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Monsterverse : Omega by CaucasusBeetle
Monsterverse : Omegaby CaucasusBeetle
You got isekai to Monsterverse as Doug. Don't worry though, you have evolution trait through eating.
Lucky Dragon(My Hero Academia Crossover) by BeastsofDarkness
Lucky Dragon(My Hero Academia BeastsofDarkness
A young boy is found floating in the middle of the Pacific ocean, still breathing but without memory. After a few years he is enrolled into UA,begining his journey to be...
Godzilla: rise of evil by Nwoliver2
Godzilla: rise of evilby Nwoliver2
After his battle with MechaGodzilla and team-up with Kong. Godzilla descends into the ocean only to pass out from his wounds and wind up in a Disney world of all places...
Son of Kong by Gojira_2008
Son of Kongby Gojira_2008
The Titans were the Gaurdians of Nature, and the Great Apes became the Protectors of Humanity. Then came Kai.
The Emerald Beast (Monsterverse x Pokémon Crossover) by Chromium_5461
The Emerald Beast (Monsterverse Chromium_5461
"That was when, as if drawn by the brilliance, a Pokémon that shone in a blazing emerald hue descended from the heavens... That Pokémon was none other than Rayquaza...
GODZILLA: Transformation  by Kaiju_Queen
GODZILLA: Transformation by Kaiju_Queen
Godzilla is turned human, so to speak, after a successful procedure by Monarch without the US government's permission. Now that the King of the monsters had been success...
Raising Kaiju by SoberCupcake
Raising Kaijuby SoberCupcake
Godzilla and Mothra are undoubtedly the King and Queen of Monsters, but they also happen to become the caregivers of young titans that will one day protect the Earth. Of...
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots|♡} by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader Skyler1836
Art cover made by clevzx!anyways,enjoy with you're kaiju boyfriend or girlfriend,requests closed for now,sorry! Requests are back!
The Kaijus Girls Little Immortal Boy by Meme-master
The Kaijus Girls Little Immortal Meme-master
This is a story about a young boy who grew up in Japan that is cursed with immortality, join him as his life gets more interesting as it continues.
{be one else's...}(ON HOLD) by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{be one else's...}(ON Skyler1836
Avery a young 22 year old zooligist had traveled in explore it's enviroment and animals...tho what happens if some kaijus suddenly had a sick obsession on her...
The Princess Of The Monsters  by xoxo_natylie
The Princess Of The Monsters by Natylie Bautista
Jasmine Serizawa is the adopted daughter of Ishirõ Serizawa. She has been working at Monarch with her adopted father. But Serizawa knows who her biological parents are...
An Heir to the Throne (GodzillaxMothra fanfic) by CookiesnCreme001
An Heir to the Throne ( CookiesnCreme001
Monarch religiously monitors the godlike kaiju that inhabit our planet. Though their studies peak as they discover the king and queen, Godzilla and Mothra, have produced...
The Legendary Hero (An Earth Defense Force Fencer Male Reader x Kaijuverse) by GodzillaLegendaryRPG
The Legendary Hero (An Earth Godzilla's Grandfather
A high-ranking fencer from the EDF(Earth Defense Force) franchise in a Walking Fortress Balam(Pacific Rim-like giant-ass mech and pretend it's near Godzilla sized) was a...
Mothra x Dragon Reader One-shot by Cinders1soul
Mothra x Dragon Reader One-shotby Cinders1soul
A collection of Mothra x Reader Oneshot scenarios, this mostly takes place in a hybrid MonsterVerse, but sometimes I'll do specific universes. usually an update in 4 to...
Remnants Queen Of Monsters by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Remnants Queen Of Monstersby NeverTheLess
After a battle with Godzilla against King Ghidorah, Mothra dies. With no egg to continue the cycle, she is reborn in a new world to start life from the vary beginning fo...
Kaiju & Kaiju Girls Oneshots by E_dd-is-Here
Kaiju & Kaiju Girls Oneshotsby E_dd
I feel like people who really love Godzilla and Kaiju Girls on WattPad either make a Oneshot story about one or the other. But, instead I'm doing both, because screw it...
titans of the archipelago  by wildgodzilla
titans of the archipelago by wild godzilla
after the events of gxk the titans are resting from the battle with both each other and the battle with the monster that was the star king a mysterious portal sucks up G...
The Moth Warrior  by RealityOfMadness11
The Moth Warrior by RealityOfMadness11
Just a moth passing by a valley to the Dragon Warrior.
♡ More Than Symbiotic ♡ by TheAverageHybrid
♡ More Than Symbiotic ♡by Average Person
Godzilla x Mothra 💙 Don't judge me! I'm back in my Godzilla faze since Minus One and New Empire just came out 🥳 All Kaiju are from the Warner Brothers/Legendary/Toho...
How did I get to this? Y/N x Harem of Kaiju Girls and Pacífic Rim Fem by aphanex779xd
How did I get to this? Y/N x aphanex779xd
Before you start reading, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you read the following 1:It's my first story, it's not going to be a masterpiece and it will probably have grammatica...