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Fighting the hurricane (x kaiju child reader) by Reaper-fire
Fighting the hurricane (x kaiju Reaper-fire
When the kaiju invaded from an alien universe at the pacific rim we were nearly whipped out, but we created our own monsters to fight The jeagers We fought for years, a...
The Reckoning  ( Godzilla Ultima x kaiju girls ) by dabi-blueflames24
The Reckoning ( Godzilla Ultima touya todoroki
After being awoken just before ghidorahs invasion, singular point goji then decides to join godzilla and her friends in the fight against ghidorah and her team of mechas...
Rejecting Kaiju Girls x Rejected OC Fox Kaiju by Jazz2064
Rejecting Kaiju Girls x Rejected Jazz2064
This is a different version of my other fox Kaiju story.
Kaiju Girls X Male Reader - One Shots by AndrewAssassins
Kaiju Girls X Male Reader - One AndrewAssassins
Kaiju girls was made by alex the hunted i just made this for fun here is the link of the media kick starter:
An Old Ally by LegendaryGodzilla14
An Old Allyby LegendaryGodzilla14
The Earth Defenders are on the Ropes against Queen Ghidorah and her Army, yet there is still hope as an Old force awakens.
Kaiju love by Dino_Squad
Kaiju loveby にげるんだよ!!!
Godzilla and Mothra have known each other since they were kids. But as they got older they start getting feelings maybe more than friends. But what happens when some oth...
Cᴏʟᴅ•Bʟᴏᴏᴅᴇᴅ // 𝙂𝙤𝙙𝙯𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖 x̺͆ 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧 by Gecko5000
Cᴏʟᴅ•Bʟᴏᴏᴅᴇᴅ // 𝙂𝙤𝙙𝙯𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖 ◺ G☰☾ƙ$ ◿
Your parents had died during the battle between Ghidorah and Godzilla. However, Mark sought to take you in as a daughter of his own, however he forbids you from joining...
Godzilla: I Am Become Death (Female Godzilla x Male Reader) by LordAuthor259
Godzilla: I Am Become Death ( LordAuthor259
We all have lives, we all have our own little worlds, and sometimes we have people who are our world, but what happens when that's all taken away? Do you know how it fee...
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots|♡} by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader Skyler1836
Art cover made by clevzx!anyways,enjoy with you're kaiju boyfriend or girlfriend,requests closed for now,sorry! Requests are back!
Left For Dead (A Kaiju Girls X OC FOX Kaiju Story) by Jazz2064
Left For Dead (A Kaiju Girls X Jazz2064
After being left for dead after a centuries of loyal servitude to Queen Guidorah. Vulpen decided to go into hiding on earth from other Kaiju while finding out about his...
the black swordsman  by Alastor6376
the black swordsman by The Wanted Samurai
Born into a life of struggle, and pain, Hiro or "Guts" a fallen Ruler finds himself in an even weirder situation. From demons, monsters and Rulers to Kaiju gir...
Remnant's King Vol 1-3 (Godzilla x RWBY) by AxeTheRat04
Remnant's King Vol 1-3 (Godzilla Jose
images used in book do not belong to me, as well my writing may suck. Many spelling errors, also damn autocorrect. All characters of rwby belong to roosterteeth. As well...
Female kaijus x reader oneshots by TylerTysonBlackout
Female kaijus x reader oneshotsby Ray Afton & Emma emily
these are oneshots they could be human you could be human you both could be human you could be students,Workers,Or highschoolers,Or just humans with no job it could be...
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots 2|♡} by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader Skyler1836
Cover art is not mine! credits to the original artist,anyways this is book 2 from my previous book {♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots|♡} if you had read it here i...
The  Fox Kaiju by Jazz2064
The Fox Kaijuby Jazz2064
Titanus Vulpes, otherwise known as Vulpen, was not as strong as the other kaiju (in their minds) or the biggest nether (size don't matter). This caused them all to ignor...
A King of Monsters in DXD by RobertQuasar
A King of Monsters in DXDby RobertQuasar
The supernatural have always disregarded the beings of the natural world, seeing them as powerless and weak. But when an ancient evil is awakened and sets out to destroy...
Light of the Moon by itzkevinbitsh
Light of the Moonby Kevin_Ghidorah
When King Ghidorah returned to ounce again challenge Godzilla to the throne, he was defeated by Godzilla, mothra and another member of Ghidorah's species, Moonhidora. Du...
Lucky Dragon(My Hero Academia Crossover) by BeastsofDarkness
Lucky Dragon(My Hero Academia BeastsofDarkness
A young boy is found floating in the middle of the Pacific ocean, still breathing but without memory. After a few years he is enrolled into UA,begining his journey to be...
Shota Godzilla Adventures with Queen Ghidorah and Mothra by Unthinkable175
Shota Godzilla Adventures with Estatic Think
In a world where some humans are known for some differences, they were called Kaiju (due to their looks). They have no origin, but most are closely related and even frie...
The Earth's Messenger (Monsterverse x Male OC) by SoryuSigma
The Earth's Messenger ( SoryuSigma
A survivor of the 2014 monster attack, young Adam Conrad enlists in Monarch to research the Titans, specifically the one known as Godzilla. After a stranger encounter wi...