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Identity V Oneshots by Makotoyuki12
Identity V Oneshotsby Your oppa Jhope
~Requests are always open~ Lemon/fluff (Or either one you like)
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✨identity v oneshots✨ by jaeheelovesyou
✨identity v oneshots✨by JaeTea사랑해
X Reader/Character x Character - Requests open.
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~His Lovely Rose~ (A Sebastian x Reader Fanfic) by woahwoahwoahhhhhh
~His Lovely Rose~ (A Sebastian x woah
When (Y/N) gets invited to a ball at the Phantomhive manor after meeting the Earl and his butler in her floral shop, what is she to do? She ends up in the biggest love c...
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The Gardener ~ Benjey ~ by Beloved_Iris
The Gardener ~ Benjey ~by Iris
~ COMPLETED ~ After eighteen long years of his life, Benji was forced by his family to find a wife. Being prince, he didn't have an option. They had to produce an heir...
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Tratie by gem_in_the_arctic
Want to Know how Tratie started? Well You've come to the right Book! It all started will Chocolate bunnies... (Also some Conranda/Ciranda)
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Identity V oneshots. by Moondoria
Identity V Moondoria
Yep, I'm doing one of these. Here are the rules cause we are all perverts on the inside: 1. No lemon. I'm sick of those. (Lemons are now temporarily aloud in thi...
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✨identity v preferences+oneshots✨ by jaeheelosthertea
✨identity v preferences+oneshots✨by 💗재희💗
quick and small chapters about your favourite characters. come on, we fantasise about at least one of them. -chapter lengths may vary
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Ask or dare the IDV characters (2019) by MoriRei
Ask or dare the IDV characters ( 🍁Mori/Night🍁
A ask or dare book for the IDV characters! And OC's, and maybe some friends OC's. I will do a ask or dare book for the rest of this year, as long as you all enjoy it! S...
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Identity v chats  by redphysche
Identity v chats by redphysche
Here are gonna be identity v chats between all players. Hope you guys enjoy it 💖
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Identity V Characters! x Reader! by liana_bae
Identity V Characters! x Reader!by liana.bae
Yup! the title said it all! This is my first time writing something like. I hope you wouldn't mind if it's not so good or nothing. I write this from the imagination of m...
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Lovey Dovey// Identity V one shots by AnahiIsEdgy
Lovey Dovey// Identity V one shotsby Just a fangirl
Eee I know everyone has their own crush this story contains Lemons Smut Fluff I will NOT accept stories that involved self harm, suicidal thoughts, and depression mentio...
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Just Happen, Tratie by ZezeeGoesBananas
Just Happen, Tratieby ZezeeGoesBananas
Travis Stoll and Katie Gardener, what an unlikely relationship. Who knows what will happen when Katie gives Travis a chance. I don't own any of these characters (except...
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deaf!Pidge X Lance by CornerPotato
deaf!Pidge X Lanceby _strange.children_
Pidge just hit collage... they decided to put her in a dorm with a boy because that's what they thought she was... even though she put she was a girl. Pidge is deaf so i...
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(Yandere) Identity V Oneshots by galaxywolfyhana
(Yandere) Identity V Oneshotsby galaxywolfyhana valenzuela
I'm not good with descriptions just request what you please and it shall be made. (if I don't make it in time. which I highly doubt you can ask again and I'll notice and...
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《Identity V x Reader Oneshots》 by la_souffrance
《Identity V x Reader Oneshots》by I am your father
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Perfect Timing: a tratie story by nostalgiahigh
Perfect Timing: a tratie storyby nostalgiahigh
Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter, and Travis Stoll, son of Hermes, have an admittedly strange relationship dynamic. They flirt with each other when they're at camp and...
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The Florist by DeathByCrimsonShadow
The Floristby Darlin'
Identity V various x female reader This is my first fan fiction and i love this game so... yeah i created this and your are Freddy Rileys twin sister, but also can reade...
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Identity V Ships~( OneShot ) by ladyblack888
Identity V Ships~( OneShot )by Born_To_Be_A_Potato
Just a one shot book about identity V, I do all ships. No ship wars in my lobby- Forgive any bad grammar! Requests are open and always welcome. Sorry but this b...
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Running Away To You by _Andro_Alchemist
Running Away To Youby ED MCKINNON
We know that The Mymble and The Joxter fell in love, but we do not yet know the story behind their eventual mutual pining. It is the year 1867, and in irregular circumst...
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Poison Ivy X Malereader  by Bulltial
Poison Ivy X Malereader by Bulltial
you are living your life when shit goes sideways
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