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Diary Of An Avian by Pastelpoof
Diary Of An Avianby Pastelpoof
❦ My journey from human to mythical ❦ Name: Pastel Age: 13 Species: avian Likes: early mornings staying up late kawaii aesthetic vintage aesthetic pink nymphet fash...
:Soar: - Levi X Winged!Reader by Eliza__S
:Soar: - Levi X Winged!Readerby •Eliza•
You were captured from your family when you were only 8 and brought to the Undergorund City, brutal experiments getting conducted so that wings sprouted from your back a...
My Mythical Journal 3 by smol_avian_child
My Mythical Journal 3by ☽𝓻𝓮𝓲☾
N O N F I C T I O N This is the... third journal I have. Wow, I've been doing this for a while. Anyways, this is pretty much me tracking my progress of well reality shif...
A guide for Avians by smol_avian_child
A guide for Aviansby ☽𝓻𝓮𝓲☾
𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙇 Do you have wings, or are you growing wings, and want to learn more about how they work, what you can do to grow them, and many more tips and tric...
The Fallen Angel by UltimateFenris
The Fallen Angelby Fenris
(Formerly called Raven) A girl trapped for years by a mad scientist has to deal with a new world, new people, and a new family. She might even grow to save others. #78 i...
Girl who Speaks to Birds (Unknown World #1) by Nerd-Bird
Girl who Speaks to Birds (Unknown...by Just your friendly neighborho...
I never expected this to happen. But it did. Who knew that rescuing a broken winged canary would lead to me being able to transform? It would seem like a blessing to mos...
The Bird and The Wolf by RavenRobinson116
The Bird and The Wolfby Raven's Writing
Freya Mourning is the only one of her kind... A bird with no wings. Cain is the son of his packs current Alpha and next in line to rule. After a devastating battle an un...
Becoming an avian by A_mythical
Becoming an avianby A_mythical
Me when I started: This is my journal about how I am becoming an avian using eye of the future's subliminal Me on chapter 43 my A.D.D Kicks in at about chapter 18 SO JO...
Alien Journey by MoonshineLuminals
Alien Journeyby Moonshine Luminals
Me awakening the alien within me.
"I'll Keep You Safe" DreamNotFound by EnderFennec
"I'll Keep You Safe" DreamNotFoundby Curtis
Cover art not mine! 'George ran into another person who later knew his biggest secret' First book I have ever done hh if it's that bad I will delete it (if you don't lik...
Ash's Mystic Journey by Wolf-love-writer
Ash's Mystic Journeyby Ophelia
I lost the account to my old Journey so this is my new one
Journal 1: Feathers and Flames by awestruckAngel
Journal 1: Feathers and Flamesby 💙Alex💙
Adventures of an angelkin! May contain random facts I learned, progress updates, and other mythical content.
So You Want to be a Mythical? by kindaKyo
So You Want to be a Mythical?by 🖤Kyo🖤
Becoming a mythical is a lifelong commitment. It can take years, even decades. It's a decision that drastically changes your life forever. And yet, unfortunately, I see...
Fly Away From Your Troubles (Klance AU) by SoniDragon
Fly Away From Your Troubles (Klanc...by Soni
Keith Kogane is a college student who can transform into a purple creature at will- which includes fluffy ears and large, feathered wings. He struggles to keep it a secr...
My Mythical Journey 2 by smol_avian_child
My Mythical Journey 2by ☽𝓻𝓮𝓲☾
THIS IS N O N F I C T I O N Book 2 of just me and my confused self becoming an avian (: PM me for the link to my mythicals discord server You can read the first journal...
Daily Life With Furry Girls by SciFurz
Daily Life With Furry Girlsby SciFurz
Guy did not suspect to find a beautiful white feline anthro female knocking on his door in the mistaken impression he'd be her host when he sat down to write one evening...
My Avian Journal 4 by smol_avian_child
My Avian Journal 4by ☽𝓻𝓮𝓲☾
This is the fourth journal i've made but oh well. Hi, i'm growing wings, oh and, this isn't a book , it's real. also i decided to ditch the "my mythical journey &qu...
Mythical information. by SnowscalesWintermint
Mythical information.by Glowinter pinescales.
some little bums nuked the FANDOM page. So im reuploading each and every chapter here. Might as well add a bit more info and chapters too. And they cant edit it off this...
Avian One Shots by Fitzsimmons_Trash
Avian One Shotsby Nunya
Requested by @moonshadowwolf17 ! Just little one shots about my favorite couple, Avian, and their awesome friends Rielle and Diana. May also throw in some others! Also A...
My Mythical Journey by smol_avian_child
My Mythical Journeyby ☽𝓻𝓮𝓲☾
~All of this is true~ I decided to start a journal showing my progress and giving advice (: (pffft more like GETTING it) I also post a lot of non mythical stuffs in here...