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The Nether Lord's daughter by Fantasy_Simp
The Nether Lord's daughterby Fantasy_Simp
So basically the reader is Betrayus daughter. Don't ask why I'm making this. I was watching PAC man and thought, why not make a fanfiction of it. So yeah, enjoy.
Baka & Test x Male Reader by Sparky824
Baka & Test x Male Readerby Khiry Cleveland
Gameknight0008 choose this. (Y/N), along with his friends from 2-F not only to showcase their strength in studying subjects, but also prove that you don't mess with him...
Mario, Sonic, Mega Man DEATH BATTLE! (Season 5) [REQUESTS CLOSED!] by GamerLightwarrior
Mario, Sonic, Mega Man DEATH Gamer Light Warrior
The fifth season of the mascots Death Battle is here
When Ella's Looking  by -cheqrrs-
When Ella's Looking by aー ♥︎
For years, the word has believed that Pac-Man was the only yellow one to survive Pac-World War I and II. Little did they know, another yellow one still exist, far away f...
Pixelised. (Pixels x reader)  by iliketrains23
Pixelised. (Pixels x reader) by L
You, y/n Brenner, your brother Sam and his friends save the world from these video game characters that you didn't know existed. I searched pixels and this was 4th! than...
New Game by Shabambo
New Gameby Shabambo
A video game crossover taking place in the real world. All of your favorite or least favorite characters on one adventure to get back home. Logo and Cover Concept by @Mi...
Ask and Dare Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures by LiannaBunny777
Ask and Dare Pac-Man and the LiannaBunny777
Ask and Dare Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures! You may ask or dare Pac-Man, Spiral, Cylindrea, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, Butt-ler, Dr.Buttocks, Betrayus and Lianna!
Ask or Dare: Video Game All-Stars! by Durand16
Ask or Dare: Video Game All-Stars!by Durand16
From the creator of Ask or Dare: Cartoon and Anime All-Stars, comes a brand new spinoff series, Ask or Dare: Video Game All-Stars! Ask or Dare characters from Super Mari...
pacman | jae park by gabithequokka
pacman | jae parkby emily dickinson lovebot
love me all the way to death. completed!
pacman and the ghostly adventures, the fire fox queen by Chuckygirl18
pacman and the ghostly Kitten
in pac world there is a fire fox queen, she's been ruling her fire kingdom, she helps pac and his friends when they need help, will they be able to solve the fire fox qu...
Marcel x Reader - Ratatoing by iluvhayden
Marcel x Reader - Ratatoingby iluvhadyen
You're the extra new girl at school (after getting to a car crash on the first day), who gets the hots for one of the popular kids, Marcel (from Ratatoing). Every girl...
Smash Mansion- Tales of the Nintendo Gang! by Zoeloveshyrule
Smash Mansion- Tales of the oh boy
Oneshots of all the characters inside of Smash Mansion! Will there be potential friendships? Alliances? Even fights or romance? Anything can unfold inside this house- be...
Sickfic Shot books by Springtime562
Sickfic Shot booksby Springtime562
Sickfics for various characters
Pac-man world returns  by tylerKelly25
Pac-man world returns by Tyler Kelly
based on pac-man world: pac-man's family was getting ready for pac-man's 43rd birthday party only to be kidnapped AGAIN! when Pac-Man comes home to see his party was des...
Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Battle for the Souls (Legacy Edition) by SquishXWatt
Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Squish Publishing
(Rewrite in progress...)This is the old version of the story. I will be working on a rewrite of this as well as other projects. Thanks for reading and keep being awesome...
My Cartoon Crushes by Lauren137724
My Cartoon Crushesby Lauren137724
This is mainly a collection of fictional characters that I have crushed on growing up. Inspired by a similar project by Janey_fnaf_fan. All characters included are prop...
Crossover Chronicles: Fate of the rose by Jadendoesthings
Crossover Chronicles: Fate of Repaloid Soldier Jaden
(The Canon story) Spooky Month has finally arrived! And everyone is going to a party of spook! But this party.......Can change Skid and Pump's lives....Forever.... Join...
Demon Meets Pac-world by creepypastagirl97
Demon Meets Pac-worldby Alex Pulido
After going through the portal Layla has been requested to protect teen who saves his home from ghost. What will happen when one of them takes in interest in her? Read a...
BLOOD IN THE WATER: A Bandai Namco AU by drixenol
BLOOD IN THE WATER: A Bandai + 𝗗𝗿𝗶𝘅 +
He's poisoned us, in every way imaginable. We all trusted him. He thought he could get away with this. He thought.