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Ben jij nu papa? by roggebroodje135
Ben jij nu papa?by roggebroodje135
"Laten we voor een video op drie kinderen passen." Lucas, Belle en Lauren worden mishandeld thuis. Ze komen voor een dag bij vijf vreemde jongens in huis. Waa...
drunk love -a haylor story by taytayproblems
drunk love -a haylor storyby she!they
where two normal people fall in love, but one gets famous. they meet again, years later. everything has changed, but one thing is the same.
Life After Death by Kirstensstories
Life After Deathby 🌸𝓚𝓲𝓻𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓷🌸
Imagine this: you're a teenage girl who doesn't have the greatest life. Your parents are alcoholic and abusive and at school you get bullied. Of course no one wants to l...
love is a poison  by Just_me1307
love is a poison by Just_me1307
a story about teens/adultz falling in love and not knowing the bad side of love only belive in the perfect love as in books but forever doesnet excist Julia knows as the...
Fake or Real | TeenWolf soulmates by thiamsmvze
Fake or Real | TeenWolf soulmatesby thiamsmvze
In the world we know, the supernatural doesn't exist. We all are aware of that. Nothing exited ever happens. But one day everything changes. You wake up and everything s...
Duiveltje-strek-je by stars_and_all
Duiveltje-strek-jeby stars and all
Je bent negentien en je zoekt je ziel. Veel geluk.
Sober love -Haylor au by taytayproblems
Sober love -Haylor auby she!they
Sequel to "Drunk Love" Taylor and her husband Joe seem like the perfect couple together. Will everything change when she runs into her ex Harry? And what will...
Secret Driver by Forumula_1_storys
Secret Driverby Formula_1_storys
Y/N is a secret driver in the Formula 1, she also is the crown princes of Monaco what she doesn't know. do you wanna see how this ends read than this story!
Did i dream? by Rdbx073x
Did i dream?by Romy
Tessa is a girl who finds out that her current boyfriend is not the one, she meets Hardin, he is a British boy who lives miles away from her, she only met him once becau...
I lived a dream [h.s] by harr_ystylesupdate
I lived a dream [h.s]by harr_ystylesupdate
A history about a fan that dreamed everyday about her idol 'Harry Styles'. She always wanted to meet him, touch him and talk to him. She never thought her dream would co...
I love you, no matter what you are. by DracoShipsPansmione
I love you, no matter what you DRAY.
8th year has come and Pansy hasn't the feeling that she was wanted on Hogwarts. Only Draco & Blaise returned, of Slytherin to finish their school. After a painful transf...
De Geschiedenis van de Pijnboomstraat by stars_and_all
De Geschiedenis van de stars and all
Hoe maak je een straat van een straat als er maar één huis bewoond is? Je weet niet meer of je moet geloven wat je ziet op de Pijnboomstraat. Inzending voor de wedstrijd...
We will meet again//mason mount by maeliamadelief
We will meet again//mason mountby maeliamadelief
'I'll always love you Mason' Part one finished! #1 fictie 25-7-2022
Short Stories by Sandra_Meerwijk
Short Storiesby Sandra Meerwijk
In this book I write short stories. Some are in English and some are in Dutch. Most of the stories will be one chapter. I hope you like it:) Please note that English is...
The little bit light in the dark by lyingbetweenflowers
The little bit light in the darkby lyingbetweenflowers
it was the best night of my life until i disappeared. TW:this story is about kidnapping so if you can't stand violence or sexual content don't read this book
In het verkeerde lichaam by SassyBitch
In het verkeerde lichaamby TSMMH
Florian is een jongen. Tenminste, zo ziet hij eruit. Hij voelt zich een meisje en wil niks liever dan een meisje zijn. Hij is een transgender, maar zijn ouders zijn stre...
famous (completed) by Boanfy
famous (completed)by Boanfy
a teenager thinks she's living a normal life, but when she goes to Paris, her whole life changed. she's living a life of a supermodel and her fame rises fast. but it has...
I am so... by good4youdemon
I am good4youdemon
This book is about different people and every chapter is a different story.
Mijn naam is Nira by CozyGirly
Mijn naam is Niraby CozyGirly
Nira is 18 jaar oud en lijkt in niets op haar ouders. Haar moeder: blond haar, blauwe ogen, blanke huid, is Hollands welvaren. Haar vader: bruin haar, groene ogen, zonge...