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Rodarah Fluff by Trashy_Potato_Boi
Rodarah Fluffby Ha! Gae
I noticed a severe lack of Rodarah fanfiction, so here I am to save the day ;3 We may be a minority in the Godzilla community but we shall not be defeated! So yea, just...
Kevin : The One Headed Friend by itzkevinbitsh
Kevin : The One Headed Friendby Kevin_Ghidorah
About 5 years after KOTM (In this AU, GvK never happened), All 3 heads of Ghidorah wake up as their own separate bodies, however instead of being the hulking 500 foot ta...
Galaxy of Monsters (Godzilla/Steven Universe crossover) by Legens_Legentis80
Galaxy of Monsters (Godzilla/ Legens_Legentis80
The mission was seemingly routine. A colony somewhere in the Milky Way had mysteriously gone inactive, forcing a group of ragtag Gems to investigate on behalf of Homewor...
Madison x little sister reader by lancegirl99
Madison x little sister readerby lancegirl99
this is my first story (Godzilla king of the monsters story) what if Andrew wasn't the only sibling for Madison meet Y/n Russel Madison Russel's 3 year old sister Madiso...
An Alpha's Rise (Astrid X Ghidoran Shifter Reader) by RyanJersey
An Alpha's Rise (Astrid X Ryan Jersey
Ghidorah unleashed, a man with three personalities to show for it. Will Astrid be able to calm him and the beast within.
My Edge (Monsterverse x Khanivore reader x Kaiju Girls) by Eastern_dragondingo
My Edge (Monsterverse x E_dd
(Took some inspiration from @PlasmaBolt3o5's "The Strongest There Is", and this will be the first time I actually am writing a story with Kaiju Girls :D. Here'...
A King is a father by OptimuaPrima
A King is a fatherby Optimua Prima
Godzilla becomes a father, which soon he becomes a grandfather of four hybrid babies. There names are First hatched Ghira Female Black body with gold and black marking...
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots 2|♡} by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader Skyler1836
Cover art is not mine! credits to the original artist,anyways this is book 2 from my previous book {♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots|♡} if you had read it here i...
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots|♡} by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader Skyler1836
Art cover made by clevzx!anyways,enjoy with you're kaiju boyfriend or girlfriend,requests closed for now,sorry! Requests are back!
{be one else's...}(ON HOLD) by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{be one else's...}(ON Skyler1836
Avery a young 22 year old zooligist had traveled in explore it's enviroment and animals...tho what happens if some kaijus suddenly had a sick obsession on her...
The Invincible IronMan and The Kaiju Girls by Meme-master
The Invincible IronMan and The Meme-Lord
This is the story of a teenager with a lot of Kaijus as girl friends
Bernard, The-Hard-to-Destroy-Kaiju (Kaiju Girls OC) by RedUnkownTheropod
Bernard, RedUnkownTheropod
Human/SCP-682 Kaiju OC for Kaiju Girls scenarios and similars Kaiju Girls belongs to alexthehunted SCP belongs to SCP community DustTale belongs to Ask DustTale Underta...
Son of Ghidorah by rexthetrex01
Son of Ghidorahby Rex the tyrannosaurus rex
Ghidorah Jr was the only son of Ghidorah and was trapped in Antarctica a few feet away from where his father was frozen during the events of 2019 Jr was freed from his i...
Shota Godzilla Adventures with Queen Ghidorah and Mothra by Unthinkable175
Shota Godzilla Adventures with Estatic Think
In a world where some humans are known for some differences, they were called Kaiju (due to their looks). They have no origin, but most are closely related and even frie...
You caused me Pain, Pain creates Monsters by LegendaryGodzilla14
You caused me Pain, Pain creates LegendaryGodzilla14
All he'd wanted was to secure his chance, to ensure he wasn't going to be left behind. But instead, she came along at the worst possible time, and now he was out of the...
A mechanical kaiju: Reborn by A_Simple_M1A2
A mechanical kaiju: Rebornby M1A2 Abrams
Control... Isn't that why everyone fights? Godzilla fights to be an alpha, to control the others. King ghidorah... my 'brothers' fought godzilla for that control. Kong d...
KAIJU FUN (Kaiju Girls x OC) by SuperUniversal10
KAIJU FUN (Kaiju Girls x OC)by SuperUniversal10
basically Girls have fun with their Human (Kaiju Girls One Shot)
Son Of Godzilla by tyler2706
Son Of Godzillaby Tyler Kelly
He NEVER saw this coming, at all...after infiltration of the secret Himalayan base Apex built, Monarch and Godzilla uncover it's disturbing and shocking secrets but also...
Madison's 3 headed King (Madison Russel X King Ghidorah) by itzkevinbitsh
Madison's 3 headed King (Madison Kevin_Ghidorah
Madison accidentally gets left behind when Emma and her team get onboard their escape osprey and begin flying off to activate the Orca and awaken Ghidorah. During his aw...