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Lost city of light Book 1: beta... by validtoGod77
Lost city of light Book 1: @lovestruckbyyou22
Beta Julio was a 17 year old boy with no memories of who he was or his life up to this moment all he knew was someone was chasing him and he didn't know why he met this...
MY QUEEN  by vexy101
Rose's life wasn't going the way she planned it at all. Thanks to her staying up all night watching true crimes. She missed her exams and only has 2 dollars to her name...
The Panopticon of Love by aandepublishings
The Panopticon of Loveby Ellie & Allison
Panopticon - The panopticon is a disciplinary concept brought to life in the form of a central observation tower placed within a circle of prison cells. From the tower...
Charlotte by Echo_Judith1010
Charlotteby Echo_Judith1010
Charlotte a little girl who lived in the woods with her grandmother lived a quite life sense she could remember, which is why she was shock to find out the church accuse...
Whispers in the Dark by areenclso
Whispers in the Darkby areenclso
In the small town of Millfield, a group of high school students are being terrorized by a masked killer who seems to be taking inspiration from classic horror movies. As...
What The Heart Wants by youversusme
What The Heart Wantsby Youversusme
e·the·re·al /əˈTHirēəl/ adjective extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. ♛ ♛ ♛ ...
Beast Hunter by ebeybooks
Beast Hunterby George Ebey
In a cold forest, hides a creature of myth. Two opposing groups have come to find it. One seeks answers to a mystery. The other... a trophy. Who will reach it first? And...
Phoenix and I by Ellessiee
Phoenix and Iby Ellessiee
Hello! OG POV is out on @Francis4evaz Me and him are besties in rl so yea. All of this side of the story is true but idk about @Francis4evaz -Discontinued- Enjoy! Also...
Scooby Doo One shots, Preferences, images and more  by toungesandteeth
Scooby Doo One shots, 🦷
This is a fanfic of your favorite hippies.<3 There will be no sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and xenophobia. If you're any of these things dni. Please don't...
Ace by bucket_45790
Five years have passed since the last incident with the Russian Intelligence Agency (RIA), and they've been quiet since then. Bored out of his mind with no interesting c...
The paper witch by MeepoBeepo567Kitty
The paper witchby kitten nu nu
Luna's power of growing plants was one problem, but a completley different one unfolds when a gold key falls out of her moms miniture pocket. She meets a elf that she be...
True Crime-Paranormal-Conspiracy Theories Stories Part V by tpksstories
True Crime-Paranormal-Conspiracy Valerie Harvey - True Crime/R...
Profiles of true crime, paranormal and conspiracy theory stories.
The Mandela Academy by DarkSparkle2
The Mandela Academyby DarkSparkle
One day, Lucy Watsuki gets a letter inviting her to attend the prestigious Mandela Academy, an academy for the most talented high school students from around Japan to at...
Secrets Of Gyeongbokgung by AV-14977
Secrets Of Gyeongbokgungby AV
A Royal Physician and a lonely Princess team up after the death of their loved ones to find out the secrets of the palace hidden from them. A story of love and suspense...
The Marigold's Larkspur by TatteredFindings
The Marigold's Larkspurby Tatteredmind
With the threat of war looming, Princess Cressida is sent to marry the crown prince of Ashlar. However, things take a horrific twist when she is accused of murder and be...
Clash of Choice by lolitaingride1
Clash of Choiceby lolitaingride1
Five pair of glasses, a woman who he seems to see everywhere. *** Aamadu is beaten to go back into a fighter again, something that left a deeper hole in his heart which...
They call her 241 by nothing347
They call her 241by nothing347
This series is about a girl who lost her memory and is trying to find out who she is. She is on the run from the government. When a friend of her past comes back how wil...
serial killer by slashlovr
serial killerby nettie
"baby im a sociopath, sweet serial killer" (fem oc x fem oc) (original story)
The Hidden Evil by EmiliaSeacrest
The Hidden Evilby EmiliaSeacrest
While the Sophie Foster is dealing with, well, EVERYTHING. There are some things she can't find out about. Otherwise... it will ruin the plot of the original Neverseen f...
No Time To Rest by NiceKat789
No Time To Restby Kat
New York is the place where a terrible crime is happening. No one is safe while there is a murderer on the loose. Multiple people are victims and the police don't have a...