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Sins of the Sea by Voxifer
Sins of the Seaby DEAD ACCOUNT
Born the illegitimate love-child of a disgraced monk and an unknown mother, Sio lives the life of an outcast on the island of Roba. Her only solace lies in the wild wave...
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Let Go of that Eunuch! [Asian Fantasy/Humor | #Wattys2018 | COMPLETED] by missh1
Let Go of that Eunuch! [Asian Missh1
Every other girl who falls into a fantasy world ends up being a princess or a lady, living a life of luxury surrounded by handsome admirers. I fall into a fantasy world...
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A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The Secrets of Tarot series) ✔ by LuliWrites
A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The Luli Xú
A crippled herbalist-in-training and the Crown Prince of Wuzhen meet in the human village of Shangzihua and try to understand their new bond, as the dark prophecy of the...
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The Prince's Beast (Book 0.6, A Secrets of Tarot Novella) - ONC 2020 by LuliWrites
The Prince's Beast (Book 0.6, A Luli Xú
Forced to marry an angel from Aeyaviel in the hopes of uniting their countries, warmongering Prince Liu Wen receives word that Mutsushina is tormented by a fox demon. Ho...
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The Last Empress [Asian Fantasy/Adventure | Wattpad Featured Novel | ON HIATUS] by missh1
The Last Empress [Asian Fantasy/ Missh1
20/07/2018 *Wattpad Featured Novel* Swallow is a feisty girl living in the slums of the imperial city where she and her brother are forced to either become peasants or d...
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Appearances Can Be Deceiving (Book 1, Hakuouki Fanfic series) ✔ by LuliWrites
Appearances Can Be Deceiving ( Luli Xú
Misaki Azuma is a girl on the run. Her life is hindered by many secrets that she sought to bury. However, her past comes back to haunt her as enemies come in the hopes...
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Any Way The Wind Blows by LuliWrites
Any Way The Wind Blowsby Luli Xú
A South Korean neurologist moves to Jeju City to start over after a fatal car crash. Even though he's determined to escape the pain of his past, a mythical selkie is int...
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Mi and You by EustaciaTan14
Mi and Youby Eustacia Tan
Mi's a perfectly ordinary Singaporean girl who just happens to be studying in Japan. So why is she trapped in a fictional world of her own making? COMPLETE. All feedb...
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Crazy Rich Dragons| #tga2019 by HellaCrazyAuthors
Crazy Rich Dragons| #tga2019by ˗ˏˋ F a y e ˎˊ˗
In the land of M'ai Cun, dragons exist and so does the supernatural. P'i Yu-Jin is the daughter of a former Imperial Noble Consort and a General. Her mother chose to lea...
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AsianFantasy : Myths and Legends by AsianFantasyComm
AsianFantasy : Myths and Legendsby HIATUS
Since ancient times, untold records of fascinating 'magical' events have swarmed the modern era with inspirations for producing Historical Fantasy stories. Lots of books...
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Black and White «COMPLETED» by BaelYeol
Black and White «COMPLETED»by BaelYeol
An Asian historical fantasy. A beautiful tomboy. A banished prince. An adventurous bookworm. A chubby, plant loving, lady... In the fictional kingdom of Eondeog Mun, fou...
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The General's Illegitimate Son- (BL Series) by the_queen_of_evil
The General's Illegitimate Son- ( the_queen_of_evil
Please note, I am not the owner of this account. My friend runs this account with one other person, so please keep this in mind while reading this series, if you would l...
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The Rising Sun [ON HOLD] by CocoNichole
The Rising Sun [ON HOLD]by Coco Nichole
Sun Ritsu spent the better part of a thousand years believing himself to be a wandering god of death. In truth, he is a clone, one of many, imbued with the powers of the...
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Hidden Within Dawn| The Collapsing World #1|  by Endless-Moon-Night
Hidden Within Dawn| The Victorique Crawford
"The wails of those who died wronged, have to be heard, as they will never rest in peace until it is done." Sorano Kazuho has a goal, to overturn a decision...
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The Fallen Rose [Asian Fantasy/Romance] by thesongist
The Fallen Rose [Asian Fantasy/ ☹ H I A T U S ☻
"There are no secrets that time does not reveal." Ren is the crown prince of the Wakahisa Dynasty. With the death of his father, the previous Emperor, his asc...
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The Sovereign by SJCrona
The Sovereignby S. J. Crona
When Tammamori's father dies suddenly, he must take up the mantle of King at the young age of fourteen. However, his mother has been accused of treason: the act of murde...
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The Tigress and the Monkey by White-Saja
The Tigress and the Monkeyby White Saja
When the Tigress Queen and Monkey Queen get into shenanigans, their mayhem throws the world into discord. The Zodiac Council goes out of balance and innocence in the Ear...
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Rise of the Dragon Warrior by bypavue
Rise of the Dragon Warriorby bypavue
In the Realm of Nine Houses, only men can be Sentinels-dragon riders-and serve in the Dragon Guard. Mei Hang, an orphan in the lowest class in the realm, was born with a...
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