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The Missing Queen (JenLisa) [Completed] ni YuriYuriYuriYuki
The Missing Queen (JenLisa) [ Lili&Nini
Royalties Academy isang paaralan kung saan ang mga mayayaman na anak ng mga businessman at businesswoman ay kung saan pumapasok. Ito ay pag mamay-ari ng apat na pamilya...
Who Killed Agatha? (Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.) ni VChesterG
Who Killed Agatha? (Published Vince Chester
Sixteen-year-old Agatha, a famous author and high achiever in school, had everything to live for. That's why when she jumps to her death, her best friend questions the c...
Upon A Time (COMPLETED) ni REalBUel
Upon A Time (COMPLETED)ni Just Imagine
(2/3) A bedridden. Can't walk, talk, even move. My hearing is not clear, my sight is blur, my taste is, nothing. A problem to my family for years. I live in the hospital...
The Legendary Dark Demon ni GoofyXycho
The Legendary Dark Demonni X A Y Z
Isa ang Otokawa mafia sa kinatatakutang organisasyon sa mundo ng sindikato lalo na sa Japan. Bukod sa marahas nitong pamamaraan ay may nakatago itong alas, isang taong m...
Entasia Akademia: The Absolute ni Monami_Pantasya
Entasia Akademia: The Absoluteni K
Head shall bow, knees shall kneel, look into eyes, you shall die! ABSOLUTE adjective ab·so·lute \ˈab-sə-ˌlüt, ˌab-sə-ˈ\ : complete and total : not limited in any way : h...
Elodie: Goddess of All (Available on Dreame) ni bluessomme
Elodie: Goddess of All ( blue
Elodie Cassiphea Apostle, a mage who knows that she has something that a normal mage cannot possess. She knows that there is something special about her. The only thing...
I Accidentally Pregnant by the Mafia Boss √ ni sairyll11
I Accidentally Pregnant by the sairyll11
I'm Calixa Lorraine Avenue. Ang hanggarin kulang sa buhay is to finish my study Para makakuha ng magandang trabaho. Pero dahil isa akong tanga! sound so bad, but sad to...
The billionaires twin Accidentally  Born (Swizz Brother) ni RainAvellera
The billionaires twin Basha ni popoy
She was taken as a mother a twin ng isa sa mga Swizz brother ng hindi niya alam. She is Belinda Dewey Castile,an Hotelier, an engaged woman and ready to settle until th...
This is a story of two different person came from different worlds, a world of vampire and a world of mafia. Both colds personalities and extra ordinary persons. Vinzell...
Reincarnated As An Emperor's Hated Daughter  ni areaderwrites
Reincarnated As An Emperor's areaderwrites
Haily Constello is an orphan who lives alone and who loves to make a mess. But an unexpected accident happened that changed her life. She got reincarnated as an Emperor'...
The Long Lost Goddess Princess (COMPLETED) ni winter-rose
The Long Lost Goddess Princess ( Sab
TLLGP 2: Return of the Legendary (COMPLETED) I'am Winter Eliza The so-called freak The only nerd And the bullied one inside and out of school Who Turned Into A Godde...
Diavolo Academy (Completed) ni El_Celery
Diavolo Academy (Completed)ni Rio
Highest Ranks #1 in Thriller #2 in Mystery/Thriller "Kailangan mong pumatay kung gusto mo pang mabuhay. Kung hindi ikaw ang papatay? Ikaw ang mamamatay." Ordi...
Montague Academy: Deception ni mayeangelu
Montague Academy: Deceptionni 🐰 R I E L L E 🐰
Montague Academy has a perfect reputation-a famous school known for its identity as "the School for the Elites," where most of its students come from wealthy a...
Untamed Butterfly (Completed) ni DRMorden
Untamed Butterfly (Completed)ni Dy Morden
Untamed Butterfly "The number you have dialed is either unattended, or out of coverage area, please try your call later.." "Stop the nonsense Sapphire. Wh...
The Midnight Murders ni Serialsleeper
The Midnight Murdersni bambi
Waking up from coma, Kendra finds out that not everything in Redwood is what it seems nor is her picture-perfect life.
La Luna Academy [Editing] ni DarkDreamer138
La Luna Academy [Editing]ni ♚Inso♚
Welcome to La Luna Academy, an elite school that every student dream of. A school where all the students are treated as princes and princesses. But there are some who ar...
Chronicles of Magus ni YoshiiKim
Chronicles of Magusni kyoshi f.
The death dethronement of the former emperor has been the most painful nightmare for the feeble and poor in the whole Empire. A new lineage rises and reins the Elemahjic...
Ten missing teenagers. One house. One hundred cameras. A strange live broadcast suddenly went viral in all social media websites. What makes it strange? It is the live b...
How To Make A Serial Killer ni Serialsleeper
How To Make A Serial Killerni bambi
Crime and murder podcaster Wren Lozarte is desperate to earn money for her ailing uncle so she accepts a strange but high-paying offer from a mysterious businessman. Wha...
After Dark: My Aloof Husband 1 ✔ ni RuxAlmo
After Dark: My Aloof Husband 1 ✔ni RuxAlmo🐺
Dawn who is forced to marry a man who was suppose to marry her sister from the accumulation of their debt. Siya ang sumalo ng lahat na dapat ay responsibilidad ng kanyan...