[not yet titled: help??] by twodorkswriting
[not yet titled: help??]by Jase
?? thriller/ humour/ mystery/ drama/ romance/ lgbtq+ SCRIPT
  • lgbt
  • script
  • original
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Class A by frisk506
Class Aby frisk506
A haunted classroom. Two pairs of lovers survive. Can they make it out alive?
  • wattys2018
  • horror
  • ghost
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Brother's Conflict by neo_zer0
Brother's Conflictby Christian Jade
KayeTrixie Akihito has been living alone together for almost 17 years with her beloved parents; Mr. John Akihito,a half-Japanese,half-Filipino business minded man togeth...
  • truths
  • teenfiction
  • confessions
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Swords And Guns Academy by Dntlss_demon
Swords And Guns Academyby Demi
One shot, One Kill; One slice inorder to reveal; Decoding riddles and mysteries; Unveiling answers in every series... Proclaiming justice and might, Conquering the star...
  • mystery
  • riddles
  • guns
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Blood | KTH by ddylvjang
Blood | KTHby ddayoflove
• Fanfiction, Romantic , Vampire •Photo edited by 333AnnaMaria " I want to be your friend, Kim Taehyung." " Then, you will die." He said and left w...
  • bighit
  • romantic
  • btsfanfiction
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Mendacity || Kim Taehyung by Taely95
Mendacity || Kim Taehyungby Taely95
Countries' wish have already came true. War has pulverized countries.People then started to rebuild and develop cities instead of countries. New laws were put along with...
  • kookie
  • kpop
  • btsjhope
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DIFFERENT [EXO-K FANFIC] by tiycmftwcs1azusanyan
  • demons
  • chanyeol
  • exo
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Spiritually Inlove by SHNKSJ15
Spiritually Inloveby SHN
"Kim Seo Hye?" Being a teacher itself is already a challenge itself. How about being inlove to one of your students? Park Jimin, a 23 year old, who is picky wh...
  • school
  • jimin
  • seokjin
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Labels: In This World It Kills You by varnika64
Labels: In This World It Kills Youby Ms.Magneficent
Rose Smith had it all. Being the heir of Smith and co. - one of the most successful companies in the world , Abundant possessions and wealth was in the palm of her han...
  • humor
  • hateatfirstsight
  • badass
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the moon and her flowers by putrescent
the moon and her flowersby °˖✧anya grace✧˖°
anxiety in love or at least will be - for you from me anya, 2018 #537 in poetry, 22nd october 2018
  • angst
  • fantasy
  • differences
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The green eye boy Volume 1 by starfield2011
The green eye boy Volume 1by Shinichi Kudo
It started when she noticed the pair of glowing green eyes. "I can't believe it has been 14 years!" The little girl noticed the boy watching her,singing and pe...
  • innocence
  • mystery
  • kindergarten
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Eclipse Of The Vampire by SparkleGoals
Eclipse Of The Vampireby SparkleGoals
Loving you is quite uneasy, But losing you is the hardest decision in my life.
  • bampira
  • ronnah
  • jazmine
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Awk-7 by SskSuha
Awk-7by Oliversushi
Kylie joins her new boarding school called "The Oxford Dublin" She has 6 amazingly wonderful friends there, One day she sneaks into her friend's laptop and fin...
  • teenage
  • highschool
  • romance
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In Her Mind by TheHorzer
In Her Mindby DonutUnicorn
Places 2nd in The Flavored Awards The mind of a killer , a murderer is complex yet simple at the same time . But what drove her to crimes of such extent ? No one knows...
  • victim
  • mystery
  • serialkiller
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HIDE by ayecreme
HIDEby ¹²7
[ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ] "Magtago na tayo nandiyan na sila!" "Lahat tayo mamamatay kapag hindi tayo lumaban" "Wala nang silbi ang buhay natin...pu...
  • drama
  • bloody
  • massacre
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One more time by BeautyByYoongi
One more timeby 💜Beauty by Yoongi💜
Т/и е внучката на директорката на най- мистериозната академия в света. Но тя не е от тези богати кифли - а обратното. Но, какво става когато среща най- странното момче...
  • academy
  • suga
  • mystery
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Children of the Sun by LostTempo
Children of the Sunby cooler than trilbies
' I've been lost in this desert for so long I've forgotten where I came from, ' Or where I wanted to go. ' ' Take my hand, then, and I'll show you the way. ' You don't h...
  • japan
  • tokyo
  • love
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Once u read this there's no way out of the game.
  • mystery
I Love The Dead by RoughCutt
I Love The Deadby Sonny Kruger
Sonny Kruger's "I Love The Dead" When a young woman named Sheryl Lane is murdered, a man named Mickey Saint sets out to solve the crime. Sounds like many other...
  • horseman
  • sexual
  • murder
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The Girl At The Last by crazypoodle
The Girl At The Lastby viviana
She carried secrets like one does cash in their wallet. Seventeen year-old Elaine Winter's has been through the strom of destruction, being the target of bullies in summ...
  • wattpadlovestory
  • highschool
  • genius
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