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Hidden Inside (SOUTH PARK STAN X KYLE | STYLE ) by BreakingYouSlowly
Hidden Inside (SOUTH PARK STAN X BreakingYouSlowly
Stan finds out that Wendy has been cheating on him for Token. He finds it hard to be happy anymore, but Kyle started to be by him more. It helped... A lot. He felt happy...
You Bastards. by jesterisajackal
You Jester.
When Kenny dies, his best friend, Kyle Broflovski, falls into a deep depression. He had a crush on Kenny. He's pansexual, and has no real preference for men, women, or o...
Style: One Shots by Jeffythekiller27009
Style: One Shotsby Ya boi Garbage Girl
One Shots. Why? Cause Angst.
small town antics  {SOUTH PARK X reader} by jackinitinsandiego
small town antics {SOUTH PARK X south parkie scum
Your father, brother, and you move to South Park, CO the summer before your junior year of high school. You're looking forward to a fresh new start. But after a run in w...
Online Connexion Kyle Broflovski X F!Reader by Aily-uk
Online Connexion Kyle Broflovski Aily
You and Kyle have been friends on internet for 3 months now but never showed eachother your faces or real names for privacy and stuffs , his online name is Kk so thats w...
Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Broflovski x Reader by sarcastic_penguin_77
Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Magi
This is a simple Kyle x Reader. In this story, (Y/N) is the top female student in the class, while Kyle is the top male. Throughout the story, the two grow a close bond...
Love is Abuse (Kyle x Cartman) by Kerjae333
Love is Abuse (Kyle x Cartman)by Kerjae333
Kyle and Cartman are both known as the ones to bicker constantly. But underneath it all, they struggle to hide their relationship from everyone else. When their lives t...
Kyman~The Crimson Denial by a_horrible_person
Kyman~The Crimson Denialby A Person
Heidi and Cartman are finally over so things turn back to what it always was with Kyle and Cartman.Kyle starts to develop a crush on his rival as he did a long time ago...
You Lose Something Good, To Get Someone Great (K2) 🧡💚 by TheVoidChildren
You Lose Something Good, To Get Zuri Futishi
Stan and Kyle have been together for 5 years, but something is off about Stan. He's always hanging out with Wendy, and one night, Kyle finds out why. Now, will his hero...
Kyle x reader by cheesestickse
Kyle x readerby cheesestickse
You move into your new house because your last house exploded for an unknown reason... all you remember is seeing a human shaped raccoon exploding your house, which tra...
He's Blue (Firkle x Ike) (Completed) by Trash_fire06
He's Blue (Firkle x Ike) ( Trashfire
A lonely goth kid, named Firkle, in high school is constantly bullied by everyone for who he is, well everyone but one boy. A popular boy, named Ike, who was able to bef...
The Hidden Secret (Reader X Kyle) by Ricochet01
The Hidden Secret (Reader X Kyle)by Ricochet01
Your family moves to South Park, Colorado to get a good start over. No one knows about the secret you carry under your winter hat until you meet someone worth showing it...
So..this is love? ✰Style Fanfic✰ by cyvqrus
So..this is love? ✰Style Fanfic✰by cyvqrus
♡︎• "..I may never find words beautiful enough To describe all that you mean to me. But I will spend the rest of my life searching For them.." •♡︎ (All art no...
Assassins Target // Dip Fanfiction  by iluvcats995
Assassins Target // Dip Fanfiction by iluvcats995
An assassin after a boy close to losing hope but something gets between the job. I don't reread the chapter since they're premade but just comment if you need a TW.
Touch by LittleSimplicity
Touchby Simplicity
Ever thought that you would fall in love for someone you hated? Neither did Kyle when he felt Cartman's lips pressed against his for the very first time. If only they kn...
W r o n g.  ✨kyle broflovski✨ by kellinaqueen
W r o n g. ✨kyle broflovski✨by Darián.✨
-Definitivamente, tengo algo mal. Kyle tiene 17 años. Kyle sufre de anorexia nerviosa. Stan no quiere ver sufrir a Kyle. Kenny no sabe cómo ayudar. Eric no quiere hablar...
A Secret I Already Know by BrGrRoCo
A Secret I Already Knowby GR
Kyman. I actually do love this pairing, I've just had no luck coming up with any ideas till now. Kyle's Point of view.
It was one night. (Kyman) by multifandompark
It was one night. (Kyman)by Mitchie's stories
What happens after you wake up next to your rival after a fun drunk night?
Misery Loves Me {Kyman/South Park} by OnettArcade
Misery Loves Me {Kyman/South Park}by kyle ¿
A romance between two polar opposites, friendships bloom and are crushed, drama ensues. It all started at a miserable sleepover. {Now with hints of crenny, creek, and on...
Ouija ~ A South Park Style fanfic by prettyepic520
Ouija ~ A South Park Style fanficby Bre
It's a mysterious time in the town of South Park. Two boys, one an average 13 year old and the other a Jewish boy filled with too much curiosity struggle together with s...