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Edge Of Winter by TomHollandSeries3000
Edge Of Winterby Tom Holland Series
What a fun outing must be for a few days ends in a horror story. Jade Brown, Bradley Baker's best friend, and his little brother Caleb Baker, go out with their (step) fa...
THE POLITICAL TERRORISTS. by queenFaithofficial
the president of Nigeria, His excellency. Killian Zachary has taken up the fight against boko Haram terrorist group from his predecessor. the life of every citizens of N...
There's always a way by cottagecookie3
There's always a wayby cottagecookie3
"there's always a way" and with that i took the decision, MY decision i had control this time and it felt good the horror in their eyes grew as they saw me jum...
A New Family (KHR fanfiction, On Hiatus) by Teiko_Kiyoshi
A New Family (KHR fanfiction, On Diaphanous Writer
Himitsu Kakusa is a silent and shy person who never talks to anyone, she has no friends at all. She hides in the shadow of her older sister Hiroko Kakusa. She on the oth...
SCP: To those who look at the future  by daphnelijffijt
SCP: To those who look at the daphnelijffijt
15 year old Autumn wakes up in a unnaturally white room without a door or windows. What happened?.... How did I get here?... Wat began as a 'fun' holiday ended in Autum...
The untold truth by imblackelephant
The untold truthby Black elephant
I knew that there was no way back. That my teenage life was over. I just wanted to go away. Away from everything. Without thinking I put a few clothes in my bag. I ste...
Exo & Got7 MYSTERY/HORROR AU by QuincyKaagman
Exo & Got7 MYSTERY/HORROR AUby Quincy Kaagman
This story is not mine it's from a twitter account called: @ultkw. So all the credit rights to her. I only got this story in a wattpad book. Highest rank: #3 in mystery
Making It Work by BabyDol2001
Making It Workby Jaundri Coetzee
Elizabeth and Adam's marriage is failing. They have eight children, three out of the house and five still in house making everyone go nuts. They barely have time for eac...
HERMES by fIorenc
HERMESby Florence
HERMES { e r - m e z } noun 1) The ancient Greek herald and messenger of the gods and the god of roads, commerce, invention, and theft. 2) My first true love. ranks: #...
Kidnapped (Is it okay to play with madness?) -DISCONTINUED- by HeyItMeDaAlien
Kidnapped (Is it okay to play Alien me
Harley just moved into her new house, it's a new city and one night she walks around the streets... She can feel the cold air all around her... Suddenly she bumps into s...
Black Mask by Melissa_Piers
Black Maskby Melissa
This group of friends is just an average group. They're not geniuses or anything like that, just normal teenagers. Isabella, Michelle and their friends go through some m...
The Pandemic - Short Story by Shuffles1203
The Pandemic - Short Storyby Shuffles1203
this is a short story about the future if covid-19 took over the world.
Is there something else? by CutEAlpHaBet
Is there something else?by 🌹
COMPLETED! Feb 4 2019 STARTED Jan 4 2017 Katharina has a happy life, she has good friends, sweet parents and a good looking boyfriend(who isn't her mate). She is a stron...
School of rock: Crush Mixed by mcdrumcylice
School of rock: Crush Mixedby School of rock
I'm posting that I'm pretty sure that no one gonna see this 😂😂😂
The Dragon Compass by susan16112000
The Dragon Compassby susan
"After Thousand years of living in the shadows and fantasies of humans the dragons are finally planning to take back wat was rightfully theirs. From the beginning...
Eye of the Falcon by AenA-Natuur
Eye of the Falconby Fauna Night + Flora Moon
Riana's moeder is (volgens haar) gek. Ze is lid van een 'sekte' die roofvogels aanbid. Als Riana dertien wordt is het voor haar tijd de 'sekte' bij te wonen. Ze is erg s...
Mona by TheUniqueWriter98
Monaby TheUniqueWriter98
Een meisje leeft gewoon haar leven op het platteland. Als snel merkt ze dat ze anders is. Anders dan anderen. Soms weet ze dingen gewoon zonder het zelf ervaren te hebbe...
The first case ever by blackcat2995
The first case everby BlackMidnight
Detective drake Anthony Collins is a vampire who fall for a hybrid doctors Catgirl Draco Dragon Dark Thorn Rose water lightning death demonic demon black onyx Darkness...