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Déjà-Vu by BobbyWard
Déjà-Vuby Bobby Twidale
Connie Bentley is not your average Newly Qualified Teacher. On her first day at St George's Independent Day School for boys, she celebrates her thirty-second birthday. I...
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Growing Pains by LilyAnnaLace
Growing Painsby LilyAnna
Will craves attention from whoever he can get it; the captain of the football team, his deaf best friend, the cute new boy, even the alluring math teacher... but can a s...
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The Godking (In Progress) by Roryboreale
The Godking (In Progress)by Roryboreale
"You are my conscience..." Haunted by the demons of his past, Thomas Caswell flees Victorian England for the oblivion of distant lands. When a terrible storm w...
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Storms Never Last by JayatiDasGupta
Storms Never Lastby Jayati Das Gupta
I wanted to write a Cinderella story but as I progressed the story became a bit more than that. It became a story of women who were ahead of their times, some brave, som...
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Sweet Home Mullingar by CountVustafa
Sweet Home Mullingarby CountVustafa
Harry is a world famous singer, newly engaged to a handsome boyfriend and living the high life. However before getting married, he must return to his past and meet the...
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Finding Miranda by IrisChacon2
Finding Mirandaby Iris Chacon
2018 Favorite Covers award (Prismatic, 2018 Favorite Reads award (Prismatic, 2018 Readers' Favorite International Book Award winner (Audi...
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Hallowed Ground  by FatFreeCoolWhip
Hallowed Ground by Goth Mom
Esther LaGrange never stays in one place too long. She never stays with one person too long. Solitude and long stretches of dark road are her curse. Yet, she someh...
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Before They Came by stories_by_ginger
Before They Cameby ginger
Carmen doesn't remember what life was like before the aliens arrived, or before the human population was decimated by extraterrestrial disease. She lives now in one of t...
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Árboles de primavera y nubes al atardecer by Coty36
Árboles de primavera y nubes al Im_Haru
Un estudiante universitario normal transmigra a la familia real en otro mundo, donde se convierte en uno de los sucesores del trono. Aunque suene bien, ¿quién entenderí...
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The Prince of Copper Hills by DanielPillow0
The Prince of Copper Hillsby Daniel Ward Pillow
Six years ago, Elroy Ellis left his boyfriend Darwin and the sleepy little Texas town of Copper Hills behind. He always intended on returning for the hand of his love, b...
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This Still Happens by HilaryHale
This Still Happensby Hilary Hale
The 2013 legalisation of marriage equality leads English teenager Gordon Benn to believe homophobia isn't a problem anymore. He has no idea of the terrifying truth. When...
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When I finish this you all better be crying by lovingthelifexx
When I finish this you all Daniella Holder
A girl and her fiancé go on a walk in the woods in Scotland. They decide to get a bit frisky and walk off the path a little bit. They end up discovering a community cage...
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Unsolicited Stranger (Book #4 of 5) {Ongoing} by Caz-May
Unsolicited Stranger (Book #4 of Caz
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The Forgotten Bride by noor_lights19
The Forgotten Brideby نورزي
Sabaar. Patience. It holds so much meaning. It's exactly what I had. I waited and waited. I was patient. I prayed for him to return. I prayed for him to devote to his ro...
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Helping Neighbors by Felinesses
Helping Neighborsby Only Writes Lea
She only wants FREEDOM. It was a dream come true for Lea to live in the Philippines and leave the rural land from a distant country she grew up in. Well, only for two r...
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Curs in the Weeds by Saku_AntiqueGarden
Curs in the Weedsby Saku AntiqueGarden
Morwenna Connolly had thought she had left her past behind, left it in the House in the Irish countryside where it could fester forever. But then Grandmama summoned her...
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Haircuts, Hens and Homicide by StephanieDagg
Haircuts, Hens and Homicideby StephanieDagg
Megan finds mayhem when she arrives in France to bury her Gran and sort out her affairs. She expected difficult encounters with civil servants and red tape but not with...
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Blind Intersection by MrsCosmopilite
Blind Intersectionby MrsCosmopilite
When a body is found in a burning car on a rural road, people are quick to blame it on outsiders and drugs. But small towns can have big secrets. And a certain relucta...
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Maggie's Diary by JediCat42
Maggie's Diaryby JediCat42
Maggie is having a normal day until she spots a strange looking man in the corner of the bar where she works. She has a conversation with him and it leaves her with even...
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Beauty & Warmth, Shadowed by Ignorance & Doubt by Walkingpen23
Beauty & Warmth, Shadowed by Silent River
In a small rural community, a stranger and community members keep their distance, but one person made a difference and everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.