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masturbate ∇ muke by interfere
masturbate ∇ mukeby ♡
michael can't keep his hands off himself. and luke, well he doesn't even touch himself. _ sunday april 12th, 2015
wasting time » lh ; mc by sublimed
wasting time » lh ; mcby cj
michael clifford is an arrogant asshole and luke hemmings just wants attention.
Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔] by dreamparadise
Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔]by L.
❝Forget everything you believed about mermaids, mate.❞ merman!michael captain!luke [COMPLETED ✔] [SHORT STORY/ MERMAID AU] © 2016, dreamparadise. All Rights Reserved.
Disorder // Muke by after-hours
Disorder // Mukeby ya boi
Luke is overconfident. Michael has major social anxiety. But opposites attract, right? © after-hours 2016
OCEANS {MUKE AF} ✔ by dreamparadise
A mermaid that lives on the colder parts of the ocean can't stay long enough in warm waters and vice versa but this two lovers will find a way to stay alive while still...
About Time//Muke by astral5sos
About Time//Mukeby astral5sos
A spin off of Baby Girl sharing Muke's side of things
starring role- muke by purefivesos
starring role- mukeby cas
"you don't love me, big fucking deal. i'll never tell you how i feel." in which the new student and the well-known theater geek get the starring roles in thei...
dark grey  by coffeeshopluke
dark grey by lu boo
"Everyone else gets screaming white ecstasy but Luke only gets suffocating dark grey" aka the one where luke is asexual (muke au)
apartment 3B ; muke boyxboy by pokemonmgc
apartment 3B ; muke boyxboyby pokemonmgc
where luke has a deep infatuation with the boy in apartment 3B disclaimer: luke is 5'4" michael is 6'0"
reality- muke by purefivesos
reality- mukeby cas
in which michael is spawned into a dystopian world all because of a wish made at 11:11 pm.
Loving Luke | muke [c] by mukecorner
Loving Luke | muke [c]by jules
"Destiny doesn't always go to plan and it's okay not to know where to go from where you are now. Everyone gets lost sometimes and looking for your way out can be a...
philophobia || muke by okaygrimes
philophobia || mukeby okaygrimes
and you love, love, love, when you know i can't love you. where michael is afraid to fall in love with luke and luke find's michael perfect. based on love love love by...
romeo & romeo <<>> muke au by cuddlingirwiin
romeo & romeo > muke auby cuddlingirwiin
let's just say things aren't all that great when the asshole meets the drama geek.
Princess // Muke au by mukesandwich
Princess // Muke auby mukesandwich
Me: Adam I need to tell you something Unknown number: Who is Adam? Me: Don't fuck with me bro this is serious Unknown number: For real, I'm Michael. + I'm a pretty good...
Black, White and a little Color by HighFiveUrFace
Black, White and a little Colorby HighFiveUrFace
The world is black and white until You find your soulmate. MUKE AU
Tearing At The Seams • Muke au by Drivee_luke
Tearing At The Seams • Muke auby Drivee_luke
"What if this is just a dream and we haven't woken up yet?" He asks. I look over at him, but he's not looking at me. I think over his question. I think about...
Dear Michael ; muke (BOOK 2) by Rudemgc
Dear Michael ; muke (BOOK 2)by Rudemgc
That's all Luke felt.. Everything is his fault. BOOK 2 {Sequel to Dear Luke} •☹©∞✓
demons - muke by flannelshirtirwin
demons - mukeby liz
Michael and Luke were in a band, everything was going smoothly until Michael owed money to someone and was killed as payment. Luke couldn't handle it, he did anything to...