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Pixelised. (Pixels x reader)  by iliketrains23
Pixelised. (Pixels x reader) by L
You, y/n Brenner, your brother Sam and his friends save the world from these video game characters that you didn't know existed. I searched pixels and this was 4th! than...
  • centipede
  • film
  • violet
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Male Reader x Pacman Ghost Gals (Smut) by SomeBoi2718
Male Reader x Pacman Ghost Gals ( Sp00kyBoi
I'm making another one so yeah, I'm not like @kay_needs_help making outsiders smut and crap so yeah go check her out.
  • reader
  • malereader
  • blinky
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Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures: More Time Of Jinx  by Sugar2-0
Pac-Man And The Ghostly Valentín 2#
Hello, I wanted to create a fic of Pac-Man and Ghost adventures, I guatemala to make a history these committed in it for life. Good to begin the story begins as in the s...
  • elli
  • spiral
  • pinky
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betrayus X fangs by frequine
betrayus X fangsby frequine night
what happens when fangs falls into a door of darkness who will love another first? read to find out This book is getting rewriten
  • betrayus
  • pacman
  • fangs
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The tale of the horned girl and the ghost lord : Human!Betrayus x OC by Ghostgirl14_00ss
The tale of the horned girl and Ghostgirl14_00ss
A young woman enters Pacworld from another world entirely, searching for a new start(and she's not exactly human...). Sure this world may be extremely weird, but she act...
  • fanfiction
  • ocs
  • pacman
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The President's Daughter - Pac-Man X Reader by Lizzie_Crystal
The President's Daughter - Lizzie
Everyone in Pac World thinks there's only one race that can eat ghosts. But what happens when a girl whom is Sphero's daughter proves everyone wrong? What will happen wi...
  • pacmanandhisghostlyadventures
  • pacman
  • ghost
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Bit-10 by PencilPixie26
Bit-10by The Pencil Pixie
"You may want to buckle your seatbelts." **** Life. New beginnings. It all started out with a dream. A idea. Which turned into a drawing. Then developed furt...
  • pixieworks
  • pencilpixie26
  • 1980s
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140 Random Facts by JND8675
140 Random Factsby JND8675
Just as the title says. Maybe you'll be able to out-smart your friends if they're the super smart type of course.
  • google
  • games
  • pacman
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OREGAIRU VOLUMEN 1 by kiwer-sempai
OREGAIRU VOLUMEN 1by Kiwer sempai 2.0
géneros: comedia nivel otaku :v, escolar, romance ,drama La comedia romántica gira en torno a un estudiante de instituto bastante antisocial llamado Hachiman Hikigaya y...
  • otaku
  • romance
  • kiwersempai
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A Forbidden Love (Incomplete) by HelloweenQueen
A Forbidden Love (Incomplete)by 🌬Yokai Syrup
Fan Fiction of the brand new series: Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures. [It's been 4 years. But I've come this far. Might as well finish it.]
  • violence
  • gore
  • love
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Ask and Dare Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures by LiannaBunny777
Ask and Dare Pac-Man and the LiannaBunny777
Ask and Dare Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures! You may ask or dare Pac-Man, Spiral, Cylindrea, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, Butt-ler, Dr.Buttocks, Betrayus and Lianna!
  • inky
  • betrayus
  • ask
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Demon Meets Pac-world by creepypastagirl97
Demon Meets Pac-worldby Alex Pulido
After going through the portal Layla has been requested to protect teen who saves his home from ghost. What will happen when one of them takes in interest in her? Read a...
  • laylablaze
  • betrayus
  • adventures
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Betrayus x Reader by ShadowVirusCybug
Betrayus x Readerby Robot Lover
Hey guys I was thinking of doing this because there weren't many just with Oc's well any way hope you fan girls enjoy this
  • pacman
  • betrayus
  • ghosts
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BOYF RIENDS sketches, online picture interpretations, memes, conversations, etc. by GryffindorLover2003
BOYF RIENDS sketches, online CallHer_MUSICALtrash
Pretty much just BOYF RIENDS stuff I find online or draw. I bring you the best of the best, and only the best. I hope you enjoy this stuff.
  • artbook
  • bmc
  • pacman
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Pixels by LimestarThunderClan
Pixelsby Limestar
  • trailers
  • pacman
  • pixels
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𝙰 𝙶ʜᴏ𝚜ᴛ 𝙸ɴ 𝙳ɪ𝚜ɢᴜɪ𝚜ᴇ (Reader Insert) by Mar3537
𝙰 𝙶ʜᴏ𝚜ᴛ 𝙸ɴ 𝙳ɪ𝚜ɢᴜɪ𝚜ᴇ ( Marie_canbecool
This is a story about (Y/n)... Idk how to do nice descriptions anymore. Enjoy!
  • ghost
  • pac-man
  • readerxcharacter
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The Randomness Never Ends (A Super Smash Bros. Fanfic) by FullmetalDreamer
The Randomness Never Ends (A Dreamer
Well when you put some characters from various Nintendo games that are being led by the four mascots of the biggest names in gaming, you can expect randomness. Read the...
  • ssb4
  • mario
  • supersmashbrothers
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💔~Sad things~ ❤ by __NaeShadowBonnie
💔~Sad things~ ❤by Shadow Bonnie
💜solo ven y explora el mundo de la tristesa y el dolor, se parte de nosotros :)💜 Nota: Ella no te ama :'v
  • sad
  • tế
  • pacman
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Total Gamer Island by -_Mr_F_-
Total Gamer Islandby Reverse Fox
Some famous video game characters are competing in a competition for 10 Million Dollars!(Whoever wins will get 10K of their game currency.) Who will win? Find out here O...
  • assassinscreed
  • undertale
  • wreckitralph
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Betrayus One Shots by heart_with_wings
Betrayus One Shotsby heart_with_wings
Includes X Readers and Ships - I don't own the fan art or PMATGA, obviously.
  • betrayus
  • pacman
  • pmatga