Between Screams and Silence

Between Screams and Silence

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Lindsey Clarke By LittleCinnamon Completed

Following the traumatic birth of her daughter, Kathleen-Anne spirals into depression and struggles to cope with her newborn baby. 

Desperate to put some life back into the wife he adores, husband Rheemus suggests that she takes some time out to have some fun with her friends and Kathleen-Anne reluctantly finds herself at the home of Barbara Arden, the town medium. 

Invited to take part in a séance with the spiritualist who many townsfolk believe is nothing but a charlatan, Kathleen-Anne places her fingers on the planchette and waits for the Ouija board to answer Barbara's call. When the candles begin to flicker and someone whispers her name, Kathleen-Anne realizes too late that Barbara isn't a charlatan at all and that she should have listened to her Mama's warning never to visit the medium's house. 

As the lights go out and the screaming begins, Kathleen-Anne is about to learn the hard way that when you call something over from the other side, it never wants to leave. 


This story was commissioned by Universal Pictures and Wattpad and inspired by the movie Ouija: Origin of Evil.