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The bully is my best friend by dusktilldawn01
The bully is my best friendby Dusktilldawn
To say Delta Gray is shy is an understatement. This 16 year old Californian girl is so introverted it's almost as if she's invisible. When her path collides with someone...
  • bully
  • badboy
  • texting
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Abracadaver by JRHobeck
Abracadaverby J.R. Hobeck
When a young waitress is found strangled, Detective Terry Remington, along with her partner, begin to investigate. After a second murder, they realize they are in a race...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • police
  • detective
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Stone Cold | Naruto  by AnzaiRiddle
Stone Cold | Naruto by AnzaiRiddle
A story about a girl who had been wronged her entire life. cover | anzairiddle date | 22.02.19 modern naruto fanfic
  • fanfiction
  • sad
  • anime
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[Written in the Stars] •A Twisted Selection Roleplay•  by liketotallytubular
[Written in the Stars] •A 💫 Stargirl 💫
Mythological ✔️ Magical ✔️ Twisted ✔️ Selection ✔️ The lands of Ayala have been ruled by a mysterious royal family for decades now. No one knows what they look like, but...
  • roleplay
  • magic
  • selectionrp
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"DELETED" - Teen Mystery Dialogue Story📲 by stuck_inmyhead
"DELETED" - Teen Mystery KT
A group of close friends is turned upside down after one of their own goes missing after a night out partying. - Read DELETED and dive into all their personal messages...
  • teenfiction
  • murder
  • cliche
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Return (A Ratchet TFP Fanfiction Story) by Fan_FictionGirl1
Return (A Ratchet TFP Fanfiction Fan_FictionGirl1
Ratchet wakes up alone and with no memory of what happened to him or how he was taken from the Autobot base. Stuck across the world with no means of communication or tr...
  • arcee
  • miko
  • raphael
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 Different... by _q_u_e_e_n__m_ _q_u_e_e_n__m_
Rose Evans is an orphan girl who lives with her grandmother in Belgium, she will met a guy his name is Hero, and like him, but she will discover many secrets about him a...
  • secrets
  • badboy
  • family
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The Killing Mystery  by Juylna
The Killing Mystery by Juylna
As more bodies lay dead, the detectives, police, and civilians are freaking. No one can catch the assassin, even while following his every move. Who is the assassin? Is...
  • secrets
  • dedictive
  • assassin
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silence is golden by Princess_sprincles
silence is goldenby løvě yøursělf
the clap of thunder lingers in the air then lightning blinding the group of friends. As they look up they see jack holding out his hand towards karina the rain pours hea...
  • fantasy
  • mystery
Rise by yusufqadr_
Riseby Yusuf Abdulqadr
Omar gets ejected from a company. Gets a life and eventually finds out there's some mystery behind. The CEO of the company works under a secret organisation and then Oma...
  • culture
  • mystery
  • thriller
HORROR STORIES by aesthetikook
It's all about creepy/horror stories in just 2 sentences . Don't forget to vote ! :D
  • haunting
  • paranormal
  • shortstory
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MANAN- I am here by lotus_dream
MANAN- I am hereby lotus_dream
"Why the hell did you kidnap me? I will never marry your shameless cousin. You asshole! What made yo.." I was cut off by the finger on my lips by my captor. &q...
  • manan
  • humor
  • feelings
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My Sister's Secret Suicide by L_Hope2005
My Sister's Secret Suicideby Lucy
Jade transfers to a new high school in Madison, Wisconson after her sister Sofia, committed suicide a couple of months before. No one ever noticed her but she didn't mi...
  • romance
  • horror
  • secret
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Entitled Queen (Reagan Series #1) by shiarayaaaa
Entitled Queen (Reagan Series #1)by Tammy WP
Suzette Aria Reagan is the former president of the student council of an prestigious school called Avelarde University. Suzette was known as a beautiful, kind, and a sma...
  • mystery
  • sciencefiction
  • childhood
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The Crudevea Chronicles by Rere_elyse12
The Crudevea Chroniclesby Rere
Anastasia Crudevea (Crew•duh•vay•a)has the power to dream her way out of every situation, except for one. Her past. After living in the Crudevea Orphanage of Paris for a...
  • danger
  • roadtrip
  • fiction
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The Bridge Of Fire ( Entry- Open Novella Contest) by MaryLion25
The Bridge Of Fire ( Entry- Open MaryLion25
-------------------------- For The Open Novella Contest Prompt : At Gunpoint Current Word Count : 3 First Chapters ( 2000 Words) ...
  • doctor
  • oldstory
  • prompt
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The Pennington Bloodline  by JCHall07
The Pennington Bloodline by JCHall07
After years of being separated, Grant Pennington calls the family back together again after a tragedy hits. Blair, his only daughter tries to mend the broken bridge betw...
  • money
  • dynasties
  • love
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Centuries Ahead by hyper-space
Centuries Aheadby -AntiSocial-
  • anonymous
  • mystery
  • spying
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The Way It Used To Be (One Shot) by aumine12
The Way It Used To Be (One Shot)by aumine12
Hope you'll read and like it.
  • mystery
  • kaloka
  • mawey
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World Outside Oral Cavity by HashmisDentalHub
World Outside Oral Cavityby Fatima Hashmi
Not many people know the secret life of Dentists. Dentists fall in love too, they envy, they play and manipulate. Dr. Farida, student who wanted to do MBBS ends up in a...
  • dentist
  • dentistlove
  • mystery
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