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Ghost Days by HF20034
Ghost Daysby HF20034
A psychic medium works at one of the most haunted buildings in California. One day four YouTubers come along, ready for and investigation. Because you aren't allowed to...
The Influence | Colby Brock by thean0nym0uswr1ter
The Influence | Colby Brockby Bae
Katelyn is a sweet, achieving girl who focuses on her school and family more than partying and drinking, like most kids her age. However, she meets one boy who changes t...
Explorers by LillyPop43
Explorersby LillyPop43
Chloe Dane is known for her ghost hunting videos, but her life changes when she meets four boys on a night exploring
Colby Brock Imagines  by fanofSamandColby
Colby Brock Imagines by Goldencockk Brock
In this book are imagines about the man we all love Colby Brock 😍
Traphouse sex slave  by iMy0urdAdDy
Traphouse sex slave by wattpadwriter63
You're a 17 year old female, your abusive father sold you to the traphouse, as a full time sex slave. You never expected falling in love with one of them, but who?
C.R.B⚠️smuts⚠️ by trendyxcolby
C.R.B⚠️smuts⚠️by 💙Colby Brock 💙
These are for all y'all freaky/horny people🥴😏 ⚠️Smuts,Sexual,13+⚠️
Iv seen a lot of these but they are terrible so I decided to make my own. The story's are all Yn x Colby
The Shadow Man Book 1/2 ✔️ by themultifandomgal
The Shadow Man Book 1/2 ✔️by The Multi Fandom Gal
Needs Editing! After meeting the TRAP boys Rosalie finds out that the ouija board she did years prior is now back to haunt her. She and the boys have a mystery to solve...
Colby brock smut🍆💦🤤 by Chloe1543185
Colby brock smut🍆💦🤤by Dreamandgeorge😫
PLASE if your not good with pain don't read😉
The Attachment  by xbrockxgolbachx
The Attachment by xbrockxgolbachx
Moving to Los Angeles was supposed to be life changing and thrilling for Eleanor Stone. And it was. Just not in the way she imagined. After a traumatic event occurs she...
Adopted by the Trap House 🥰 by Colbysgirl1216
Adopted by the Trap House 🥰by Hannah 💛🌟🍌🌻
Hannah was young when she was put into foster care. Her mom had bad depression and her dad was an alcoholic. This really effected her life. Could her new family change t...
Sam and Colby stories by Bella3148
Sam and Colby storiesby Bella3148
1st story sample: "Colby laid Sam in the back of the car, and sat next to him. Watching as he desperately gasped for air. It pained Colby to see him like this. &quo...
Behind the camera by 6fluid9
Behind the cameraby 6fluid9
On camera, Sam has a beautiful relationship with Kat and him and Colby are best friends almost brothers. But what happens once the cameras are off?
BAD GIRL (COLBY BROCK) by trendyxcolby
BAD GIRL (COLBY BROCK)by 💙Colby Brock 💙
~The Only Exception~ Colby Brock x Y/n by Hazel6404
~The Only Exception~ Colby Sam and Colby<3
This is a Sam and Colby fanfic around maybe a few months after Jake and Corey stopped filming with them.
The Evil One Book 2/2✔️ by themultifandomgal
The Evil One Book 2/2✔️by The Multi Fandom Gal
Needs editing! Sequel to 'The Shadow Man' Rose discovers more about her family and what really happened to her mom.
TFIL x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
TFIL x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
Just a series of TFIL members x reader imagines * = Self harm and other themes I TAKE REQUESTS Will include: Elton Corey Corbin Brandon Sam Colby
Never Going Back    (Jake Webber) by dumbfishbowl
Never Going Back (Jake Webber)by Dumbfishbowl
In this story, you'll find yourself as Y/n. You have your own qualities and looks or made-up ones. . I may have substituted colors for hair, eyes, and different things...