nsfw muke smut by lovemelrh
nsfw muke smutby —spooky szn
"it don't matter, be combative or be sweet cherry pie it don't matter just as long as i get all you tonight..." -started dec 2017 💫 -works arent mine unless s...
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • michaelclifford
  • gay
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Dude, We're Just Broskies || Cashton by kelliclashton
Dude, We're Just Broskies || meow
In which Ashton and Calum kiss, cuddle and look at each other naked. No homo though.
  • cashton
  • nohomo
  • highschoolsweethearts
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SPLOTCHES {muke} by iwritealott
SPLOTCHES {muke}by iwritealott
IN A WORLD WHERE BLACK SYMBOLS DICTATE SOULMATES. - mpreg!muke au - soulmate!au - lowercase intended - teenage!michael adult!luke - started; september 2016 - ended abr...
  • luke
  • muke
  • âu
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The Affair || Muke/Mashton ✔ by kelliclashton
The Affair || Muke/Mashton ✔by meow
In which Michael and Ashton are in a relationship. Then Luke comes into the picture.
  • fluff
  • mashton
  • 5sosfanfic
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muke oneshots by youreahugedontstop
muke oneshotsby slow down, jellybean
mostly angst oops {lowercase intended} | © youreahugedontstop, 2017-2018 |
  • topmichael
  • 5sos
  • michaelclifford
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muke one shots by wildflowermuke
muke one shotsby mads
a series of one chapter stories about luke and michael
  • muke
  • 5sos
  • michaelandluke
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One Shots (Muke) by pastelpunkmuke
One Shots (Muke)by Sam
Muke one shots because they are my happiness. + means smut * means triggering subjects like abuse, depression etc. © 2017 | pastelpunkmuke | all rights reserved.
  • wattys2018
  • muke
  • gay
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Advice//muke by lousypunks
Advice//mukeby world princess part II
A story in which Luke Hemmings seeks relationship advice from his best friend, Michael Clifford. (cover by postermgc !!!)
  • hemmings
  • summer
  • mukeclemmings
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Kinky ✩ muke // sequel to Dirty by wastedheartmuke
Kinky ✩ muke // sequel to Dirtyby lucija
Luke finds a list of kinks Michael wants to try. sequel to Dirty, smut book top!Michael © wastedheartmuke, 2016 - in the process of editing
  • boyxboy
  • lukehemmings
  • muke
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bro ; muke af by aesthteicalum
bro ; muke afby queen b
"hey, bro." "i'm your boyfriend and you called me bro?" "yeah." in which michael and luke are a couple but apparently according to his team...
  • lukehemmings
  • clifford
  • michaelfanfiction
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Shh // Muke by GalaxyCat10
Shh // Mukeby Pepe
Luke Hemmings is the schools most popular boy. He's the captain of the hockey team and the hottest boy in the school. Michael Clifford is labeled as the schools freak...
  • muteism
  • topluke
  • boyxboy
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fwb ; muke by blackveilmuke
fwb ; mukeby bvm
love doesn't play by the rules
  • michaelcifford
  • lukehemmings
  • mukeclemmings
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I'm not a girl/ Muke Clemmings by Muke_Stynlinson
I'm not a girl/ Muke Clemmingsby Muke_Stynlinson
Donde Luke se enamora de su ''Escritora'' favorita de Wattpad. O Donde Luke cree que Michael es una chica.
  • ashtonirwin
  • lukehemmings
  • michaelclifford
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mikey boo ; muke by blackveilmuke
mikey boo ; mukeby bvm
never too young to fall in love
  • mukeclemmings
  • clemmings
  • hemmings
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muke one shots by sasshton
muke one shotsby ash
i suck at finishing stories, so why not make a one shot book? ____ highest ranking: #1 in clemmings x2
  • lukehemmings
  • mgc
  • michaelclifford
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Muke Clemmings by Skybladess
Muke Clemmingsby Sky Bladess
Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings
  • mukesmut
  • calumhood
  • michaelclifford
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Luke Therapy • muke by methmuke
Luke Therapy • mukeby ya boi M.
In which Luke was sent to cheer Michael up. - ©methmuke2015
  • clifford
  • calum
  • sad
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Save Me From Myself ✖️Muke by sk8rgrl76
Save Me From Myself ✖️Mukeby Katie
Luke Hemmings is fine, at least that's what he tells himself. Ever since the band found out about Luke's boyfriend abusing him they are walking on eggshells around him...
  • disorder
  • wattys2018
  • self
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lovely | muke  by wildflowermuke
lovely | muke by mads
In which luke's window is across from michael's but things aren't as they seem. fem!luke
  • hemmings
  • muke
  • lukehemmings
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Faker | Muke by 1995mgc
Faker | Mukeby bethany
"What do you mean Michael was seen with another guy?" Luke asked, looking over at Calum with furrowed brows and hurt expression. "That doesn't make sense...
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • 5sos
  • michaelclifford
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