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The Truth About Lies (An Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction) by Kataclysm22
The Truth About Lies (An Kate
Tabatha isn't quite sure how to react when she discovers that her best friend since childhood is a Dragon Rider. All she knows is that she has to aid him on his journey...
  • action
  • dragons
  • eragon
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Dragon Blood and Flesh (An Eragon Fanfic) by awilliamson20
Dragon Blood and Flesh (An catchingclouds
Taylor was born in Alagaesia. She lives on a small farm in Carvahall. She doesn't have very many friends, one of them being Eragon. One day, Eragon leaves unexpectedly...
  • saphira
  • eragon
  • brom
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Dunei - A Murtagh Love Story - Eragon Fan Fiction by IndingoFeather
Dunei - A Murtagh Love Story - IndingoFeather
After escaping from slavers in Dras-Leona, Lorena travels with Eragon and Murtagh. The bonds between her and Murtagh grow strong and their affections become dunei. But h...
  • eragon
  • inheritance
  • murtagh
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ʙʀᴜɪꜱᴇꜱ ,outlander by immrssebastianstan
ʙʀᴜɪꜱᴇꜱ ,outlanderby amber 💛
ʙʀᴜɪꜱᴇꜱ - when eleanor finds herself in a time she isn't from, she decides to make the most of it. Eleanor wasn't from the 18th Century, so when she finds herself ba...
  • jacobites
  • time
  • starz
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Luminescent by Royal_Blueness
Luminescentby Royal_Blueness
I sadly do not own the Inheritance Cycle, all rights and most of the script go to its author Christopher Paolini. Eragon Murtagh FF+ This is Book One of Four.
  • fan
  • dragon
  • galbatorix
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Son of Poseidon, Dragon Rider by Sylphrena7
Son of Poseidon, Dragon Riderby Sylphrena
Percy is really unlucky. Gaia is finally defeated and forced into a deep sleep. But like every good villain she goes out with a reality it's more like...
  • rider
  • crossover
  • saphira
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Murtagh's Story [An Eragon Fic] by neatgraves
Murtagh's Story [An Eragon Fic]by neat graves
After Eragon left for Vroengard, Murtagh leaves as well. But for where? Who does he want to see? Throwback Fanfic! I know the story isn't written as well as it could be...
  • eragon
  • fantasy
  • riders
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Ignis by tiana_smeraldo
Ignisby Tɪᴀɴᴀ Sᴍᴇʀᴀʟᴅᴏ
It's said books can take you to another world. That they can help you experience wonderful adventures. Bethany can't say enough about how true that is, especially while...
  • eragon
  • fanfiction
  • fangirl
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Domia Abr Wyrda  (Inheritance Cycle Book 5) by piptheturtle
Domia Abr Wyrda (Inheritance Savvy Clark
This is book 5 of the Inheritance cycle, my version. With Eragon in the unknown lands and Arya the queen of the elves, many years pass. A new King has arisen for Alagaë...
  • saphira
  • peace
  • domiaabrwyrda
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The Five Foot Thief (lethal weapon) by shebelongstothe80s
The Five Foot Thief (lethal weapon)by shebelongstothe80s
A Lethal Weapon fanfiction. Riggs and Murtaugh have got their hands full when one of the biggest cases the LAPD have seen in a long while surfaces- and their prime eye w...
  • adventure
  • cops
  • action
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Iridescent by Royal_Blueness
Iridescentby Royal_Blueness
I do not own the Inheritance book series, all of this brilliant work goes to Christopher Paolini except for my OC Mal. This the continuation of were Luminescent left off.
  • romance
  • two
  • eragon
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Dream-Eragon Fanfic by NovaPrime124
Dream-Eragon Fanficby NovaPrime124
Estrella Cadence has been missing from Carvahall for 2 years but when she turns up at the varden, things escalate for the good but also bad.
  • dramur
  • romance-friendship
  • fanfic
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Death's Daughter (An Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction) by Kataclysm22
Death's Daughter (An Inheritance Kate
Lady Death makes a visit to Alagaesia when the life of one of its rulers is fading. But there are some who are not happy to see her, and they will do whatever it takes t...
  • death
  • peace
  • murtagh
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The Heroes of Alegasia by KatieMossman
The Heroes of Alegasiaby Katie Mossman
The seven are travelling to Rome when a huge storm appears in their path, they determine that there is no way to avoid it and try to just go through it, what happens whe...
  • thevarden
  • saphira
  • crossover
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Let Me Be Your Wings by buckwolvhoosier
Let Me Be Your Wingsby Princess of Christ
King Galbatorix shrinks his only daughter as punishment for helping the Varden. As she goes on an incredible journey, she falls in love with Eragon. Can they sustain the...
  • eragon
  • battle
  • gern
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The Wolf and the Dragon  by Emoimerh
The Wolf and the Dragon by Aivlis Emoimerh
Infrequent updates... Long ago, the world was submerged in an age of darkness. Cold, barren, and ruled by the everlasting dragons. Then came fire, heat, warmth, and fr...
  • knightartorias
  • wolfknight
  • dragonslayer
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Brothers Under the Sun - (An Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction) by Kataclysm22
Brothers Under the Sun - (An Kate
In a world where Eragon and Murtagh have been raised by their fathers as enemies, their rivalry comes to a head upon the Burning Plains. (AU one-shot. Longer description...
  • inheritance
  • thorn
  • brisingr
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Dancing With Fire by Chromer76
Dancing With Fireby piccolo01
Post Series; Murtagh and Nasuada fanfiction. If you have not finished the series, DO NOT READ!!
  • murtagh
  • fanfiction
  • eragon
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King of Sorrows by AuthorWithAFace
King of Sorrowsby Lucifer Luck
After Murtagh leaves Eragon at the sea of nettles his journey takes him to a long forgotten kingdom. No one's there yet at night screams echo through the abandoned castl...
  • murtagh
  • eragon
  • dragons
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Radiant by Royal_Blueness
Radiantby Royal_Blueness
I do not own the Inheritance book series, all of this brilliant work goes to Christopher Paolini except for my OC Mal. This the continuation of were Iridescent left off...
  • murtagh
  • book
  • fiction
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