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Four Forever [Completed] ni ChinChinCruise
Four Forever [Completed]ni ChinChin Cruise
[A fantasy harot story] Four immortal gods - Four humans - Four intertwining destinies - Four inevitable fates - Four forevers
Hotel Grimm: The Brave and The Powerful ni Illinoisdewriter
Hotel Grimm: The Brave and The 🌸𝓛𝓸𝔀𝓵𝓪 𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓸 🌸
[ Grimm Series #1] After a string of misfortunes in the mortal world, orphaned Vaniellope Kiuna 'Una' Gomez finds herself surrounded by strange creatures aboard the myst...
Who Killed Agatha? (Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.) ni VChesterG
Who Killed Agatha? (Published Vince Chester
Sixteen-year-old Agatha, a famous author and high achiever in school, had everything to live for. That's why when she jumps to her death, her best friend questions the c...
The Mysterious Girl of Choralais Academy  ni eunianie
The Mysterious Girl of Choralais .
[ COMPLETED not yet EDITED] Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy #1 in Mystery #2 in Adventure #3 in Thriller #8 in Powers #16 in Academy #20 in Magics Reinesmee Jordai...
His Property  ni wordinksoul
His Property ni GRIM
•[COMPLETED] When Solly and Sandy both lose their mother, they were forced to stay at their father's house who was into joining dangerous organizations and mafias. It wa...
Eyrie Series #1: Eros ✅ ni LITTLEGULLIVER
Eyrie Series #1: Eros ✅ni LITTLEGULLIVER
Eyrie Series # 1: Eros (COMPLETED) In a faraway city called Eyrie stood a mysterious hotel. Meet one of its owners, Summer Angeles, a claireaudience with enhanced heari...
Shadows Of A Silverharth ni hiddenthirteen
Shadows Of A Silverharthni jaywalker
☆[Completed]☆ Her family was killed. The kings and queens were their murderers. Having the unique ability like no other, she decided to avenge them. This makes the princ...
Reincarnated As An Emperor's Hated Daughter  ni areaderwrites
Reincarnated As An Emperor's areaderwrites
Haily Constello is an orphan who lives alone and who loves to make a mess. But an unexpected accident happened that changed her life. She got reincarnated as an Emperor'...
The Lost Prodigy ni jaydefied
The Lost Prodigyni j
Growing up in fear of the wicked empire overruling the entire continent, Blaire Everett endures hiding in the arctic southern region with her family. But when an ordinar...
K-High (Korosu High) Under Revision ni Jxneau
K-High (Korosu High) Under Revisionni Juneau
A school where killing is the only way for students to graduate. Four Factions, Four Captains, One weapon. Date Started: March 2017 Date Finished: June 2017
I Accidentally Pregnant by the Mafia Boss √ ni sairyll11
I Accidentally Pregnant by the sairyll11
I'm Calixa Lorraine Avenue. Ang hanggarin kulang sa buhay is to finish my study Para makakuha ng magandang trabaho. Pero dahil isa akong tanga! sound so bad, but sad to...
KLANE EVANS CRAIG is known for powerful and strongest person in the underground world- where illegal things happen. He become the mafia Lord when he's 15 years old. Of c...
Mafia Heiress Possession: Hurricane Thurston ni GoddessNiMaster
Mafia Heiress Possession: Territorial WP
An extraordinary girl who's not afraid of facing all kinds of monsters, Hurricane Thurston is set on an adventure that would shake the world of the Ten Kingdoms. Will sh...
Royal Magian Academy: The Sacred One ni Monami_Pantasya
Royal Magian Academy: The Sacred K
SYNOPSIS In ALETHIA HEIROS ALKE's whole life she doesn't want anything but to escape from the mansion where she was locked up by her own family. She knew why her family...
After Death (Hello, Death 3) (Completed) ni TheCatWhoDoesntMeow
After Death (Hello, Death 3) ( Eloisa Madrigal
[This story will become free again on AUGUST 30, 2021] After Natalie escapes death, she finds a silver feather, phone messages from an unknown sender and gets the abilit...
Enrolled to Mafia University ✔️ ni -callmeden-
Enrolled to Mafia University ✔️ni x
A not-so-ordinary school for not-so-ordinary people. Mafias, gangsters, and delinquents who are under in this not-so-ordinary organization called Underground Society. La...
Suddenly having a Dragon Daughter ni blackmeowie
Suddenly having a Dragon Daughterni Queen Arriane (Queen A.M)
"I just arrived in this world and suddenly I'm pregnant? HOW?!" -Candace Dulce ____________ Copy pasted from WRAWA so expect some errors in this story Made in...
La Luna Academy [Editing] ni DarkDreamer138
La Luna Academy [Editing]ni ♚Inso♚
Welcome to La Luna Academy, an elite school that every student dream of. A school where all the students are treated as princes and princesses. But there are some who ar...
Tatiana Grace Mendoza also known as a fearless woman who doesn't missed in the battlefield. But what if she meets the siblings? Will she resist her fearlessness? Even t...
Royal MAID  ni MaybelAbutar
Royal MAID ni May Bhel
Alexander Aidan Versalles ay nakatakdang ikasal sa babaeng ni minsan ay hindi niya nakilala o nakikita, pero isang impormasyon ang tanging alam niya... Ang nakatakda ni...