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Idiots to Lovers (bxb) by itsmeimthevampire
Idiots to Lovers (bxb)by Jamie Ellery
||WATTY WINNER 2023🌟|| Two strangers pretend to be a couple to win a dumb bet. The wager: they must enrol in couples therapy and fool their counselor. _________ Update...
Boys of West Denton ✓ by Olivaughn
Boys of West Denton ✓by Olivia Vaughn
WATTYS 2023 SHORTLIST | WATTYS 2023 FANS CHOICE AWARDS NOMINEE Initially looking for nothing more than a feelings-free summer fling before college, reckless Harris McCam...
I'm Scared of Heights | ONC 2023 ✔️ by EverythingsNothing
I'm Scared of Heights | ONC 2023 ✔️by Caity
| 3x Featured | | ONC 2023 Shortlister | "I'm not scared of heights. I'm afraid of falling from them." ...
Deliciously Deadly: a Red Riding Hood retelling by wildx22
Deliciously Deadly: a Red Riding C. W. Sun
When stupid little Lottie threw a stick to throw off a monster (spoiler: it didn't work), she did not expect that it would lead her down the path of an unordinary life w...
Blackbird by sarah3534
Blackbirdby Sarah James
🏳️‍🌈ONC2023 Shortlister [A queer retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in modern day California.] Tate Parker and Alex Benitez are sworn enemies, but it's not a battle li...
The Vampire's Gardener (ONC 2023) by M_A_Hartman
The Vampire's Gardener (ONC 2023)by M. A. Hartman
A mysterious garden. A forgotten prince. A forbidden romance. ------------ After losing her job at a large garden nursery, Waverly Harris travels across the Atlantic to...
Project Cleopatra by TUT_Stories
Project Cleopatraby Dodelia Reene
ONC 2023 Shortlister & Nano Watt 2023 Shortlist Novella Inspired by the prompt: 28: Stumped on a history assignment, you stumble across a time machine that will bring yo...
Go For The Gap [ONC 2023] by Dante_Greywolf
Go For The Gap [ONC 2023]by D. Greywolf
[ONC Shortlister - 4x Featured] Professional thief and smuggler, Nio Barn, lives by one rule: break them all. When his criminal past finally catches up to him, he's face...
Why Is There An Alien Princess In My Room? (ONC 2023 - Alien Romance - Complete) by lisa_london_
Why Is There An Alien Princess Lisa London
Tristan is a Quiz Bowl star. Vyrsa is from the stars. But is their interstellar romance written in the stars? *** Following a successful heist on a rival planet, Princes...
Granny Thayer, Demon Slayer || Collab with CMF_Wright by spelunkadunk
Granny Thayer, Demon Slayer || Spelunkadunk
When a grandmother is declared the Chosen One, she abandons her rocking chair to challenge the Dark Lord who plots to destroy the world. -- Formerly a single mother, now...
Of Silver And Gold (ONC 2023 Honorable Mentions) by CShiauJing
Of Silver And Gold (ONC 2023 C
After seeking sanctuary in Harl for almost nine hundred years, Herbert Fletcher Zaeheri, the legendary vampire sets out on an exigent journey with Rao Yueru, the one and...
Beauty and the Gorilla: ONC 2023 by MountainMomma81
Beauty and the Gorilla: ONC 2023by Kristina Pike
When a lonely vet tech unknowingly befriends a gorilla shifter over a mutual love of music, their lives will change forever. Claire Beck is at a crossroads in her life w...
Merlin's Curse by ThePerfectChild13
Merlin's Curseby ThePerfectChild13
[8X FEATURED] Merlin is the greatest-eleven-year-old nerd the world doesn't know because his name has cursed him--he's all parts nerd and zero parts magic and all he wan...
Turn of the Tide | ONC 2023 by Oxviola
Turn of the Tide | ONC 2023by Oxibubbles 🫧
[ONC 2023 Shortlister] ['23 RGAs Overall Winner] When the storm comes, who will you choose to ride it out with? In the sleepy coastal village of Porthdruro, the most exc...
18.98: An ONC 2023 Thriller by amberkbryant
18.98: An ONC 2023 Thrillerby Amber K Bryant
It's referred to by several names: the ghost frequency, the haunted frequency, the fear infrasound. You can't hear sound at 18.98 hertz, but your body feels it, and when...
Protecting Myrtle-Rose | #ONC2023 (on hold) by AuthorESElias
Protecting Myrtle-Rose | E. S. Elias, Author
Entered in the Open Novella Contest 2023 @OpenNovellaContest - Rules and Guidelines: ©2023 E. S. Elia...
The Gifted (ONC 2023) by axgirl13
The Gifted (ONC 2023)by Kamila
What if having superpowers was not a gift but a curse? Would you still choose to use it? Aleksandra Leszczyńska works as an agent for a secret government organisation tr...
Christmas at the Cabin | ONC 2023 (Complete) by authorelizasolares
Christmas at the Cabin | ONC Eliza Solares
Determined and quick thinking, Amelia Conti is okay on her own. She's also an expert in outdoor sports. So when her boss offers her the winter hike of a lifetime, she s...
Hang It Up  | ONC 2023 by authorelizasolares
Hang It Up | ONC 2023by Eliza Solares
Canadian Piper Ouellet is going to Paris. She knows the language, she knows the city, and most of all, she knows her ballet. Offered a place in the corps de ballet in t...
#WitchcraftWednesday || ONC 2023 | ✔ by bigfivedonaldduckfan
#WitchcraftWednesday || ONC 2023 | AJ
There's always that one thing you just can't be bothered to care about. For drug dealer Nathan Devereaux, it's the grimoire he found, complete with working magic and all...