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Teach Me || Muke by UniversalBooty
Teach Me || Mukeby Kate the Great
"I don't know how to date!" He shouted. "I need you to teach me, Luke. Help me. You're my only hope." Michael is trapped in an uncomfortable situatio...
masturbate ∇ muke by interfere
masturbate ∇ mukeby ♡
michael can't keep his hands off himself. and luke, well he doesn't even touch himself. _ sunday april 12th, 2015
PCD || Muke ✓ by malumdictionary
PCD || Muke ✓by lee
Michael and Luke just can't seem to get a long because Michael couldn't understand how Luke was always horny and Luke couldn't understand why Michael always seemed so sa...
voices. • the third book in the mute. series • muke au by michaels_cheezburger
voices. • the third book in the <3carlee<3
The voices in Michael's head made him do it. Michael loves Luke. But Luke isn't so sure anymore. THIRD BOOK IN THE MUTE SERIES. MUST READ MUTE. AND SPEAK. BEFORE {h...
Forever {Cashton 5SOS} by butterflyash
Forever {Cashton 5SOS}by no.
Ashton has never been the happiest and has never thought highly of himself, but soon he learns being famous, while it can be great at times, has its down sides. He gets...
listen. • the fourth book in the mute. series • muke au by michaels_cheezburger
listen. • the fourth book in the <3carlee<3
Michael would do anything for his family. He would kill, and he has. Luke would do anything for his family. He would let the love of his life go, and he has. (#137 in...
Hatred // Muke by adorately
Hatred // Mukeby Baguette Squad!!!
» Muke Clemmings High School AU « {in editing - 6/22} Luke and Michael absolutely despise each other. No, scratch that; they hate each other. Luke loves making Michael's...
SPILL  :  muke by bitchionfuckinknow
SPILL : mukeby sisi
luke's a big time author travelling all over america, discovering himself, with his best friend to try and find a place to call home. michael's a fan who lives in new yo...
Cracked Ice || Muke || mpreg ✓ by malumdictionary
Cracked Ice || Muke || mpreg ✓by lee
Both boys were close to getting the gold, whether it be getting drafted into the NHL or skating in 2016 Olympics in South Korea, but it's hard to keep moving forward whe...
From the House of a Broken Home » Muke by ashflxtchr
From the House of a Broken Home » teskana
Luke is lost. That's really the only simple way to put it. After his brother's death, Luke has lost all hope of happiness and belief in love. Well, that is until he me...
Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔] by dreamparadise
Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔]by L.
❝Forget everything you believed about mermaids, mate.❞ merman!michael captain!luke [COMPLETED ✔] [SHORT STORY/ MERMAID AU] © 2016, dreamparadise. All Rights Reserved.
Silver Dust || Muke by malumdictionary
Silver Dust || Mukeby lee
Luke wanted nothing more than to see his wings shimmer but he hated the person that made them shine.
ghost *° muke by sadcastaways
ghost *° mukeby arianne
ghosts? luke thinks that they don't exist and they're just imaginations. but his perspective changed when he met michael who's what we call a ghost.
I Need You || Muke (on hiatus) by greetthewolf
I Need You || Muke (on hiatus)by greetthewolf
Luke and Michael had always been best friends, but after Luke's 18th birthday, they discover something more. When they confess how they really feel about each other, the...
same difference // muke fanfic by abbbygabbby
same difference // muke fanficby abbbygabbby
the differences between us make us all the same.
Again|| [ѕєqυєℓ тσ мαувє||ℓαѕнтση] by eclipsemgc
Again|| [ѕєqυєℓ тσ мαувє||ℓαѕнтση]by tyler joseph enthusiast!!
In which Luke met a boy named Michael, who had a bit of a record. [COMPLETED]
Pizza Boy by lukehemminx
Pizza Boyby lukehemminx
❝I'll blow you for a free pizza❞ ❝Didn't know this was part of the job❞