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To Hell And Back  by JazzyVenecia46
To Hell And Back by ♕Jazmine♕
She was a member of The Shield. Dean and Roman were her older brothers, Seth was her first love. She risked her life at times for the three, only to be betrayed by them...
  • paige
  • drama
  • divaschampion
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A New Diva In Town! by SmileyMiley91
A New Diva In Town!by Miley Loveridge Reigns
This story is about a girl named Miley who is a new diva in the WWE and becomes best friend with Paige and All three Members Of The Shield. but she falls inlove with Rom...
  • romanreigns
  • raw
  • paige
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Still Into You by SmileyMiley91
Still Into Youby Miley Loveridge Reigns
Roman Reigns and Miley falls inlove with each other from doing a WWE love storyline with each other.
  • deanambrose
  • sashabanks
  • paige
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Those Eyes  by Mercedes_Devitt
Those Eyes by BO.SS.YD.EM.ON
I want to have a baby It would haunt her for years if not having one, but the thing is she doesn't just want a baby, she wants "Those Eyes".
  • ships
  • wwe
  • finnbalor
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Little Rollins *COMPLETED* by JazzyVenecia46
Little Rollins *COMPLETED*by ♕Jazmine♕
Megan Lopez a.k.a Ashley Rollins is a WWE Diva. She is making her return to the business after almost a year and a half of receiving injuries and getting her heart broke...
  • sethrollins
  • romanreigns
  • stephaniemcmahon
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wwe smut stories by cutie129
wwe smut storiesby Kristina Ambrose
comment for some smuts
  • sethrollins
  • deanambrose
  • romanreigns
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Joining Dance Moms (Your POV) by coshcupcakes
Joining Dance Moms (Your POV)by banana
"(Y/N), welcome to the ALDC." Who knew those were the words that could change your life forever. {imma be real honest here and say that this is not a good fanf...
  • brooke
  • paige
  • mackenzie
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The Almighty Child: A Charmed Fanfiction by poptastic749
The Almighty Child: A Charmed Lina
Leah Peters life is controlled by magic. She is what both the side of good and evil would call an abomination. Her mothers life was spent in hiding, and her fathers was...
  • cole
  • chris
  • charmed
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Them Blue Eyes ♛ S.Rollins [1] by MissLocaChica
Them Blue Eyes ♛ S.Rollins [1]by queen ♛
After three years of UFC fighting, Marleen Rowley also know as Marly Sky gets a contract from the WWE. Accepting the contract and transformation of companies, Marly is u...
  • wwe
  • romanreigns
  • paige
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Theodore |Book 1| by tox-ic-i-ty
Theodore |Book 1|by Kate Rose
*Previously known as Drowning in Chaos* -T H E O D O R E- -C h a o s- This is what Paige goes through on a daily basis. Ever since her parents died in a fire, Paige has...
  • paige
  • adult
  • undiscovered
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❌Run Bitches!❌ |UFCxWWE| {1/3 Supreme Trilogy} #Wattys2015 by -thornsamongroses
❌Run Bitches!❌ |UFCxWWE| {1/3 Reaper Wilde🥀
Voted for: 🌟Best Original Character🌟 🌟Best Wrestlemania Moment🌟 🌟Highest Rank in Fanfiction: #247🌟 (I'M SOOOO THANKFUL FOR THOSE WHO VOTED! YOU GUYS WON!) *** &quo...
  • randyorton
  • paige
  • nickdiaz
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Halliwells Daughter! (TVD & Charmed fanfiction) by AlyssaPaterson8
Halliwells Daughter! (TVD & Alyssa Paterson
This is a Charmed/Vampire Diaries crossover with an added character of my own. Taylor Halliwell is Phoebe's daughter. After living twenty years with her mother and aunts...
  • phoebe
  • damon
  • saltzman
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Be My First 3 - Tying Ends by jackswizard
Be My First 3 - Tying Endsby jackswizard
This is the 3rd book in the Be My First series! Read the first 2 to understand the story!
  • paige
  • grier
  • first
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•Mi Todo• by heyitsbeccaaa
•Mi Todo•by Becca
A sequel to mi amour🖤 S.R. Instagram book #2
  • dovecameron
  • theshield
  • paige
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Still Into You Part 2 by SmileyMiley91
Still Into You Part 2by Miley Loveridge Reigns
Sequel to Still Into You. It Continues on from the last book!
  • deanambrose
  • sethrollins
  • romanreigns
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Dominate Love by KanesCrazyChick
Dominate Loveby KanesCrazyChick
Sonya is a dominate force, she is the muscle of Absolution. What happens when a new superstar joins Absolution?
  • fanfic
  • billiekay
  • paige
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WWE Squad Texts by BankOnItJauregay
WWE Squad Textsby BankOnItJauregay
It's going to be hella gay and funny so buckle up.
  • rondarousey
  • natalya
  • paige
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The Vampire Queen [Ambrolleigns] by always_smiling_101
The Vampire Queen [Ambrolleigns]by Shay💞
Seth was bitten by vampires. In this book, vampires can choose their mates. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose choose Seth Rollins, a human, for their mate. Seth knows that v...
  • threesome
  • tripleh
  • boyxboyxboy
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Trust Issues Book 2 by India_6211
Trust Issues Book 2by India🤩
This shit gets interesting...just read it😌❤️
  • khayman
  • pryce
  • anna
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Why me? by mfiggitt
Why me?by mfiggitt
Chloe, Paige and Maddie were the original trio, but then paige and brooke left the aldc dream team now what will chloe do with ALDC being turned upside down all because...
  • paige
  • love
  • zac
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