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ONC Journal 2023 by yemihikari
ONC Journal 2023by Yemi Hikari
As per tradition, a journal for this ONC.
Granny Thayer, Demon Slayer (wxm) || ONC 2023 Collab with CMF_Wright by spelunkadunk
Granny Thayer, Demon Slayer (wxm) Spelunkadunk
When a grandmother is declared the Chosen One, she abandons her rocking chair to challenge the Dark Lord who plots to destroy the world. -- Formerly a single mother, now...
SHORT OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST (SONC - 2023) by GoldenieTwilightie
OPEN NOW ( 🗝️ ) The Big yearly Awards are finally here! Awards, Contests and more. The celebration of books and writing talent overall. Take a look to know more!
One Last Waltz ✔️ by SallyMason1
One Last Waltz ✔️by Sal
A one-night stand should end at the crack of dawn. Ideally, both parties won't exchange phone numbers. And the guy you jumped into bed with should most definitely not tu...
Deliciously Deadly: a Red Riding Hood retelling by wildx22
Deliciously Deadly: a Red Riding C. W. Sun
When stupid little Lottie threw a stick to throw off a monster (spoiler: it didn't work), she did not expect that it would lead her down the path of an unordinary life w...
Boys of West Denton by Olivaughn
Boys of West Dentonby olivia vaughn
Initially looking for nothing more than a feelings-free summer fling before college, reckless Harris McCammon and anxious Seb Krause might have discovered more than they...
Inside Man | ONC2023 by elveloy
Inside Man | ONC2023by L.V. Lloyd
SHORTLISTED. Paul wakes to discover that not only is he feeling horribly sick but, more worryingly, the naked stranger in his bed isn't moving. If only he could remembe...
Soul Seekers   |   ONC 2023 SHORTLISTER | a paranormal novella by Kamiccola
Soul Seekers | ONC 2023 Isobel Lynx
👻 Who let the ghosts out? 👻 Ian thinks he's getting the hang of his supernatural powers but a surprise encounter with Melody, a professional psychic medium, forces him...
Within these walls by LynnS13
Within these wallsby Lynn Santiago
Vivienne's parents found the perfect house. A stunning Nineteenth Century Victorian at Rue Renaud, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of those houses with personality and vi...
DAYDREAM by londonlocket
DAYDREAMby ashley
[ONC 2023 SHORTLISTER & ROUND 1 AMBASSADOR PICK] Nothing shakes one's world quite like the loss of their best friend, their other half, their soulmate. • • • Bellamy has...
Merlin's Curse | ONC2023 by Benhauthor
Merlin's Curse | ONC2023by Ben Hutchins
[ONC Short List!] Merlin is the almost-greatest-eleven-year-old nerd the world doesn't know because his name has cursed him--he's all parts nerd and zero parts magic--an...
#WitchcraftWednesday || ONC 2023 by bigfivedonaldduckfan
#WitchcraftWednesday || ONC 2023by AJ
There's always that something you just can't be bothered to care about. For drug dealer Nathan Devereaux, it's the grimoire he found, complete with working magic and all...
Blackbird|ONC 2023 by sarah3534
Blackbird|ONC 2023by Sarah3534
ONC2023 Shortlister [A queer retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in modern day California.] Tate Parker and Alex Benitez are sworn enemies, but it's not a battle line the...
111 West End - #ONC2023 by LottieJacobs
111 West End - #ONC2023by LottieJacobs
ONC 2023 Short list. When Ben purchased a large Georgian house as an investment, it should have made him a fortune. But tenants at 111 West End never stay longer than s...
The Bones Below | ONC 2023 | ✔️ by kgravez
The Bones Below | ONC 2023 | ✔️by K. Graves
Humankind has long since perished. But life goes on. Nature is slowly reclaiming the planet. A fire forces a young red fox named Kip to flee her den for the first time...
Beauty and the Gorilla: ONC 2023 by MountainMomma81
Beauty and the Gorilla: ONC 2023by Kristina Pike
When a lonely vet tech unknowingly befriends a gorilla shifter over a mutual love of music, their lives will change forever. Claire Beck is at a crossroads in her life w...
I'm Scared of Heights | ONC 2023  ✔️ by EverythingsNothing
I'm Scared of Heights | ONC Caity
| 1x Featured on @Romance | "I'm not scared of heights. I'm afraid of falling from them." - - - A love-cynic...
Veins of Smoke and Shadow ✔️ || ONC 2023 by AriaOfStorms
Veins of Smoke and Shadow ✔️ || Aria Brynn
Buried in the wreckage of a Compound meant to imprison her, Faine awakens a shell of her former self. With no memories and a growing taste for revenge, she is given the...
Over and Over Again | ONC 2023 by LunahElle
Over and Over Again | ONC 2023by Lunah
Two lovers. One is immortal, the other isn't. Aurelia is 1000 years old. A wish that saved her life as a baby turns out to be a never ending curse, as she watches her l...
Aliath by Zubair_05
Aliathby zubair muhammad nadheer
Is he the greatest sorcerer that exists, or is he the biggest sham? *** Meet Aliath; the High Wizard of the Evdan empire as he searches for signs of the enemy within. He...