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Who Killed Agatha? (Soon To Be Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.) ni VChesterG
Who Killed Agatha? (Soon To Be Vince Chester
Sixteen-year-old Agatha, a famous author and high achiever in school, had everything to live for. That's why when she jumps to her death, her best friend questions the c...
I hate billionaires: So, I hate my child's father. ni NikkieREN
I hate billionaires: So, I hate RedCandy
Lori wants to get pregnant because of her father's wish. She found a cute guy at the bar and decided to do it with him. She succeed. She's pregnant now. After 6 years. ...
Chasing Love: Eight Boys Obsession ni _Avera
Chasing Love: Eight Boys Obsessionni Avera-chan
(Completed) Luna is a 28 year old girl living with her normal life. But what if she wokes up in a dark place and she have a 1 mission so she can go back to her real worl...
Demonic Mafia Princess ni Piplop_01
Demonic Mafia Princessni Detective S
Come Out Come Out. Whatever You Are.. *** There is Something at work in my soul, which i do not understand.
30 DAYS IN BED WITH MY EX ni sliding_unicorn
I'm stuck with my ex. Nakahiga ako ngayon sa kama habang siya ay nasa sofa- nakatitig sa blankong screen ng tv. "Kailan ba matatapos ito? Gusto ko ng umalis. &quo...
Angst Academy: His Queen  ni supladdict
Angst Academy: His Queen ni Miss Sha
Highest Rank Reached in Action Category: Rank #1 Her innocence. Their violence. How come a weak and innocent girl manage to enter the academy. Except her financial statu...
This is a story of two different person came from different worlds, a world of vampire and a world of mafia. Both colds personalities and extra ordinary persons. Vinzell...
Fantasia High; The Past Series 1 "Ice Queen" (COMPLETED) ni REalBUel
Fantasia High; The Past Series 1 " Pauline Angelique Buella
Alpheonix is the so called Snow Queen, Ice Queen and the most famous Frozen Heart. She is the cursed Princess Of Frozen Kingdom, has no emotions. Cant feel happy,sad,lon...
Shadows Of Ester Silverharth ni hiddenthirteen
Shadows Of Ester Silverharthni Emjaywalker
☆[Completed]☆ Her family was killed. The kings and queens were their murderers. Having the unique ability like no other, she decided to avenge them. This makes the princ...
FLIGHT 914 (Destiny of Love) ni Cesvibiesca
FLIGHT 914 (Destiny of Love)ni CeVi
Flight 914 took off in 1980 but landed in the Philippines after 37 years. Ana Maria Lopez, one of the 57 passenger of American flight 914 survive the time travel plane...
𝗥𝗲𝗯𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 #1 Sabrina Carter is a notorious gangster who died in a car accident committed by her enemy in the underground, who manipulated her car which...
Olympus Academy (Soon To Be Published) ni mahriyumm
Olympus Academy (Soon To Be Master Yam
◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #01 ◢ Semideus - demigod, a half-immortal child of a God or Goddess. Abigail Young is a student recently expelled from her previous school. It only t...
Realm World Online  ni TheOphiuchus
Realm World Online ni TheOphiuchus
Realm World Online. A game created in year 2028 a virtual reality world whos played by millions of players around the globe. A world where ordinary people can become the...
Elemental World: The Unexpected Savior ni MissNicole13
Elemental World: The Unexpected MissNicole13
Namuhay ng mag-isa. Hindi alam kung saan nagmula. Pangalan, kaarawan at edad lang ang nalalaman. Ngunit buhay ay magbabago sa pagdating niya sa lugar na kakaiba. Hindi i...
The Soul Keeper ni Silentdevil_01
The Soul Keeperni Hellia Devilish
She keeps souls but where? (COMPLETED) Rank #4 in Fantasy (Feb. 18, 2021) Rank #4 in Fantasy (April 13, 2021) Rank #1 in souls Rank #1 in stories (June 18, 2021) Started...
As You Lie Awake ni ShinichiLaaaabs
As You Lie Awakeni Tammii/ShinichiLaaaabs
An angel was sent to Earth to protect Violet from evil forces. Unknown to them, it was his wings they were after. ...
Her Wicked Battles ni ImperfectionWoman
Her Wicked Battlesni A2
ENCOUNTER SEASON #1 Garelle Kane Landers has an insensitive/numb heart and lifeless eyes. She has no friends or relatives. Her life and past were unfair and difficult bu...
My Wacky Girlfriend (Completed) ni mharizt
My Wacky Girlfriend (Completed)ni mharizt
In a world where they're all trained to be the next business tycoons of the country, Sky Anderson met Ynna Paredes, a wacky girl from the province. To be his girlfriend...
Don't Test The Gangster In Me (Book 1): La Morte È Il Vostro Karma ni LettersOfTheMoon
Don't Test The Gangster In Me ( L U N A
TAGLISH +++++++++ GANGSTER | BAD BOY | BULLYING | ALL BOYS SCHOOL | MYSTERY | CRIME | DEATH | ACTION | MAFIA | COMEDY | ROMANCE +++++++++ Icy was known to be the ruthles...
Mapusok ni Angya_Ray
Mapusokni Angya Ray
No. 1 in #awesome No. 1 in #girlpower No. 1 in #hotness No. 1 in #fresh No. 1 in #lessonlearned No. 1 in #thinking Marami ang nasisira ang buhay dahil biktima sila ng pa...