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Awakening (Book 1, the Dark Rituals Series) by catrinaburgess
Awakening (Book 1, the Dark Ritual...by Catrina Burgess
Colina was taught to fear and hate death dealers, but becoming one of them is the only way for her to get the revenge she seeks - and the only way for her to survive. To...
demons are kinda hot ; atsusaku & osasuna by PL4STIK-WH0R3
demons are kinda hot ; atsusaku...by 娼婦
˓˓˓🧾!* a story in which atsumu and osamu summon two demons while playing with a ouija board and maybe try to date with them, who really knows. ➜ felt kinda drunk writin...
Ouija Losers ~ Reddie by reddiespaghetti13
Ouija Losers ~ Reddieby reddiespaghetti13
When the losers decide to mess with an ouija board, it doesn't go as planned (To long to be a oneshot, to short to be a real story)
DEAD | BNHA X Child OC | DISCONTINUED  by aesthetic-but-me
"Do YoU kNoW wHAt It FeElS lIkE tO bE cHoKeD?" On a cold night at 3am, Class 1A played with an Ouiji Board. It was a joke. It was for fun. But when they forge...
Possession (Book 2, the Dark Rituals Series) by catrinaburgess
Possession (Book 2, the Dark Ritua...by Catrina Burgess
Colina Campbell had no choice but to seek the ways of the death dealers. After surviving three terrifying rituals, she's embracing her new power-but it comes at a price...
Ouija || Bts Au by chocolattaeKpoptrash
Ouija || Bts Auby Aya
"Is this really happening..?" He muttered, his chest going up and down. He was lost between the realisation that he was still alive and that there were six boy...
Real Life Paranormal Experiences Part 1 by Paranormal
Real Life Paranormal Experiences P...by Paranormal and Supernatural |...
Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community. Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
Ouija BTS AU by At-Writer
Ouija BTS AUby At-Writer
WASN'T HAPPY WITH THE SUMMARY SO THIS IS AN UPDATED VERSION OF IT!! Jimin hasn't been acting normal for a few weeks now. Most of the members notice it but just assume it...
control ↣ joshler ✓ by nicosniners
control ↣ joshler ✓by c
"It's that house. That fucking house, Lina. He hasn't been the same since he moved in there." "My abuela used to tell me stories about that house before...
Family Ghosts: A Collection of True Stories of the Supernatural and Unexplained by SeanPatrickLittle
Family Ghosts: A Collection of Tru...by Sean Patrick Little
Every family has ghost stories. They are collected and told from person-to-person, generation-to-generation. They're told over campfires or at slumber parties. They're t...
Revenant (Book 3, the Dark Rituals Series) by catrinaburgess
Revenant (Book 3, the Dark Rituals...by Catrina Burgess
In Revenant, the third installment in the Dark Rituals series, Colina grows in power and ability-and faces danger like never before. *** Now Colina is being forced to r...
Tales of the Ouija by jenniferreeves792
Tales of the Ouijaby jenniferreeves792
Mystifying and baffling at times. The Ouija board has managed to peek peoples curiosity through the years. While some think that it opens the gates of hell, others think...
Ouija Board by Nicole1262
Ouija Boardby Nicole1262
Nicole Dixon. Dare Devil. Tomboy. Not any type of religious what so ever. She gets dared to play the Ouija board with her friends. She takes the dare. She loves horror...
Exorcist |JimV| by xox_rere_123
Exorcist |JimV|by •Pluto•
After finding an old game in his attic, Jimin decides to play by the rules with his friends Jin, Yoongi and Namjoon. But end up accidentally letting out a spirit... tha...
What Happens When - Soukoku Youtubers AU by -Shiakuma_Jisatsuki-
What Happens When - Soukoku Youtub...by ♡Shia + Jisa♡
Dazai Osamu and Nakahara Chuuya are youtubers that go by the name 'Double Black' on their channel. Ouija boards, haunted places, 3am challenges and demon games are all...
Don't Mess With Ouija Boards by CreepyBrat
Don't Mess With Ouija Boardsby CreepyBrat
Ciel Phantomhive is reckless. So of course he's going to join in when his best friend gets a ouija board.
Ouija by Sanss_12
Ouijaby Sanchali
{Editing} P.s. guys the book is being edited, so some chapters would not seem on track, bear with me ':) [COMPLETED✓] HIGHEST RANKING: #24 in horror, on 8th April'18. #1...
Legion (Book 4, the Dark Rituals Series) by catrinaburgess
Legion (Book 4, the Dark Rituals S...by Catrina Burgess
In Legion, the climactic finale to the Dark Rituals series, Colina must face her demons-both literally and figuratively-once and for all. Content and trigger warning: Th...
Willow Springs by HorrorHouseStories
Willow Springsby HorrorHouseStories
Richard Ragnarson was a normal eleven-year-old until one day he came home from school to find that he wasn't that normal, he was a werewolf and one which was due to inhe...