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Billionaire's Dirty Mistress  by simplylush
Billionaire's Dirty Mistress by Nikki
"Y-you can't be there for me?" Davina asked taking a step back, her hands shaking by her side. "W-what do you m-mean?" "It means that I don't w...
In Nora of Lancaster is dead, but her legacy lives on through Marie of Burgundy, the Tudor's ward, and Princess Katherine Tudor, the eldest daughter of Lizbeth of York a...
smuts by priyafantasyworld01
smutsby priyafantasyworld01
Take your holy water with you Enjoy reading Warning Adult content Not for people below 18 English is not my first language
I Hate You by Soonu12
I Hate Youby Soonu12
"I'm just taking what is rightfully mine, there's no force in it sweetheart " he said holding me down . "Mathew you always have your way with me -" ...
Slave of my Wife ❤ And Family by AshuSharma341
Slave of my Wife ❤ And Familyby Ashu Sharma
It's gonna make you Wet! Serving my wife and her family, with the only desire in heart to make thier life easier. It has a lot of feet femdom and domination stuff. A No...
Mistress Mine  by Lina_sindinaver
Mistress Mine by Lina Sindinaver
CHAPTER FIVE IS PRIVATE. You'll have to follow me to be able to read it. #3 in fxm #1 in owner Suzanna Cruz is gifted with a slave boy she hasn't asked for, nor wanted. ...
Once a Wife [English Version] by ShadowlessPersona
Once a Wife [English Version]by espersona 🌸
Once a wife but now, a mistress. ----- Formerly known as "The Mistress"
Hard To Love by certainlynotjennie
Hard To Loveby Poom Ka
》》Past "It was only sex, Roseanne" Jisoo told her. "And nobody gets pregnant after the first time" she added as she went to change her clothes. And...
The Ultimate Hero Duo by Ironprime100
The Ultimate Hero Duoby Ironprime100
Y/n L/n bens best friend through school is tagging along on a summer trip till their summer gets more exciting and intense as they face many challenges as move along the...
Miss Ruby by RubyAbstract
Miss Rubyby RubyAbstract
She wants to be called "Mistress". He wants to be called "Her Good Boy". She hypnotized him. He fell into her trap. She's superior. He's inferior. Sh...
Madeline by kanne53
Madelineby kanne53
As the fifth daughter of a man who only values sons, Madeline has grown up unloved, neglected, and forbidden from the one thing she loves. She never knew her mother and...
He Doesn't Remember by MariMitchellBaker
He Doesn't Rememberby MariMitchellBaker
A car accident changed her life. H He was her husband. She was his wife. The last six years of his memories were gone. They met four years ago. He doesn't remember. ©Co...
Baby Boy. by BunnyisaFairy
Baby Boy.by Bunnys are cute🙄🫶
The world is different. Littles, caregivers, pets, masters, submissives, dominants, are just neutral things now. It's normal to see them around, in fact, everyone gets a...
All the Mistress' Money  by msm_erotica
All the Mistress' Money by Mirror Secret Mirror
Dawn finds out about her husbands mistress and regrets it... Or does she?
MY BROTHER'S WIFE (Jenlisa) by CookieDLC28
MY BROTHER'S WIFE (Jenlisa)by Brix Dela cruz
Maxzelle Montejano, a chickmagnet and a straight woman-Bender yet the ultimate player and panty ripper. She was definitely their family blacksheep, Totally the opposite...
Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight by PoisonRosie
Meet Me In The Pale Moonlightby PoisonRosie
Rated R: Sexual content, drugs, and language Nineteen year old Marina falls in love with a man more than twice her age. Something no one would approve of, especially his...
My Husband's Brother (BWWM) by BorderlineEmotional
My Husband's Brother (BWWM)by BorderlineEmotional
What happens when Shane Valentine finds out that her fiancé of no less than a week is already having a affair? Who will she run to? Will she be able to love again? Fi...
Miss Misunderstood (English) by WysteriaShin
Miss Misunderstood (English)by Wysteria Shin
Elyana's husband cheated because she couldn't conceive. She promptly filed for divorce and decided to go back to the Philippines. Going back to the place where she grew...
Spirit Of Old Wife by Rovina6356
Spirit Of Old Wifeby Rovina Parambil
The story is about a wife who saw his husband cheating on her with his young dazzling secretary. She oaths to take revenge on him and summoned a ghostly figure. See what...
The Divorced Queen by Mayflower86
The Divorced Queenby Mayflower86
"Your Majesty! Listen to me, I didn't do it!" I yelled desperately. "Tanhya I'm tired. Your jealousy clearly knows no bounds." "Someone is fra...