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The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board by xmoonchild0412x
The 31st Piece Overturns the Game...by moon
NOT MY STORY! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES. In a world where reality shifts with every roll of the dice, a man daily partakes in an extraordinary game with the gods, his actions...
The Professor's Baby (Mpreg) by CopperKenzie
The Professor's Baby (Mpreg)by CopperKenzie
In his last year of attending Pine Academy, a boarding school for elves to learn to use their magical abilities, Evan is enamored by the new professor. The shy man has b...
Reincarnated in another world by MommyArlecchino
Reincarnated in another worldby 1-800-CHOKE-THAT-HOE
After Jae Lee gets hit by a truck saving a young woman she goes to heaven and finds out that her death was a mistake so God decided to give her another chance at life. T...
I Inherited Empire with Fake Pregnancy by qiuqiuyuee
I Inherited Empire with Fake Pregn...by Autumn Moon
RAW Title: 假孕后我继承了帝国 Author: 连艺 The golden snail who underwent his heavenly tribulation, suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning into another world. Before he could feel...
Forbidden Attraction by MyHobby_MyStories
Forbidden Attractionby MyHobby_MyStories
A country divided by war. Humans against Vampires with mages on both sides. What's forbidden sparks interests between a vampire prince and a human in hiding. Magic, frie...
THE APPLE OF SNAKES by dextyradams
❝poisonous fangs can only reap poisonous fruit.❞ Nerluce - named for light - dwells in darkness. It was forged from the shadows of the great beasts, who flash their crue...
Claws of Daylight by a_elzinga
Claws of Daylightby a_elzinga
Princess Briar is afraid of the dark, plagued by nightmares, and about to inherit the throne. After becoming the victim of political intrigue at the hands of her brother...
A Mage's Wrath by CheeseWritesStuff
A Mage's Wrathby Cheese
Two hundred years of peace have passed in Zertima, a land filled with magic, creatures, and mages. However, after those two hundred years comes an era of fear, fighting...
If Regret Keeps Us Alive by blackgun___
If Regret Keeps Us Aliveby blackgun
Associated Names: 후회가 우리를 살게 한다면 Driel Stein, the Lord of Arhon. The unfortunate fact that he did not love his wife, Lune Hellid, was well-known to most. "To all...
Stagnant by IdaAmos
Stagnantby Ida Amos
Rei laughs, "To be fair, I thought I had it that time." Her happiness is contagious. Whether it says more about himself or her, Emil is not entirely sure. &quo...
Soul Side by AstralTcup
Soul Sideby Jennifer Henley
When Evie is kidnapped dramatically by an other-worldly storm, she is greeted by four guys claiming to be the elements themselves, and she is the fifth. Well, that's not...
Elemental Magic by Carolinew267
Elemental Magicby
Long ago, in a world where magic danced in the air and legends were as common as the morning sun, four kids possess powers that make them targets of a hunt. These kids e...
Grand Epic Elemental by miyaskya
Grand Epic Elementalby miyaskya
In a world overseen by the goddesses of the four elements, Leiyu accompanies a trade caravan traveling westward to the Kingdom of Ishkhandar. Little does he know, he is...
Elijah's hidden daughter by NoSocialLife682
Elijah's hidden daughterby NoSocialLife682
Before Hope Mikaelson was born Elijah had a friend called Ellen who was a very powerful sorceress. One day she came home scared out of her mind because she found out she...
Mystical Attraction by Raingoddess400
Mystical Attractionby #NeedMoreStenny
Not everyone in the world of Arcana is born with magic, and it's even rarer to find an individual who possesses two or more elemental attributes. When Kenny learns about...
My Second Life by musasteve123
My Second Lifeby Scarlet Red
From 21 century, Catherine who is a big fan of K-pop world and a champ in combat sports dies at early 20s. Found her self in a totally different world inside someone els...
Oath of Rings by combatfaerie
Oath of Ringsby combatfaerie
A prequel to BREAKER OF RINGS. (Viking-era AU.) The four women seem so different: one a princess longing for a life outside castle walls, one who feels like a burden to...
Seastorm (Kingdom of Bones Book #3) by KarateChop
Seastorm (Kingdom of Bones Book #3)by kimberly vale
The conclusion to the KINGDOM OF BONES SERIES is coming soon!
I Got Reincarnated As A Grim Reaper In Another World   by lajsuebs
I Got Reincarnated As A Grim Reape...by lajsuebs
Haru Watanabe, a 17 years old high school girl, was about to graduate in their school, when the unfortunate event happen, she was being hit by a car trying to save a lit...
The Next Witch by alibooj
The Next Witchby alibooj
This is the story of the next generation of the Coven. *THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO THE FINAL WITCH, JUST ANOTHER STORY BASED OFF THE SAME ORIGINAL SERIES* Fanfiction of The...