Psychopath by That_Girl_Dimple
Psychopathby That_Girl_Dimple
"What's it like loving a psychopath?" "It's like loving the devil." ~
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Band Imagines by mediagirl94
Band Imaginesby Beth Robinson
Band Imagines! Because why the hell not! I'm not picky when it comes to band *NO 1D FOR THE LOVE OF GOD* so I'm pretty open :)
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You Know You're Emo When by fueledbyjohnlock
You Know You're Emo Whenby gay ships amirite
i bet you can relate ;)
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Emo Band Imagines by lovelyJudge
Emo Band Imaginesby sudi
Lots of emo bands. Currently trying to update more and faster. Enjoy reading the imagines. All imagined are X-reader. If you'd like to, leave a vote and a comment. For r...
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Band Imagines by mediagirl94
Band Imaginesby Beth Robinson
Band Imagines! Because why the hell not! I'm not picky when it comes to band *NO 1D FOR THE LOVE OF GOD* so I'm pretty open :) *REQUESTS CLOSED*
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Song quotes by lukeismyidiot
Some of my favourite song quotes <3
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emo memes by alviiita
emo memesby Alvita Kl
title says it all :D
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Sad Quotes by rosielovesmcr
Sad Quotesby .
None of these quotes are mine TW
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Red and White Flags || Oliver Sykes by _totally_cliche_
Red and White Flags || Oliver Sykesby _totally_cliche_
Is that all you're going to do. Just stare at the damn ground. Your daughter is in the same fucking bus as you, and you just chose to stare at the ground she walks on?&q...
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Smash Or Pass Band Members  by xXBloodyRiotXx
Smash Or Pass Band Members by Kirstin Biersack
okay here is the of smash or pass but band member edition so here how the game work each picture of the band member just simply say in the comments smash or pass see it'...
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Broken Rules Oliver Sykes X reader (sequel to New Home at Last) by KilljoyX10
Broken Rules Oliver Sykes X Squidgy!
It's been five years since I've performed at Vans Warped Tour, but this time I'm in my own band, my dad's band is obviously coming as well, it was great, I got to see my...
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Bring Me The Horizon Preferences  by caitisneckdeep
Bring Me The Horizon Preferences by C a i t
A set of Bring Me The Horizon preferences for the fans of Bring Me The Horizon ☠️
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Toxic // O.S by _Eternally_Damned_
Toxic // O.Sby Eternal Masquerade
While backstage at a BMTH concert Britney and Oliver bumped into each other. Oliver doesn't realize that this girl with blonde wavy hair, pale skin, and blue eye just so...
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Cold Blooded // Fransykes by mr_syko
Cold Blooded // Fransykesby ♡TILLI♡
Josh Franceschi, the guy that dosen't give two damns about anyone, a gang leader, a true criminal mastermind. What does he do when he comes back into contact with a boy...
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Guess The Band Member [Completed] by itssavanah00
Guess The Band Member [Completed]by ||-//
Guess the band member in the comments
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Fuentes or Sykes? (Pierce The Veil/Bring Me The Horizon) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Fuentes or Sykes? (Pierce The Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Horizon, the adopted little sister of the Fuentes brothers wonders why her family gave her up... Vic & Mike know the truth about Horizon's birth family but f...
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Midnight Snack (Motionless In White/Ricky Horror) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Midnight Snack (Motionless In Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Chris is a centuries-old vampire, a myth around town. But Chris isn't as monstrous as people make him out to be, he's lonely and wants some company. Rose has...
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band texts [frerard, perrentes, cashby, kellic, jalex, & more] by helenasyko
band texts [frerard, perrentes, helena
these are probably real lmao » will contain boyxboy and in one case, girlxgirl so if you're not okay with that then wtf r u doing on the internet » the ships in this b...
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Without You || Oliver Sykes by MaryJanexbmth
Without You || Oliver Sykesby MaryJane P.
MaryJane, is a 17 year old that just moved to a new school. Hoping to forget about the past and start over. But she certainly didn't expect to meet a mysterious tattooed...
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Drugs (Perrentes) by Lyriclirious
Drugs (Perrentes)by Sleepy Otōsan, Niko
Tony Perry is a tattoo artist by day. A drug slinger by night. Mike Fuentes is a ring leader of a massive drug cartel. What happens when there jobs cross paths? . . . Di...
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