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Innocent Smile of Mine...   (Pitch Black love story) (COMPLETED) by ClaryAby_26
Innocent Smile of Mine... (Pitch...by KrazyBeeeee
"Just a little smile will do the trick..." The famous saying of Anastasia Joane , 15 years old. Anastasia's father died right when she was born and th...
What Remains To Be Seen (Pitch Black x Reader) by DarkasRider
What Remains To Be Seen (Pitch Bla...by Darkness
An eighteen year old girl goes through life with an abusive father. One night changed her life forever.
Flame's Fear by LadyQuandra
Flame's Fearby LadyQuandra
Pitch Black from RotG and my own character - but you can take it as a reader too (i guess). Well i began to write all the description in the story so you're welcome to r...
A Spirit To Guide You (Jack Frost X Spirit Reader) by Emi-of-Nivera
A Spirit To Guide You (Jack Frost...by Emi Von Aestria
(Name) is the spirit of death; she who collects the souls and send them to their next life. She or the ones like her are the last spirit you would see when your time in...
Pitch Adopted A Child by NanamiYumiko7
Pitch Adopted A Childby LunarView
A little girl who only believed in the Boogeyman got adopted by Pitch when she stumbles into the ROTG world. Her sad childhood will begin to show why she stop believing...
The Child of Fear by DarkasRider
The Child of Fearby Darkness
After weeks of Pitch Black's defeat by the Guardians a kid finds him out cold in his lair. When he awakes what will he do?
Eggs with Wings? | {E.Aster Bunnymund x Fem! Reader} by Artsyrogue
Eggs with Wings? | {E.Aster Bunnym...by Artsyrogue
The battlefield was never kind for you and your brother, and protecting The Lunanoff family was the only objective you had within yourself. You perished, a sword plungin...
The Daughter of Fear (Jack Frost x Reader) by NewtFrost
The Daughter of Fear (Jack Frost x...by Newt Frost
This takes place after Rise of the Guardians. You are reading in the perspective of Pitch Black's daughter. Instead of inheriting your father's powers, the Man in the Mo...
bunnymund x reader-mother nature knows best by Ship_it_all47
bunnymund x reader-mother nature k...by Shon
I had been reborn many years ago, although I am well known manny had never appointed me as a guardian until now this is my first move x reader so please comment and give...
afraid of the dark? good~ by kunoichi4296
afraid of the dark? good~by sebacookie
the hunter gratzner. a ship sailing on the ghost lane. takes a few months between stops. a lot of time for things to go wrong. riddick-escaped convict, murderer. #1 hig...
Frozen Heart (ElsaxPitch fanfiction) by bloomlily101
Frozen Heart (ElsaxPitch fanfictio...by Nami Heartfilia-Euciffle
It was a dark, wintry night. Ironically, I felt chills though the cold was never supposed to bother me. But this feeling was different and I knew it all too well. Ironic...
Guardian Angel (Jack Frost X OC) by Vigilante24
Guardian Angel (Jack Frost X OC)by Vigilante24
Before Jack Frost and even before the 4 Legendary Guardians & Pitch, there was the first guardian made my Manny; her name, Angela. She fought the boogieman and many othe...
Frosted Tricksters by PikaWings
Frosted Trickstersby PikaWings
After Bunny yells at him, and the guardians turn their back on him, Jack searches for the one person he knows would never turn his back on him. The one person who will a...
Blackice oneshots by Whispering-Shadow
Blackice oneshotsby Xander Drogonzule
Coz obviously I'm not fucked up enough. 😊👍
The Convicts Secret by amy_p_123
The Convicts Secretby amy_p_123
Richard.B.Riddick never travelled alone, not since he met her five years ago, something about her drew him to her and he couldn't let go the animal inside him refused to...
Bunnymund love story Where There's Hope Faith Is Always Near. (Improved story) by MadameFireCracker17
Bunnymund love story Where There's...by Poppy (Pops for short)
For centuries Bunnymund has believed he is the last of his kind, the only Pooka left in existence. This belief is about to change and his very world turned upside down w...
Guardian of Wishes by Taffy-Lover634
Guardian of Wishesby Taffy-Lover634
Y/n Star is the guardian of wishes; spirit of the night and stars.
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by loverelentlessly
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader)by Makenzie
hope. (n.) a person or thing that may help or save someone. It takes a special Bunny to bring that kind of love, and it takes a very special someone to believe that hop...
Always Believe (Bunnymund x Reader)(Completed) by Rowan_Turcotte_
Always Believe (Bunnymund x Reader...by Rowan Turcotte
Y/n Bennett older sister of Jamie and Sophie Bennett. Ever since she was younger she's always believed in the guardians no matter what people told her. How could she not...
The Light of My World (Sequel to Innocent Smile of Mine) by ClaryAby_26
The Light of My World (Sequel to I...by KrazyBeeeee
Sequel to "Innocent Smile of Mine" (Pitch Black fanfic) The fanfic and cover are made by me. I just edited the pictures from the cover. The pictures belong to...