Dear Emmett by LightMyDarkness
Dear Emmettby Jess
This is a story that does not start at the beginning. This story begins at an end. «» Bailey Lazarus detests her life. She has five peevish siblings, lives in ramshackle...
  • romance
  • siblings
  • teenfiction
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Skulls in love  by austukas5
Skulls in love by austukas5
How much can a new town change you and your life? Leonora moves to Skullton in order to start a new life but how far will she get when she meets Kennedy, a gang member...
  • mystery
  • hopeyouenjoy
  • troublemaking
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Writers Gotta Write, Write, Write.  by glasses_girl11
Writers Gotta Write, Write, Write. by glasses_girl11
This is a story folder filled with a bunch of writing assignments I've done at school. From fantasy to funny. It'll inform you of the quality of life in the United Kingd...
  • mystery
  • halloween
  • fire
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Running  by Nianni_m
Running by Nianni_m
" I'll kill you, even if it's the last thing I do. I promise you that Lianna. " she said coldly meaning every word of what she just said. "No matter how...
  • mate
  • possessive
  • werewolf
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The Darkness Within by Theskyisthelimit101
The Darkness Withinby Skyoverlord
Ryatt Wess was the kind of guy everyone wanted to talk to. Not because he was star quarterback, little rich boy, or because he had an attractive personality, but because...
  • adventure
  • badboy
  • sad
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365 6 Word Stories (Made up and found online) by Country_1
365 6 Word Stories (Made up and Country Lover
Exactly what the title says. Just a series of 6-word stories. Sadness, Loving, Mystery. You name it, I got it. One for each day of the year!
  • lonliness
  • sadness
  • happiness
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Hours by kiki2urheart
Hoursby kiki2urheart
A blaring horn. The screech of tires. A sickening crunch. I open my eyes slowly, a loud ringing in my left ear. What just happened? I think, blinking in confusion. &quo...
  • livelaughlove
  • roadtrip
  • help
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Favorite Teacher | Obsession by Kiki_The_Reader
Favorite Teacher | Obsessionby Kiki_The_Reader
Book 2 to Favorite Student. ----- "I love you, I've always loved you. I stuck the gum on your chair because I wanted to see you even more. This is why I wanted det...
  • newteacher
  • murder
  • obsessed
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After Death by pendemic
After Deathby Shayna Medden
What happens when you find out your life is not what you thought? Death, Murder, Betrayal, Love, and the truth. The salty smell filled my nose and the wind smacked my f...
  • demon
  • fantasy
  • murder
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Darkness Lurks~ Book 1 by A_Person_Wh0_Reads
Darkness Lurks~ Book 1by Layla Swan
Layla is sick of her horrible mother. One day, she meets a girl named Emily. Emily has a horrible life. Her father, horrible. Her house, horrible. Her personality, beaut...
  • fantasy
  • mystery
  • suspense
The Elite  by anonymous_princesa
The Elite by XxChocolatesBaexx
Setting out to avenge her fathers death 17 year old Elena Garcia arrived to America. There she comes across the most elite group. Everyone in River High feared the elit...
  • action
  • highschool
  • murder
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The Secrets Seekers by BLAANKKK
The Secrets Seekersby Mohamed Walid
Description: The story happens in the near future,young Nathan forgets everything about his past so he sets sails in an attempt to look for the reason he existed..and w...
  • drama
  • superpowers
  • fantasy
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The Academy of Weird Arts by zari_and_lottie
The Academy of Weird Artsby Zari and Lottie
Lemon Chilla enrols herself in the Academy of Weird Arts for a dare by her best friend Alex Moroney. The Academy has been open for 104 years, but no one had noticed it...
  • notromance
  • school
  • funny
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Night Angels by catchingoceans
Night Angelsby لُجَين
"If you hate me so much then kill me." "Don't tempt me," she whispered, her voice laced with pure venom. Azure's fingertips trailed down his jaw, &q...
  • revenge
  • badboy
  • love
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Where have you been? by Umbreonlover1
Where have you been?by Umbreonlover1
After Wally's death, Nightwing and Dick Grayson dropped off the map. No one could find either of them. After three years, the Zeta tubes ring out the name of a long dead...
  • mystery
  • nightwing
Youth | Riverdale  by Feelinara_sylveon14
Youth | Riverdale by Paulina Voelker
"We are the reckless, we are the wild youth. One day we'll reveal the truth, that one will die before he gets there." "And if you're still bleeding, you'...
  • bettycooper
  • cherylblossom
  • cwtv
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