Married to the Vampire King by angeltwist
Married to the Vampire Kingby Angeltwist
Sophie Reese is a young woman struggling to save her local community center when a mysterious stranger offers to solve all her problems in exchange for a dinner date... ...
  • king
  • angeltwist
  • dark
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My 'Ex' Husband || Yoongi FF [Book 2] {{COMPLETED}} by Jimin_HasJams1
My 'Ex' Husband || Yoongi FF [ Jimin_HasJams1
''You- You cheated on me..with my BEST FRIEND?!'' I shouted at him, holding up his phone with all of the evidence to prove my statement. His eyes grew in shock before h...
  • jin
  • casper
  • ff
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Seducing Ex-Boyfriend : ❝❀jaehyun❞ by reveluveds
Seducing Ex-Boyfriend : ❝❀jaehyun❞by voices'
+ "Be Quiet, Don't Cry" beautiful cover by : @itsJ_hyun Started : 021118 ended :
  • nct127
  • jaehyun
  • woojae
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Différente  by Noussa_68
Différente by Noussa_68
10 ans qu'elle est partie et maintenant elle revient mais elle n'est plus la petite fille toujours souriante et qui parle avec tous le monde... maintenant elle est diffé...
  • tarik
  • pnl
  • doute
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Devoted to You by Aaallyyson
Devoted to Youby Allyy
A writer, A lawyer. A simple rich girl and A cool nerd boy. How can they find the love that they want if they are devoted to each other? Past is past but it was never li...
  • romance
  • rein
  • rina
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Caspar lee imagines  by PrincessEvie14
Caspar lee imagines by PrincessEvie14
What you would maybe think if you where dating Caspar lee or what it would be like there funny things and other things(get my drift) hope you like it and yeah xx
  • youtube
  • casparleeimagines
  • casparlee
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my boy - tracob by purelyphoebe
my boy - tracobby 🥀🥀🥀
jacob needs to change and doesn't know it but troye does.
  • joe
  • tracob
  • gay
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"Jesus Christ, what happened" by xodarlingbitch
"Jesus Christ, what happened"by xodarlingbitch
"Jesus Christ, what happened" - Casper - Justin Pierce. - A fandom based from Larry Clark's classic film - Kids " 1995 - Please watch the movie before...
  • larryclark
  • jenny
  • teenagers
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Addition // JaeYong AU by jaeyongdocx
Addition // JaeYong AUby ashi 🌻
JaeYong AU in which Jaehyun and Taeyong just got married and went out of the country for honeymoon. Unfortunately, a quarrel occured between them. Will they make up and...
  • jaehyun
  • tytrack
  • nctu
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Casper  University by Caligrajalistik
Casper Universityby Petrichor
Welcome! to Casper University
  • sports
  • university
  • casper
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The Little Games We Play by DiamondQueenPM
The Little Games We Playby Ana Belle C.
Thorne Graze is taken with three other high schoolers by a man in a pig mask. But their minds are led to a place of torture by this mystery man, all the while Thorne's f...
  • thelittlegameweplay
  • thelittlegamesweplay
  • stalker
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In My Dream { NCT j.j.h } by Xing_Xun
In My Dream { NCT j.j.h }by PlainRuby
" Why does random people keep on entering my dreams ? --- especially him " ° NCT Short Stories 1 °
  • nct127
  • jungjaehyun
  • smrookies
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Seit ir ale dumm? by lichterinderstadt
Seit ir ale dumm?by Johanna
Die meiner Meinung nach schlimmsten Wattpad fails und meine Kommentare dazu. Lol.
  • kraftklub
  • sa4
  • gzuz
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wrong number ° jaehyun by dodongkwon
wrong number ° jaehyunby ja
❝ I may be gone in your memories, but I am never gone in your heart. ❞ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Kath accidentally sent a message to a wrong number which turns out to be Jung Jaehyun...
  • casper
  • nctdream
  • nct
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Disparate - Book 1 by gracey_liz
Disparate - Book 1by gracey_liz
Casper is a killer. But it's not like he had a choice in the matter. Captured when he was only twelve, Casper is a slave under Sergeant Devin, a fierce man who is alway...
  • kellie
  • sciencefiction
  • casper
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2k18 Casper Awards by SowJinJelly_
2k18 Casper Awardsby ૯ષทђα jષทg
Welcome to 2k18 Casper Awards! OPEN [ √ ] CLOSE [ ] JUDGING [ ]
  • awards
  • writers
  • casper
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Letters I Can Never Send by tinislice
Letters I Can Never Sendby Tiffani Burnett
I've always been the youngest in my family and I've always wished for a younger sibling. Well, when I was about twelve and a half, I was told the greatest news of my lif...
  • casper
  • miscarriage
  • misscarriage
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✧・゚NEFELIBATA。by ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
  • casper
  • lunaverse
  • roleplay
Kat's older sister ( Stretch love story book one ) by 2019summerangel
Kat's older sister ( Stretch Shootingstar28
Remake of my other story Kat's older sister ( Stretch love story )
  • stretch
  • ghostly
  • tim
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Casper ( fan-fiction) by Hjean98
Casper ( fan-fiction)by hjean98
Rose Jace Harvey is a single , scientist, and inventor who is traveling with her (foster) brother and niece to many places hunting ghost she is a very kind woman who is...
  • ghost
  • love
  • friendship
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