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You ONLY serve ME -TodoDeku- by WolfieLexa1537
You ONLY serve ME -TodoDeku-by WolfieLexa1537
Izuku Midoriya is a personal servant to the soon-to-become-king Todoroki Shoto that has a dark obsession to his oh so cute and inoccent servant, but there is also a hot...
Otayuri Hogwarts AU by Sontscha
Otayuri Hogwarts AUby Sontscha
Yuri was adopted by Yuuri, a muggle, and Victor, a wizard, after his biological parents died during the Battle of Hogwarts. At that time, he was only two years old. Afte...
How You Became A Hero 2 ~ MHA (Midoriya Izuku X Reader) ✔ by Inori02
How You Became A Hero 2 ~ MHA ( Inori_Love
Welcome to Book 2 of How You Became A Hero! Read on as you continue to get stronger alongside Izuku and your friends. New friends and enemies will be introduced. There w...
Aingeru Aroha - Dämonenliebe (Band 6) by Jadelyn_Kaya
Aingeru Aroha - Dämonenliebe ( Jadelyn und Kaya
Es ist soweit: Saori soll mit Aaron auf dem Fest vor den anderen Engel und der Königin tanzen. Sie haben viel geübt und die junge Dämonin ist sicherer geworden, doch noc...
Mermaid Spell Book by thatlittlefish
Mermaid Spell Bookby thatlittlefish
So you want to become a mermaid? Keep on reading! In this book are mermaid spells! Hopefully they work for you. Spells are like chants and they can include powerful mag...
𝓕𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓞𝓯 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮   by jenowhippedcream
𝓕𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓞𝓯 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 by [ 해파리 ]
𝓙𝓪𝓮𝓶𝓲𝓷 fantasy au. on which a female phoenix falls in love with a prince. "We can't be together, she's a phoenix, a free soul, and I'm a prince, born to be k...
Art book by writer_anoniem
Art bookby Writer_anoniem
This is my art book. I love drawing so I wanted to show you my art.
Life After Death by Kirstensstories
Life After Deathby 🌸𝓚𝓲𝓻𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓷🌸
Imagine this: you're a teenage girl who doesn't have the greatest life. Your parents are alcoholic and abusive and at school you get bullied. Of course no one wants to l...
Fnaf Christmas Story  by SailorStarNatur
Fnaf Christmas Story by SailorStarNatur
Rose lives with the animatronics since she was born. But since years now all the animatronic groups are fighting. Especially on christmas. Someone noticed that Rose is s...
Dream ft Tom Felton (Dutch) by Chayenne_vd
Dream ft Tom Felton (Dutch)by Chayennee van Delft
Serra is een meisje van 24 and ze is een grote fan van Tom Felton. Ze woon in een klein huisje in New York samen met haar Broers en zus en haar moeder. Door vele ups a...
Garrence ~ Devil Eyes  by Noeffi
Garrence ~ Devil Eyes by Noefi
BoyxBoy and other ships! Dont like? Dont read! Garrance/Garrence / Laurroth ♡ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This isnt my first ff.. Actualy its already my 5 but i only hav...
Highschool of Demons & Priests; Book 1 Children of Light and Shadows by CarolineSilverwood
Highschool of Demons & Priests; CarolineSilverwood
This is a Septiplier AU : Gods ruled the world The Goddess of Light and the God of Shadows Between them broke war out The war ended with a price With time this story van...
SEPARATION ENG-ENG  [YeoRy☆] by loonacolour
SEPARATION ENG-ENG [YeoRy☆]by loonacolour
♧ Everything is separated by colors. From bathrooms to school canteen. Why? Because each color belongs to a house of faternity: White; Blue; Purple and Red. It's kind o...
Wolves (English) by WolfbloodUnicorn
Wolves (English)by WolfbloodUnicorn
Ester Andersson is a very ordinary sixteen-year-old girl. At least, that's what her family has always told her. When she goes into the woods on a rainy day, she finds an...
Planeten RPG by DearCherrymoon
Planeten RPGby DearCherrymoon
In diesem RPG wird es um vier Adelshäuser gehen, die auf vier Planeten verteilt sind. Und um die zusammenunft aller vier Gemeinschaften, um wie jedes Jahr den Friedensve...
Harry Potter, kleurboek voor volwassenen / coloring book for adults (+ quiz) by LaureLuyckx
Harry Potter, kleurboek voor Laure Luyckx
DUTCH / ENGLISH Ik heb al reeds twee Harry Potter kleurboeken voor volwassenen gekocht en ze zijn zalig! Harry Potter kleurboeken voor volwassenen: -Harry Potter kleurbo...
Short Stories by S by SIslandSomewhere
Short Stories by Sby Sary
Can't always concentrate to write long stories. Like short stories. Hope you do too. (Also trying to better my English and writing.)
Kindergeschichten/Fantasiegeschichten by MarieMarienkfer
Kindergeschichten/ Marie Marienkäfer
Hey Leute ! In diesem Buch werde ich ein paar selbstgeschriebene Fantasiegeschichten für Kinder veröffentlichen. Wenn ihr Interesse habt, schaut doch einfach mal rein!
Well hello there ('v')/ by Anxious_person
Well hello there ('v')/by Magic955
Was würde wohl passieren, wenn ein bestimmtes hübsches junges Mädchen die Welt mit den Strohhüten bereist und dabei den ein oder anderen Eindruck hinterlässt? Eine ehema...
TeamBro Comic Kapitel 1 Teil 1  - Leuchtender Nebel by TaterBarms
TeamBro Comic Kapitel 1 Teil Fanarts Forall
Hier ist die erste Häfte vom Leuchtender Nebel! :)