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HATE (Taemin fanfic) by UnprettyKpoper
HATE (Taemin fanfic)by Gerda 🌸
Jaeun finds herself pregnant with the child of the person she hates the most.
What is love? by HayNiSaw
What is love?by Kim_Honey 🌼🌼
အရမ်းမုန်းတယ်.... ဒါပေမဲ့ အရမ်းလဲချစ်တယ်.................
Mr. I'MPERFECT || Vmin by sanonymousbaby
Mr. I'MPERFECT || Vminby sanonymousbaby
When a cold and broken CEO starts developing feelings for his childish P.A Top-Taehyung Bottom- Jimin Completed ✅
ဇနီးသည်က ထူးထူးဆန်းဆန်း ယောင်္ကျားပျိုတစ်ဦး by Chitpannjiji13
ဇနီးသည်က ထူးထူးဆန်းဆန်း ယောင်္ကျား...by ပန်ပန်
"နမ်းလို့မရပါဘူးလူကြီးမင်း! တစ်ကယ်အဲ့လိုလုပ်လို့မဖြစ်ပါဘူး!"
SHINee GroupChat {{Discontinued}} by SHINeesass
SHINee GroupChat {{Discontinued}}by yep
read the title, there ya go. honestly I don't know what this is. and I suck at writing.
Alpha's Bloodsucker | k.th + p.jm  by sagaskm
Alpha's Bloodsucker | k.th + p.jm by livie ♡
In a world where vampires and werewolves are each other's strongest rivals, what happens when a kicked out vampire boy comes to a village filled with werewolves unknowin...
MINE |  Jikook/Kookmin ff by 10969isha
MINE | Jikook/Kookmin ffby Isha
" I'm very possessive and selfish you know that .. YOURS IS MINE AND MINE IS MINE . He knows it very well , however he insists of wanting what is mine." &qu...
Baby boy - SHINee little space story by KinkyNasty
Baby boy - SHINee little space sto...by KinkyNasty
Where Taemin and Jonghyun are kidnapped to be littles for Jinki, Onew, Minho and Kibum. Start: 13/04/2020 Ends: --/--/--
♛Like Day and Night♛ (Jikook) [[COMPLETED]] by FuyuRain
♛Like Day and Night♛ (Jikook) [[CO...by ♛Jikook'sNeverland♛
❝Ya Park Jimin! Why are you s-stripping?!❞ ❝Can you not make it sound as if I'm not wearing anything? It's just my upper body, geez.❞ ❝Even so! Can you wear your shirt...
Criminal || Lee Taemin FF by _oifelixcomeherebro_
Criminal || Lee Taemin FFby _oifelixcomeherebro_
His voice echoes in my head all day long. That na na na melody that he's always murmuring rings in my ears. At first, his voice, his guns, they terrified me to death. No...
Vmin Oneshots by ruri07
Vmin Oneshotsby ruri07
Compilation of VMin Oneshot Started: 10/02/2021 Ended: 02/02/2023 #2 taemin #1 vminoneshots #1 minv #1 mintae #4 vmin
YOU (Namkook ft.Jimin) by btxt06
YOU (Namkook ft.Jimin)by Ami
[Completed] (14+ ) (Includes sexual scenes) I am Jeon Jungkook. One of the most popular and handsome guy in my school, or as they say. I have a crush. Jimin. Yes, he's...
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Bangtan Exposed //Namjin/Vminkook/Sope ff by JkTaeandJiminshipper
Bangtan Exposed //Namjin/Vminkook...by Jk+Tae+Jimin=♡
"Joonie, let's do a V Live!"......probably one of the worst decisions Kim Seokjin ever made. *Warnings* Smut Adorable Bangtan #1 Vlive - 4/10/23
FLINGS (2min vers.) by MelloChoco
FLINGS (2min vers.)by yo friend
Taemin is a 22 year-old, with no money issues. His father (step-father) is a CEO of one of Korea's biggest mall and his mother owns a pretty famous food chain that sells...
Big boy {VMIN} ✔️ by Minian-lips
Big boy {VMIN} ✔️by 💜 공주님 💜
"Are you fucking blind!? She fucking cheated on you in the first place! And not only with Jungkook! With almost the whole school and you didn't even noticed! She...
LOVE OR ATTRACTION (Taekook or Jikook ff??/ Taewoo?)Completed ✔ by Baekhyunielover_92
LOVE OR ATTRACTION (Taekook or Jik...by ℬ𝒶ℯ𝓀𝒽𝓎𝓊𝓃𝒾ℯ 𝓁ℴ𝓋ℯ𝓇᪥
❤ TAEKOOK OR JIKOOK??❤ Or TAEWOO ?? This story is of a beautiful friendship and a love story, suddenly one person questioned himself do I really love him or jus...
|ATTENTION|Jenlisa by Zemiraaaa_
|ATTENTION|Jenlisaby Zem
☝🏻 TO BE REVISED ☝🏻 Lisa give her all attention to Jennie but the latter seems not interested. Lisa is trying very hard to win Jennie's heart for almost 2 years alread...
𝗡𝗘𝗢 𝗭𝗢𝗡𝗘 // ɴᴄᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ by Neofrenzie
𝗡𝗘𝗢 𝗭𝗢𝗡𝗘 // ɴᴄᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍby Kayyyz
It's kill or be killed, "Can you do it"?
742 - Yoongi x reader by kray92
742 - Yoongi x readerby kray92
Y/N works at a busy coffee shop in the heart of Seoul. Each day at exactly 7:42am, she is greeted without fail by a suspiciously masked customer who orders the same blan...