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sea-kissed 🌊 || j.jk+k.th by Fullmoonloli
sea-kissed 🌊 || j.jk+k.thby fullmoonloli
In desperate need to break away from his daily life, Jungkook impulsively decides to jump on a midnight train to Gimyong, a countryside village and Seoul's polar opposit...
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wave of thoughts by ianey_
wave of thoughtsby adriane
one or one thousand words, the same explaination, the same feeling, the same pain. wave of thoughts serving you the medicine of pain. est. 090119
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Loving Noah by WickedWave
Loving Noahby ☜ l e i g h ☞
Bets, deals and broken hearts . . . In which an innocent and insecure wallflower falls for her childhood neighbour and 'surfer hottie' who's secret is almost as complex...
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Secret Little Song //Why Don't We/Logan Paul// by _rainy_seavey_
Secret Little Song //Why Don't We...by _rainy_seavey_
My name is Abagail Besson. Yes I am THE Corbyn Besson's sister but we are twins. Also I'm a normal 18 year old girl or I wish I could be. The Besson's have a little fami...
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lovely | fillie by lmaoitsrose
lovely | fillieby rose
in which two teenagers find each other and become hopelessly, tragically, dangerously in love.
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Waves by Ficteon
Wavesby Ficteon
Lance a upcoming pro surfer loves the waves. He loves to show off his moves, he loves the freedom, he loves how the water feels, he loves the wind and the attention that...
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Waves (Freddy Freeman) by Shadow_of_Illusions
Waves (Freddy Freeman)by Lyn_Hargreeves_Rogers
She used to have nothing to loose, but now she's found something that could crush her when even the smallest harm has come to him. Her life has been upside down since sh...
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Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured Story] by SummerSurfs
Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured...by Summer
A surfing safari down the coast of California, a few shocking and rather unpleasant secrets, and four inevitable relationships that seem doomed to fail - this is where s...
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Tidal Wave by dogpower77
Tidal Waveby dogpower77
Everyone knows the story- Bella the human, meets Edward the vampire. How he thirsts for her blood, and they fall in love. But what if Bella wasn't human? What if she was...
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finn and jack imagines  by cooliocalpurnia
finn and jack imagines by ☁️🧚🏻‍♀️🧸✨
preferences at first then imagines hehe it's finn wolfhard and jack anderson enjoy!
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in your arms - ethma by chambieswaves
in your arms - ethmaby chambieswaves
"When I'm in your arms, Em, it feels like home."
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Lighthouse {h.s.} by K_arry
Lighthouse {h.s.}by Karry
Book three of the Anchor Series. " And I was Never sure Whether you Were the Lighthouse or The storm " -David Jones
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The Night Surfer by eternity_xx
The Night Surferby Megan
≈≈≈He stops and looks at me. Like really looks at me, I feel like he's staring into my soul. My heartbeat quickens subconsciously as he reaches his hand out and wipes so...
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Fantasy Subliminals by Kima_Kat
Fantasy Subliminalsby 𝓚𝓲𝓶𝓪
Subliminals for fantastical beings, powers, and real life things.
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august - fillie by teenaqerinlove
august - fillieby teenaqerinlove
((complete!)) unedited "because flirting with a girl who's dying will only lead you to a broken heart." started; 26/8/19 published; 31/8/19 ended; 4/10/19 HI...
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Soul Surfer by jfmelody
Soul Surferby jfmelody
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Oceans Call by jocelyng2003
Oceans Callby Jocelyn G.
Melody Hayes has always felt an urge to be near the Sea. And if she isn't she gets horribly sick until she can once again smell it's salt on the breeze. The California b...
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Sea by desllyyyy
Seaby d
"And I didn't have the time to love him, he just came into my life like the waves of the sea. He came and he decided to go where he belonged."
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Love Island by -Damita-
Love Islandby «« E M I L Y »»
One beautiful mermaid. One sexy human. Alone on an island. * NOT A FANFICTION DO NOT COPY THIS BOOK I WILL FIND U
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