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Sofia would rather be a mistress than be a wife who stays at home and does all the house chores.She believes a wife is maid who only benefits from a man,ie sex,children...
HIS MISTRESS by Dwriteroriginal
HIS MISTRESSby Dwriteroriginal
"How could you betray me like this, I thought you said I was your one and only lover...you didn't tell me you had a wife??!!" she asked as tears dropped down h...
My ENTRY by GreyshaTee
My ENTRYby April Grace
His Other Woman  by Rosepearly111
His Other Woman by Roselyn John
"I've been horny since I stepped foot into your office Mr Alessandro and I'm not leaving until you do something about it" I say crossing my arms over my chest...
What if you have to sell your virtue to buy happiness for your family. Come and join the roller coaster ride in the journey of the Business Tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada...
INFIDELITY (18+) (my cheater husband) by Wiyatiouytds
INFIDELITY (18+) (my cheater husba...by memories
In this story, viyan husband of Vani cheating on his wife for 2 years with his secretary diya ,as he falls out of love , one day she found out her husband cheating on...
The Prince and The Dragon by kyrniella
The Prince and The Dragonby Daniella T.S.
Mighty dragons used to roam the earth freely and, contracts bonded them with each race, however, as time passed on, these contracts took no effect as corrupted minds tri...
My husband's girlfriend  by Wiyatiouytds
My husband's girlfriend by memories
this is the story of Arya , wife of abhay sharma , who loves his girlfriend and they are together for 7 years, Arya and abhay grandparents made a will in which they both...
The Runaway Mistress  by shewritesmelody
The Runaway Mistress by Serineria Serenade
"You were mine from the moment you sold your soul to me. Even if you run away again, I will pursue you even into the depths of the abyss," -Zachary Grey Sulliv...
Gay One-Shots by Vercchhe
Gay One-Shotsby Vercchhe
Just some Content for my Horny H0es (You can make requests)
The Billionaire's Paramour by FujoDreamer
The Billionaire's Paramourby FujoDreamer
When a simple maid became the Billionaire's kept woman. Taglish Story.
FORBIDDEN LOVE  ( In Hinglish) by Wiyatiouytds
FORBIDDEN LOVE ( In Hinglish)by memories
This is a story about a woman in her late twneties who cheated back on her cheating husband with her father in law . this story is about forbidden relationship. read o...
Vendetta  by noireja_
Vendetta by KHADIJAT 🌻𝒦𝒽𝒶𝒹𝒾𝒿𝒶𝓉
In the city's darkest corners, a legacy of power awaits... Meet Sebastian Cyro, a man with a smile as charming as his calculations are ruthless. He's the prince of a cri...
Muse of a Mistress  by JakeWins72
Muse of a Mistress by Jake Winslow
What is it like to immerse yourself in your own kinks? As fun in real life as it is in your head? Follow me down the rabbit hole and decide for yourself...... Feel free...
More than words can say and hands can hold  by xoxPrincessxox763
More than words can say and hands...by xoxPrincessxox .
Daisy Owen's is a small world, small life girl. She doesn't have interest for much, her simple job and simple sanctuary of music is her life line. Never knowing more tha...
Harleys BOOT Domination  by Bootslovers
Harleys BOOT Domination by Bootslovers
this is a Fanfic about Harley Quinn
We Were A Family by PashasCrate
We Were A Familyby Onur B.
Mariam and her pitiful family had immigrated to this European country. Fortune smiled on Mariam when she discovered a secret about her boss. But this fortune would chang...
Mistress Marx by Slothspeare
Mistress Marxby Slothspeare
Brought from the Philippines via Spain to fulfil an oppressor's dreams. Written and inspired by the style of Carol Ann Duffy's timeless classic compilation of poems, 'Th...
Revenge Marriage Sweet Love  by vairenethewriter
Revenge Marriage Sweet Love by Vairene
Cate's sister Rebecca had stolen her boyfriend Ethan and stripped her of her inheritance. Fueled by desire for revenge, a drunken Cate decided to seduce Ethan's handsome...
Mistress ll TAENNIE BOOK  by vantaejn2
Mistress ll TAENNIE BOOK by Kim taennie
"you will always be my number one" - taehyung whispers into the woman ears lying below him. in return the woman named Jennie rolled h...