Bolt From The Blue || Thor x Reader x Loki by Nebulae
Bolt From The Blue || Thor x Nebulae
To put it mildly that (y/n) was struck dumb would have been an understatement. Who knows that her normal boring day could turn to a bizarre one by mere seconds. Well, t...
  • drama
  • norsemythology
  • fanfiction
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Goddess // Thor Odinson *CURRENTLY EDITING* by QueenieLale
Goddess // Thor Odinson * QUEENIE
Ingrid had many regrets in her life. Joining the Valkyrior being one of them as all that training went down the drain when the team of warrior goddesses were slain by th...
  • valkyrie
  • thorragnarok
  • thor
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Percy Jackson, Son of Loki (complete) by Cooljoanna16
Percy Jackson, Son of Loki ( CoolJoanna18
( avengers crossover) Percy Jackson descendent of Monetary titaness of memory, pharaoh blood of Cleopatra follower of sobek, Legacy of Poseidon, and son of Loki thought...
  • norsemythology
  • avengers
  • infinitystones
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1 | bellona「thor odinson.」*Wattys 2018* by stevensdiana
1 | bellona「thor odinson.」* ˗ˏˋSTORMBREAKERˎˊ˗
❝she was fury, she was destruction, but he was her salvation.❞ [ the avengers - thor: the dark world ]
  • marvel
  • thorodinson
  • romanmythology
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Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters by JeanineCroft
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monstersby JeanineCroft
It can never bode well when a prince of Asgard takes an interest in a mortal. Not when that god is Loki, the infamous father of monsters. To love such a god is as improv...
  • loki
  • monsters
  • romance
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Silent Chaos by FrostValkyrie
Silent Chaosby Endless Writer
"He's the God of Mischief. He creates chaos while none notices. He can ruin your life or make it heavenly and you can't control him. He could turn your world upside...
  • norsemythology
  • asgard
  • godofthunder
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Innocent Mischief (Loki Laufeyson) by RheyaBellatrix
Innocent Mischief (Loki Laufeyson)by Rheya Bellatrix
"Muirgheal has been a part of a prophecy as old as time itself. When Chaos, one of the first primordial beings, ruled Midgard. One of his children was the most vile...
  • comics
  • athena
  • avengers
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Their Norwegian Princess | Finn Mikaelson by elenacarin97
Their Norwegian Princess | Finn ✨elena✨
[EDITING!!!]Astrid Sol is 19, a freshman in college in New Orleans. But what she's about to learn is she's a divinity... with a community of all kinds of supernatural cr...
  • sungoddess
  • thevampirediaries
  • norse
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The Lost Asgardian by Alycat1901
The Lost Asgardianby Alex Gedgaudas
Ava James is considered a mental case. There are three simple words used to define her ever since she was a little girl who claimed cats could speak. Crazy. Psychotic. D...
  • greek
  • mythology
  • norsemythology
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Loki and Reader by LokiSonOfAsgard
Loki and Readerby LokiSonOfAsgard
You wake up in an strange place with unfamiliar people talking to you. They tell you you have arrived in Asgard and that you will be staying with them. You are all alone...
  • midgard
  • frigga
  • lemon
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Pride and Prejudice [Loki/Valkyrie] by FrostValkyrie
Pride and Prejudice [Loki/Valkyrie]by Endless Writer
Sakaar, Asgard, Earth. The two Asgardian Princes find themselves fighting side by side against dark powers, restoring their brotherly relationship and peace. On Sakaar...
  • loki
  • valkyrie
  • tomhiddleston
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Out of the Dark (SLOW UPDATES) by _DeadlyRoses_
Out of the Dark (SLOW UPDATES)by Deadly Roses
It's Harry's sixteenth birthday and he comes into quite a strange inheritance which leaves him baffled at the thought of. Takes place during 6th year and on from there. ...
  • snape
  • dracomalfoy
  • drarry
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Raven Girl by sambalazs
Raven Girlby Samantha Balazs
Nadine is an 18-year-old thief living in a nation of darkness. The people of Ravenna never come out during the day - not unless they want to be killed by the daylight ho...
  • diverselit
  • mission
  • action
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Finding Fenrir (Underworld Chronicles Fanfiction) by CannibalizedSociety
Finding Fenrir (Underworld whatsizname
Fenrir is one of the Children of Ragnarok. He was born to Loki Laufeyson and is said to be a creature that devours the world. The only problem is that he wants nothing m...
  • torture
  • prophecy
  • hel
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ANGRBODA ※ Tony Stark  [1]  #Wattys2018 by Fleur-DeLys
ANGRBODA ※ Tony Stark [1] Leila
❝ Having you around has made Earth seem... strangely tolerable. ❞ Known as the Harpy for her fierce and calculating ways, Angrboda never expected anyone to dare take adv...
  • blackwidow
  • superheroes
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Kratos x Reader ~Dancer~ by Kagehina111
Kratos x Reader ~Dancer~by Honey~Chan🍙🍯
You come home to play God of War 4, but are sucked into the game. As your hobby you like to dance, what happens when Atreus and Kratos find you. Also a lot of Jackseptic...
  • brok
  • dance
  • norse
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Treasure//Marvel by yalocalwitch
Treasure//Marvelby Alisha
"The next person to call me 'Princess' is getting an axe lodged into their skull." In which the Goddess of Lust has an awkward encounter with her ex. You know...
  • avengers
  • loki
  • marvel
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Loki's Daughter by Bey_Breezy_Onika
Loki's Daughterby Bey_Breezy_Onika
You can't take her from me Thor!" Loki screamed. The guards holding him back. "Yes I can Loki. Its for her own good," Thor replied as he continued to wal...
  • asgard
  • princess
  • lokilaufeyson
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HOW TO NOT: DEMIGOD EDITION by -sunshinechild
how to not: demigod edition. ❝ that's what being a demigod was all about, not quite belonging in the mortal world or on Mount Olympus but trying to make peace with b...
  • caterkane
  • groverunderwood
  • heroesofolympus
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Kratos X Reader - The Abandoned God by InsomniacBite
Kratos X Reader - The Abandoned Godby LazyMation .
You are the abandoned God of War. Shackled and imprisoned in one of the many ancient dungeons. Kratos and Atreus find you and free you. Kratos in intrigued by you. Arteu...
  • idunno
  • atreus
  • fanfiction
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