DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfw by slurpsuck
DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfwby *sad honk*
*casually pushes all other things I'm working on just because I had an idea at 2 AM* Anyway, requests are open.
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The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by Shayne_potato
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》by シェイン
2nd Place of Naruto Watty Awards 2017!!! ¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤ Top/Highest Rank: #21 In Fanfiction ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Mizuki Uzumaki Is Naruto's Little Sister, Naruto Was Born Two Years Befo...
  • sister
  • sasuke
  • konoha
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Unbreakable Bonds 《Book 2》 by Shayne_potato
Unbreakable Bonds 《Book 2》by シェイン
《Book 2》 Of "The Uzumaki Siblings" Promises are meant to be broken... As well as trust... But bonds will forever stay in our hearts. Finally! After three year...
  • comedy
  • sakura
  • romance
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The Ace of Diamond (Kuroko no Basket fanfics)(Aomine x oc) by animecoloursmyworld
The Ace of Diamond (Kuroko no Bask...by CJ
"Do you want to join the basketball club? " His beautiful red hair glinted under the gentle touch of the sun rays as he moved the next Shogi piece. It started...
  • romance
  • aominexoc
  • knb
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✔Kamisama Hajimemashita: You're My Light || Tomoe X OC || by PikaMnell
✔Kamisama Hajimemashita: You're My...by ●Janell●
●|COMPLETED|● ¤¤¤¤ "Just when I thought all hope was lost, I heard Tomoe's voice calling my name. It was like a ray of light in the darkness of my past. It guided m...
  • kurama
  • tomoe
  • kitsune
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Save Me From The Monsters (TomoeXReader) by harleighkinz
Save Me From The Monsters (TomoeXR...by Harleighkinz
Angry tears coated the girl's face and fell into the blood soaked snow beneath her. She screamed at him until his silhouette disappeared into the snowy atmosphere. She...
  • kurama
  • wattys2018
  • kamisamakiss
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How I Really Feel (Noiz X Reader) by dratiinii
How I Really Feel (Noiz X Reader)by brave man
Who knew how he felt? ( est. May 2015 )
  • readerxcharacter
  • aobaseragaki
  • fanfiction
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Kamisama Kiss [ Tomoe X Reader ] by XNiaProductionsX
Kamisama Kiss [ Tomoe X Reader ]by nia
|discontinued ; unedited| You are a wolf yokai who lives in the forest's of Japan. You settled yourself in the beautiful town where the Landgod has his shrine. One day...
  • kamisamakiss
  • drama
  • xreaderfanfiction
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One Last Chance (A Kamisama Kiss Fanfic) by TheAvengerFairy
One Last Chance (A Kamisama Kiss F...by Lilah Ashwood
After his romance with Nanami ends, Tomoe decides he is completely done with love. As the matchmaking goddess and Tomoe's friend, this breaks Nanami's heart, and she vow...
  • kurama
  • kamisama
  • nanamixoc
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Teaching him how to love{Tatsuya Shiba} by starlightfairy2004
Teaching him how to love{Tatsuya S...by Arika Dragneel
Hayami Ayase lives near the Shiba siblings along with her older brother,Takashi. She attends the Hagun Academy for Mage-Knights. Even though they attend different school...
  • leo
  • kazuki
  • hayami
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Dramatical Murder X Reader [Lemons] by juviaszen
Dramatical Murder X Reader [Lemons]by Juvia
This book is only LEMONS! The characters that will be shown are: ~ Noiz ~ Aoba ~ Mink ~ Clear ~ Koujaku ~ Mizuki ~ Ren ~ Possibly Virus and Trip
  • lemon
  • mink
  • nsfw
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Mizuki x reader  by PhoenixWishes
Mizuki x reader by MyNicknameShishkebob
A harmless white snake... right? As long as they don't bite or harm you, nothing's wrong. Little do you know that there is much more to watch out for than you think. A s...
  • mizukixreader
  • weird
  • fanfiction
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The Dragon Kings Daughter (Book 2) by Mizuki259
The Dragon Kings Daughter (Book 2)by Galaxy Dust
COMPLETED "With the way things are going I guess I should jump into the nether world like you told me." The yokai stared to edge closer to the gate way. "...
  • dragonking
  • mizuki259
  • wattys2017
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Dmmd oneshots by purple_jelleyfish
Dmmd oneshotsby purple_jellyfish
Smut, lemon, fluff, you name it.
  • clear
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  • ren
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I Love Your Past! (Tomoe x Nanami x Akura-ou) by Koogl001
I Love Your Past! (Tomoe x Nanami...by Koogl001
Nanami was bored, and asked Mizuki to help her get rid of her boredom. He told her to lay down and to close her eyes so he could help her relax,but his plans were actual...
  • mizuki
  • god
  • japanese
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Male!Reader x Koujaku [Seeing Stars] by BonebagRoyalty
Male!Reader x Koujaku [Seeing Star...by Ζεύς
After losing most of your memory you find yourself living with Aoba via Tai-san's hospitality. Aboa decides to introduce you to some of his friends in town. One Rib lead...
  • boyxboy
  • mink
  • gay
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Between Familiars [ Kamisama Hajememashita ]  by Escalus_Wings
Between Familiars [ Kamisama Hajem...by Yang LūWeì
Did you know that there is 2 Familiars of the Mikage Shrine? With Mikage gone for 20 years, it left Tomoe and Yukiji to look after the house theirselves. Now that Nana...
  • yokai
  • mizuki
  • tomoexoc
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~The Book Of Sin, DMMD Lemons and Fluff~ by aobacatrash
~The Book Of Sin, DMMD Lemons and...by Yaoi trash~~
This book is full of my dmmd stories, as you can see from the title. There will be a lot of shitty ones. Enjoy~~ ~~~~ also, credits to the creator of the cover photo.
  • dramaticalmurder
  • lemon
  • random
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Do You Love Me? (Tomoe X Reader) #wattys2017 by cutedrawgirl
Do You Love Me? (Tomoe X Reader) #...by neko-chan otaku
What will happen if you wake up you found yourself in the Kamisama kiss and Mikage (the land god) chooses you to be the god. And you can't go back to your own dimension...
  • kamisama
  • funny
  • mizuki
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Fleeting Propinquity | Tomoe x Reader by weariful
Fleeting Propinquity | Tomoe x Rea...by jd
All it takes for heartbreak and, more significantly, several, seemingly never-ending trouble to mess up Nanami Momozono's world is one fateful night and one mysterious g...
  • romance
  • mikage
  • kamisamakiss
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