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[Book 1-11] Stellar Transformation by ShalieSalie
[Book 1-11] Stellar Transformationby NovelLover
Title: Stellar Transformation Author/s: I Eat Tomatoes, Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, 我吃西红柿 Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts Status: Complete In a galaxy far away...
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Timeless by Bree_Niah
Timelessby Jenniah
Wake. Force myself out of bed. Stress. Class. Homework. Breakdown. Sleep. The routine is what got Sidney through life, even though sometimes the stress was just amplifie...
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Life is Strange: Visiting an Old Friend  by FanFiction-God
Life is Strange: Visiting an Old F...by FanFiction-God
They've done it. They've won. The demigods have defeated the Titan king and his army. Percy, however feels like he needs a stress relief. Thinking of this he decides to...
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My hero academia zodiac signs  by Vivianjisjisjis
My hero academia zodiac signs by 💙Vivian:v
so I was thinking of something fun to do... ;)
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" SHE FLIES " by tawnyi_makaya
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Bakugou x Male reader [READ DESCRIPTION] by emowriter03
Bakugou x Male reader [READ DESCRI...by emowriter03
You are a teenage boy attending UA, you meet a colorful cast of characters and also the love of your life. Although he's not one for opening up to others, maybe he'll ac...
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Chrono - Awakening by KMThomson
Chrono - Awakeningby KMThomson
Born a soldier for the A.C.E.O and bearing a strong power, Chrono believed she was only alive to protect the Spire and those who dwell within. An experiment with the sin...
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The Time Keeper by goldgirl15
The Time Keeperby goldgirl15
Paige Meissner is the tiny, golden eyed daughter of Henry Meissner, internationally acclaimed leader of the Meissner Corporation. As his eldest child, naturally, she is...
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The Timekeeper by ArmoredPotato
The Timekeeperby PotatoPatatas
"Because you can't beat the time even we can manipulate it." - Cronus Lopez
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Yoso - Torio by klowtsquadZ
Yoso - Torioby klowtsquadZ
It was finally peaceful on planet earth. Or so we thought.
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Looped: Fell into the loop by Yupadoodles
Looped: Fell into the loopby Yupadoodles
What if one day you woke up and the day had randomly repeated itself. Well that's what happened to Lena a 17 year old girl who found a unusual looking key on the ground...
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If I Wasn't by GAMMA5TR
If I Wasn'tby GAMMA5TR
A madman gives a boy a watch with unimaginable power...
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The Labyrinth outside Reality by Dragonette03
The Labyrinth outside Realityby Taylor Ramey
A magic, dragon, sci-fi mess
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Justice by lightningstrike5757
Justiceby HopeAdriane57
This is a dream swap fanfic. A long time ago two brothers fought. Each had a group. They fight, they win. But what if something changed? Dreamswap is by onebizzarekai on...
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The Epitome of Power by queenelenarts
The Epitome of Powerby Queenelen
Imagine if you are given a clock that can manipulate time, but with the condition that every time you use it, you will have to use your blood to activate its power. Sinc...
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The Ultimate Rothschild by Redshirt1966
The Ultimate Rothschildby Daphne "Redshirt1966" Tett
The Visaar is a secret institution near the U.S.-Canada border where people come from around the world to study the art of magic (yes, legit magic). In 1717, a stubborn...
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When Time Stops by NoraHart
When Time Stopsby NoraHart
When Astra figures out she can stop time she does everything that you would expect her to do. She has no idea what's in store for her.
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Not Abnormal For Us by SilverDragon37
Not Abnormal For Usby Draco
Normal, something everyone wants to be. Dustin Hawkins was excellent at being normal, at pushing away the side of him he wants to hide. But with finding an old friend, b...
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Two Sides Of A Coin. by Miyuki_Melynda
Two Sides Of A Coin.by Yuuki AnneLya
Disclaimer: I don't own the persona characters. All of it belongs to Atlus. I only owned my Oc and the plot I made (I think.). She was created because the world want it...
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