAGRAM // 5SOSby jbitch aka johanna
Evelyn loves photography. That's why she took the opportunity to become 5sos tour photographer. i own none of the characters and no pictures (unless the chapter is mark...
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Class Dismissed (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Class Dismissed (Vic Fuentes) ✔️by Mouse
Chelsea begins her third year of college, but due to a prior incident, a lot changes on campus and all of the dorms get mixed up. Chelsea finds herself having to share h...
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  • blackveilbrides
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No Ordinary Love - Kellic (Sequel to BLBB and MAFT) - boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
No Ordinary Love - Kellic ( Em
- Third and final installment in the Unconditional trilogy - "You lied?" "I had no choice." Parenting is HARD Vic and Kellin discover as they raise t...
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  • mikefuentes
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Sounds ⚣ Brallon  by edgyboi666
Sounds ⚣ Brallon by edgyboi666
Brendon Urie was born deaf. He's been sheltered his whole life and home-schooled to adapt to his quiet life. But, the doctors found out that he could hear. It was barely...
  • joshdun
  • jalex
  • melaniemartinez
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Emo Mpreg Oneshots. by lonelymxxnlight
Emo Mpreg lonelymxxnlight
Mpreg oneshots! Bands included: Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Waterparks. Ships: Ryden, Frerard, Petekey, Peterick, Brallon...
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Class Is In Session (ManXBoy) [Jalex] by LGBT_killjoys
Class Is In Session (ManXBoy) [ LGBT_killjoys
(Teacher/student) Mr. Gaskarth is the history teacher at Wilmington High. Jack is one of his students. Jack is the number one trouble maker and partier. What happens whe...
  • jalexbarakarth
  • selfharm
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The Circuit | Frerard AU by stoplightglow
The Circuit | Frerard AUby kelso
In the world of competitive motorcycle racing, nothing is more prestigious than the Grand Circuit Tour. Americans everywhere gather to watch as the twelve best racers in...
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  • halsey
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Is it Love? // luke hemmings by jetblacktori
Is it Love? // luke hemmingsby tori
Everyone dreams of being famous at least once in their life, just like Sam does. She's on the best way there, but when she meets the famous Luke Hemmings and falls for h...
  • ashtonirwin
  • teenfiction
  • 5sos
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All I Want  • Alex Gaskarth (Adoption) by guitargaskarth
All I Want • Alex Gaskarth ( trinity
Lexington is your typical orphan stereotype. She's quiet, teenage, and bullied. Music is her salvation, it's an escape. Being an orphan since she was young, all she's kn...
  • low
  • riandawson
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One Hundred Sleepless Nights (Kellic Mpreg) by trashyalexx
One Hundred Sleepless Nights ( Alex
(Kellic) (boyxboy) When Kellin is made to wear a princess costume to a college Halloween Party by his best friend, Tay, he starts talking to the most popular boy on scho...
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The Cat on the Balcony by IAmDunWithYou
The Cat on the Balconyby Sarah
UNDERGOING EDITING Josh moves to Columbus right before his junior year of high school. He meets his next door neighbor, Tyler, by climbing up onto to the balcony outside...
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  • patrickstump
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My Name Is Jack - Jalex AU by jalexallltimelow
My Name Is Jack - Jalex AUby ♡ ☹ ♡
Alex moves around a lot, like A LOT, most recently from England to Baltimore. As a rule of thumb he never gets attached to anyone due to the fact he knows two things wil...
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Missing You (Gawsten) by waterparks_rare_mp3
Missing You (Gawsten)by Riplee
Geoff's eyes still held a slight tired expression, but it was one of 'God, it's finally over, I can rest now,' instead of his typical 'when will this end?' It was over...
  • jackbarakat
  • waterparks
  • ottowood
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Trade Mistakes by deansbaby1967
Trade Mistakesby deansbaby1967
Phoenix spent the past year of her life feeling unwanted. She was always in her room, listening to music, hoping for help. But when Brendon Urie steps into her life, eve...
  • brendonurie
  • patd
  • dallonweekes
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Adopted by All Time Low by oh_my_Jinxx
Adopted by All Time Lowby oh_my_Jinxx
Haley is an orphan that gets adopted by All Time Low
  • riandawson
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  • alexgaskarth
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Missing You/Adopted by ATL by Bands_Addicted
Missing You/Adopted by ATLby Bands•Addicted
Adopted By Alex Gaskarth
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  • atl
  • alexgaskarth
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I Don't Even Know Myself (Adopted By All Time Low) || COMPLETED || by ruethless
I Don't Even Know Myself ( rueth :)
» adoption (a dop' tion) n. 1. building a family through the process of concentrated, dedicated, enduring love, rather than biology
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The Confessional// gawsten ✓ by dizzyotto
The Confessional// gawsten ✓by r + j
the first book in the confessional trilogy// a story in which awsten and geoff attend a catholic boarding school, and slowly fall in love with each other ---- ©All Right...
  • wigington
  • gawsten
  • jackbarakat
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Hold on till May (boyxboy) by swsptvobsessed
Hold on till May (boyxboy)by Hedvig
Kellin Quinn Bostwick Vic Fuentes are internet best friends. They convinced their parents to meet. Or did both of them actually convince their parents? Kellin's abusive...
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  • tonyperry
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You are my sunshine *Jalex* by skeleton_dad
You are my sunshine *Jalex*by Move i'm gay
After moping around the house for a week, Alex's parents decide to send him to summer camp to get him out of the house. He may hate the summer camp when he first gets th...
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