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To New York  by makaziwemzana
To New York by makaziwemzana
Amanda Gaffley is a beautiful Xhosa girl from South Africa .She is well known for her generous heart and beautiful dimple smile, quite an eye catcher.From the dusty stre...
Caitrona's Desire (BWWM) by EB_Writes
Caitrona's Desire (BWWM)by Edna Bruce
The first time Ona Balboa met Donnie Dellucci, a wealthy and mysterious handsome young Italian man, her only wish is to lay once on his bed. But when Adonis Dellucci fir...
Growing Pains by LilyAnnaLace
Growing Painsby LilyAnna
Will craves attention from whoever he can get it; the captain of the football team, his deaf best friend, the cute new boy, even the alluring math teacher... but can a s...
The Lady's Sickly Husband by FlyingLines
The Lady's Sickly Husbandby Flying Lines
Transmigration? A Chong Xi Marriage? Sickly husband? How worse can this get? Mo Qian Xue now lives in a soddy, destitute, small house with broken furnitures. The grass h...
The Wind Shifts by MS_Chavez
The Wind Shiftsby M.S. Chavez
​Mingan, something of a lone wolf, has his solitary wanderings interrupted when he's put in a position to rescue Elloreah, one of the rare Ethereal. Mingan cannot turn a...
Trouble from Country by WritingGravy
Trouble from Countryby Alex Anderson
From his early days, misbehaving and 'skulling' class, to his older, problematic days as a man, this book covers the adventures of a Jamaican youth, Beppo Lawerence, an...
The Canavar by AuandAg
The Canavarby M.J. Konkel
Who would name their town Hell's Center, and why are people vanishing without a trace from the place? Johnny sticks out worse than a Bears fan at Lambeau Field when he m...
She  by Urvisha_keshri
She by Urvisha Keshri
"Why is grandma shouting?" Kajal asked curiously, watching the old lady burn alive. "She's becoming a goddess and going to heaven with grandpa." Her...
Undefeated by Storm-Shadows7
Undefeatedby K. Ramsuer
A pack without a leader can't stand. Sara Martin has a feeling that the Cotaco Creek pack is going to learn this the hard way. They need their Alpha, but Tate either dea...
Paint the Town Red (Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries Book II) by kkolmakov
Paint the Town Red (Fox & Oakby Katya Kolmakov
~ Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries ~ Book II ~ Cozy Mystery, Romance & Humour ~ COMPLETE Imogen Fox is the personal assistant of John Oakby, the Mayor of a tiny town of Flec...
Sweet Home Mullingar by CountVustafa
Sweet Home Mullingarby CountVustafa
Harry is a world famous singer, newly engaged to a handsome boyfriend and living the high life. However before getting married, he must return to his past and meet the...
Ripples in the Night by DennisRoyer
Ripples in the Nightby Dennis Royer
High school graduation and an unsolved murder rip apart childhood sweethearts Barlow and Pet. Ten years pass and they get a second chance to rekindle their romance. When...
Blind Intersection by MrsCosmopilite
Blind Intersectionby MrsCosmopilite
When a body is found in a burning car on a rural road, people are quick to blame it on outsiders and drugs. But small towns can have big secrets. And a certain relucta...
Quick Transmigration : Male God is mine!! by FlyingLines
Quick Transmigration : Male God Flying Lines
"Drip - sensing a strong will to survive," "Drip - reading brain waves -" "Drip - checking to see if it meets the requirements -" "Dri...
Glints Saga: Vanilla by LilithFairen
Glints Saga: Vanillaby Lilith Fairen
In a small town where nothing happens, Lindy Bourne sees much the same for her own future. She could have never expected to meet an animal from another world, pursued by...
Family Ties by jaeshanks
Family Tiesby Jae
{🐾Book 5🐾} Spoilers for the last book! Grant's gone. Stefa's...somewhere. Aidan stays a wolf more often and not. And a former hunter is sulking in Conor's bedroom. T...
Royally Claimed by CIRosie
Royally Claimedby LadyBug 🐞
Katherine Day is the queen of the dragon shifters. With her deep ebony hair, smooth mocha skin, and striking gold eyes, she is often sought after by her male subjects. A...
Third Zombie To The Right (NaNo 2020) by sacredlilac
Third Zombie To The Right (NaNo Amanda Hare
An unknown pathogen rocks James Brown's world by turning most of the population of his small, Canadian town into zombies. But they aren't the only threat he has to watch...
Still Waters... (Tododeku+Kiribaku) by kitkat_mha
Still Waters... (Tododeku+Kiribaku)by kitkat_mha
they live in a tranquil area outside the city, full of greenery, large forest areas, one school, spaced out homes. deku, bakugo, todoroki and kirishima have all grown u...
Lost Pages of Philippine Literature by poet-aster
Lost Pages of Philippine Literatureby I write inferior poems.
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