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The Vigilante Duo by Cloudy_Autumn
The Vigilante Duoby Cloudy_Autumn
Bakugo Katsuki and Izuku Midoryia. unsuspecting of both of them become vigilantes... secretly the UA Traitors. no one knows though... In a freak accident with all might...
What's The Truth? by Cloudy_Autumn
What's The Truth?by Cloudy_Autumn
Izuku Midoryia also known as the most popular infamous villain. With someone else from the hero course on his side he has the whole world in fear. after being diagnose...
No Regrets by stepon_me
No Regretsby stepon_me
Midoriya Izuku gave up on trying to became a pro hero. Once his quirk fully showed itself, society deemed him as another villain. But he chose a path no one thought he...
A Quirkless Reject by Cloudy_Autumn
A Quirkless Rejectby Cloudy_Autumn
Izuku Midoryia a quirkless kid who still managed to get into UA, hated by everyone including the teachers... Dies in a freak accident due to someone in class 1-A.... But...
Expulsion ✓ by avery_aldini
Expulsion ✓by —· `エイブリィ`
追放┆❛All five students expelled from U.A. High, effective and immediately.❜ The Kamino Incident brought many changes to the entire world. One of which, for our students's...
Baby Dreamtale (Requests Open) by Kitty44121
Baby Dreamtale (Requests Open)by Kitty44121
This was just a random idea I had. What if Dream and Nightmare were somehow turned into baby skeletons? I want this to have a lot of fluff, so, yeah. This is probably go...
Class Mafia by Cloudy_Autumn
Class Mafiaby Cloudy_Autumn
Each having a horrible past, finding help in Izuku Midoryia. All join his special mafia force. Killing those who wrong them and wrong others. Being antiheros, class 1-A...
The Wealthy Quirkless by Cloudy_Autumn
The Wealthy Quirklessby Cloudy_Autumn
"your broke? can't relate" Hisashi Midoryia and Inko Midoryia both known as some of the richest people in all of Japan. Izuku Midoryia being the son of both. b...
Unexpected by A_storylover
Unexpectedby Mimi
Quirkless, beaten, bullied. Lady Luck was not on Izuku Midoriya's side, and he didnt blame her. He had been outrunning karma for the longest time. "You can't be a...
New Plans by scattereddarkmatter
New Plansby scattereddarkmatter
Philza Minecraft can't seem to help but stumble into little kids and adopt them. Like seriously, you need to chill. :/ anyway it's just an SBI thingy. like how the famil...
SBI family adoption au by Strawspp
SBI family adoption auby Strawspp
Tommy's parents died in a house fire when he was 5. After spending 7 years in an abusive orphanage he decides to run away, it cant be that hard right? First story :)) N...
The Raven and The Wolf by Void_vacancy
The Raven and The Wolfby Void
Dream SMP AU, this takes place during Tommy's exile Violence, language, and sensitive topic warnings No shipping ---------------- How long do you have to keep a secr...
Unpredictable | Wilbur Soot Angst by Moonwatcher142
Unpredictable | Wilbur Soot Angstby Moonwatcher142
Wilbur's entire life changed when his parents got into a car crash and he got adopted. After almost a year and a half of constant abuse, he can't trust anyone anymore, t...
Vengeance is Key by Cloudy_Autumn
Vengeance is Keyby Cloudy_Autumn
(pt 2 to a quirkless reject) after killing Bakugo on live TV broadcasted to all of Japan what happened?! what'll happen to UA? and.. is Midoryia really done with the cl...
Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia] by Xenolis
Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia]by Pipistrelle
• ON HIATUS/OCCASIONAL UPDATES • Midoriya Izuku attracted trouble. It was just a fact of life - the sky was blue, the grass was green, and Izuku constantly found himself...
A Fake Villain?!- A short BNHA story by anime_fic_writer
A Fake Villain?!- A short BNHA Maze
So. The month is October, and we all know what that means! Halloween of course! With all of the bullshit, the students of UA High School (though mostly one class in part...
☆.。 TommyInnit & Tubbo Oneshots :*☆ by Lunoirex
☆.。 TommyInnit & Tubbo Oneshots :*☆by MandoloRin
I had a spark of inspiration one day so I just decided: "Hey, I'm bored, and I just got inspired to write, so why not???" And here is what I deliver to you! It...
Error by Zuki_1245
Errorby ━ ずき.˚
·˚┊*: ://dir *Deku*.* /s Searching files... |-FILE NOT FOUND-| ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ://dir *Izuku*.* /s Searching fil...
Caretaker Tommy and Tubbo Au (On short hiatus) by Tigercoolyeet
Caretaker Tommy and Tubbo Au (On An Unproductive, Procrastinat...
In a distant land, there were 2 teens who took care of all the mobs, passive and agressive, on the island. They lived a peaceful life, of which was far away from any so...
Pulling The Strings by Class_1-Gay
Pulling The Stringsby Gaara's_Cum_Slut
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON DEKU!?!?!? YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE QUIRKLESS!!!!" "I've always had a quirk kacchan, all I have to do is pull the strings."