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Unprofessional  by MrPlumMan
Unprofessional by Nikol_writtesss
I was leaning on my desk with my hands crossed in front of me and my ankles crossed. Erica was standing with her head facing down a bit but at last she was looking at me...
The Broken Mafia Trampled into Her World by babystepswriter
The Broken Mafia Trampled into Faye
Elsie Miller, just an ordinary girl with a simple life. Her life turned chaotic when she accidentally bumped into a little girl that attached to her immediately after th...
IN THE NAME OF LOVE ――― Draco Malfoy by plasticpxlmtrees
IN THE NAME OF LOVE ――― Draco nessa
Ever since they were young, Anastasia Prince and Draco Malfoy had known that they would one day be husband-and-wife. This was a fact that they both accepted, for who wou...
Blinded Hero - MHA x OC by SoKeefe4lifeUandI
Blinded Hero - MHA x OCby Koi The Seawing
Hotaru Takami, the blind niece of the #2 Pro Hero, Hawks, shows up out of nowhere. After years of torture and abuse, the police rescued her, Hawks being the only other r...
Jenny's Heart by DressageGeek
Jenny's Heartby Katelyn Grace
This book will become a sample of 15 chapters on the 7th of February, 2022. Please read the 'It's happening!' chapter for more information. ~An obligated billionaire, a...
Tomlinson Triumphs by ElusiveDance
Tomlinson Triumphsby ElusiveDance
As filming for the newest Lifetime original series, Dance Moms, begins, four girls (3 sisters and 1 niece), audition for the team and are selected to compete together. G...
Dance Again (Dancing Styles Sequel) by rinkadink
Dance Again (Dancing Styles Sequel)by Lucy
Bella's back! But not the sweet innocent little girl she was 11 years ago. 11 years ago, Lucy and Harry got remarried, and to Harry, it was his fairytale ending. But not...
Kaoru's niece by jakarts16
Kaoru's nieceby jak
*BEING REWRITTEN* Being Cherry Blossom's Niece wasn't easy, you have to keep it a secret from everyone, even your best friend Reki. The only person who knows is your Unc...
Strict brother by Gazing_stardust
Strict brotherby Night skyline🌠
It's tae ff but more like a family ff(everyone can relate i think) Hehe Make sure to rate this story😇 First time writing but it will be good💜❤ Hope you guys like it😁...
Strict brother 'continuing parts' by Yuvaine_ff
Strict brother 'continuing parts'by Zuyuᐢ
So Here i will be writing the continuing parts of my "strict brother" story,if you get to see this by any chance....Go to> My profile >> conversations...
ethereal ╚ chris evans by mxrveldxnie
ethereal ╚ chris evansby danie
ethereal (n.) extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. in where a twenty four year old actress and robert downey jr's niece falls in lo...
Agent Silver (discontinued ) by cai_stark
Agent Silver (discontinued )by spencer!sdaddy
Agent silver a marvel x criminal mind's crossover fanfic FBI agent / Nick Fury's niece Fury asks his niece to help out the avengers . written at the time line of the...
Original Daughter  by LyssaBTR5
Original Daughter by Alyssa
Elizabeth Kayleen Mikaelson is the daughter of the noble original vampire Elijah; and just like him she will do anything to keep her family together no matter what it co...
Only you and me*D. Morgan* by Carolineeexx
Only you and me*D. Morgan*by Caroline
Ava-mae Rossi is the niece of David Rossi. She was took in my David when she was four year old and he took her on and raised her as if she was his own. Ava knows that he...
Wizarding Weekend **UNDER EDITING*** by __dontknow__
Wizarding Weekend **UNDER EDITING* Who?
"Most of all, I love you just the way you are." Tony stark was invited to Hogwarts for a simple vacation, and nothing could go wrong. But, little did he know t...
Endless love by PabloGavi3030
Endless loveby PabloGavi3030
Luiza Arteta is the niece of Mikel Arteta, the coach of Aresenal FC. Luiza is living in London, alone because her parents died 2 years ago in a car crash. That's also th...
Under His Wing  by TheRapperCat
Under His Wing by SnailAce
------------------------ Want to see how the selfish, arrogant, egotistical and self-centred Jay Park takes care of his younger sister, Aya Park, who is a teen mother...
What I've Lost by OneChicago_ff
What I've Lostby OneChicago_ff
Thad Callahan's daughter, Natasha and how she settles into life with her Uncle TC as her guardian.
Eudaemonia- Emily Prentiss by Slytherin_Pop_Tart
Eudaemonia- Emily Prentissby A.
-a story in which a friendly librarian meets a certain fbi agent- (wlw)
Phoenix by AdventureWriter17
Phoenixby AdventureWriter17
Long ago, in a world where werewolves lived away from other werecreatures, preferring their own kind, there was a special type of shifter. A shifter no one thought exist...