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Style South Park by I_Such_gaytrash
Style South Parkby That gay thing
Stan is fed up with Wendy breaking his heart, he makes a bet with Kenny that he would get Wendy jealous by "moving on" from her and being with someone else she...
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philophobia [style] by blurr3d
philophobia [style]by clyde
[hanahaki disease au] philophobia (n). the fear of love, being in love and falling in love. -- highest ranks: #1 in 'spstyle' #2 in 'kylexstan' #2 in 'stanxkyle' #9 in...
Yes your highness (COMPLETED)(South Park) {StanxKyle} by Blazedarkness
Yes your highness (COMPLETED)( Blaze
Stan has just turned 17, next year he gets to rule his kingdom, for his birthday he's gone his own personal servant, Kyle Broflovski. Kyle is one of the youngest servant...
{FINISHED } You're drunk , you dont mean it. Stan x Kyle. by TweekiToons
{FINISHED } You're drunk , you Tweeki toons.
Stan is having .....problems with drinking again . Wendy just decided to move on . His mom and Dad are having bad fights every day . And he just has to stand there and w...
(stan x kyle) it feels hurt [ Hiatus ] by sky_girl_indonesia
(stan x kyle) it feels hurt [ 😷💫Busy💫😷
Kyle have a lot of problems in his life... He thought that no one is going to date someone like him , but without his realizing. Stan (his best friend) actually wanted t...
Mine (South park yaoi) Boy x boy by Red_PandaXx
Mine (South park yaoi) Boy x boyby Red_PandaXx
Stan doesn't like the way Cartman is eyeing Kyle so he claims Kyle....
Style One Shots by Shinpi-Sama
Style One Shotsby Shinpi-Sama
Just a bunch of Stan x Kyle, South Park, one shots I've written over the weeks, still writing as well. Hehe~ Just read, lots of scenarios probably.
A Fairytale of Kyle ✔️ by KID_CIPHER
A Fairytale of Kyle ✔️by Beans
This is sorta like A Fairytale of Tweek accept beauty and the beast version. ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ •Possible bad grammar •Late on updates •BOY X BOY •Lots of sex and possibly vi...
Freedom Pals- The Perils Of Being Supers  by Butmoooooooommmm
Freedom Pals- The Perils Of ew
In this story everyone knows each other's identitys. They are all 17,and are the towns most infamous celebrities. Stan and Kyle/Toolshed and and Human kite have been dat...
˗ˏˋ𝙄'𝙢 𝙉𝙤𝙩 𝙂𝙖𝙮!'ˎ˗ [𝗦𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗵 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗸] by DollyTheLoli
˗ˏˋ𝙄'𝙢 𝙉𝙤𝙩 𝙂𝙖𝙮!'ˎ˗ [𝗦𝗼𝘂 ☆❀∂σℓℓყ❀☆
ON HOLD (No description yet) Warnings- very very very cringey, the plot makes no sense, a lot of swearing and weird/dirty jokes that usually make no sense Disclaimer- I...
No Hope by Tyjoloseph
No Hopeby bruh moment
My family's disappointed in me. Wendy's moved on. Butters committed suicide. Cartman tried to ruin my life. Kenny's always at parties. I hurt my best friend. No body car...
Before (Stan x Kyle) by Gingeveeva
Before (Stan x Kyle)by Ginger
After Butters comes out as gay Stan and Cartman start to bully him. When Kyle finds out, his friendship with Stan falls apart. Soon the whole school divides into two gro...
Style: Leave Us Alone by I_Such_gaytrash
Style: Leave Us Aloneby That gay thing
⚠️this story is on hold for a few⚠️ Stan and Kyle had been dating on and off for about five years into one day Stan left Kyle to run off with Wendy without telling Kyle...
Our Glee Club (Complete!) (South Park)  by sincerelyleianexoxo
Our Glee Club (Complete!) (South Leiane Bowler
Stan ignores Kyle for years before deciding to re-enter his life and impact it forever. How will the glee club deal with the traumatic things that happen between them? F...
Operation: Style (COMPLETED)(South Park) {StanxKyle} by Blazedarkness
Operation: Style (COMPLETED)( Blaze
"Wendy. Eric." After saying their names, Principle Victoria looked to both teens respectably. "I hope you understand what I'm trusting you with." &qu...
~South Park Style Oneshots~ by ShilohBuff
~South Park Style Oneshots~by ShilohBuff
Just a collection of Stan x Kyle oneshots!! [Artwork is not mine!! It's just so cute I had to use it]
How To Seduce Your Best Friend 101 by CyleFanma
How To Seduce Your Best Friend 101by 𝕜ꪗꪶꫀ ᥇𝕣ꪮᠻꪶꪮꪜડ𝕜ⅈ
Hello! My name is Stan Marsh, and I'll teach you on how to seduce your best friend! I've had a crush on mine ever since and he still hasn't noticed! *sniff* WHY CAN'T Y...
The Nerd Tastes Like Strawberries - Style (Stan x Kyle) by babycreek
The Nerd Tastes Like lil gay muffin
kyle is quiet and your classic nerd (also extremely sassy) stan is loud and your classic jock (also a massive player) stan thinks it's fun to patronise and tease the red...
Pacify Her  ➵ Style {Stan x Kyle} by vividizzy
Pacify Her ➵ Style {Stan x Kyle}by ♡BTS♡
❝Pacify her, she's getting on my nerves. You don't love her. Stop lying with those words.❞
South Park Comics (Includes Style, Bunny, And Creek) by Kanemi_Asher_18
South Park Comics (Includes Asher Kanemi
All of the art don't belong to me, art belongs to dudemarsh on tumblr Go check the dude out, you won't regret it, I promise :) 12/11/19 - published on December 11 ...