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The Ocean, My Love (BTS Mermaid AU ) by A_Cute_Fangirl
The Ocean, My Love (BTS Mermaid Jessica
Ji-Soo Lea belongs to the ocean. She has always had a deep connection with the water until the ocean betrayed her and took Kai, her brother, away. A few months after Kai...
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My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic] by Twilight_Hime10
My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic]by Hime Black
Twilight and H20: Just Add Water crossover Luna Brown recently moved to La Push, Washington from Gold Coast, Australia. Luna is the only daughter of Nora Brown nee Black...
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Lethal (BWWM) by Glow_AngelAce
Lethal (BWWM)by Angel Ace
" God!!! Fuck Blaze!!!" She moaned. She quivered and squirmed around me. She tried to close her legs but I wasn't having it. She moaned my name out loud...
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Shell Masturbation by thelupes
Shell Masturbationby thelupes
When all of the H2O just add water girls come out a lesbians at the same time, things get a little cray cray.
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siren ; a woman who is considered to be alluring or fascinating but also dangerous in some way. "ivy... sing for me." He whispered while her innocent brown eye...
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Mako Mermaids the Outsider by Newt18
Mako Mermaids the Outsiderby Teresa
Oliva has a secret. She's a mermaid, and the daughter of Rita Santos, who has been cast out of her pod and lived on land ever since. While on a swim she meets three othe...
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A Pirated Heart by darkdemon125
A Pirated Heartby Alyssa Ammons
Arabella Cartridge had her heart stolen and it wasn't metaphorically. Driven by the need for revenge against the sea witch who stole it, Arabella has turned to piracy in...
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The Mermaids' Royalty by LunaNorah
The Mermaids' Royaltyby BloodMoon
It's been a few months since Gaea was put back to sleep, and it's almost time for Percy to go back to school again. He's dreading it, but what ADHD dyslexic kid doesn't...
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Fish On A Hook by LyrisaLove
Fish On A Hookby LyrisaLove
Harry Hook/OC This is a dark story about a mermaid living her worst nightmare of getting captured by a pirate. There will be violence/a little smut... So, the neverland...
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JUST ADD WATER |~| L. Saltzman & H.Mikealson  by SPOOKY_JANELLE
JUST ADD WATER |~| L. Saltzman & ✰ ⋆ 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐀
❝ I never liked pool parties anyway. ❞
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Our Fated Tail by CheyenneMathern
Our Fated Tailby Cheyenne Mathern
"They left me here to die. Chained to a huge rock, dressed in a thin red dress that flowed around my feet." Anilena-Ray Connors was always a good person. But...
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Broken (BWWM) by Glow_AngelAce
Broken (BWWM)by Angel Ace
I grabbed my suitcase and packed my clothes. I then heard the door slam shut and lock itself. I turned around. I pulled on it. "Kacey this isn't funny." I call...
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Knight of Hearts (The Enchanted World Book 7) by faddiemanzi
Knight of Hearts (The Enchanted Faddiemanzi
Read Bk1 Possessed By Lord Mage; Bk2 Tempting The Dark King; Bk3 The Dragon's Keeper; Bk4 Moonchild's War; Bk5 Enslaved Is His Heart; Bk6 In The Iyr Of Storm first ~~~~ ...
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 Fiery (BWWM) by Glow_AngelAce
Fiery (BWWM)by Angel Ace
I got in the car. "So did Danny tell the guards that he wanted me to get in a different car?" I asked, curiously. He nodded. "Yep." He said, as he dr...
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Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Big Bad Wolf by nickelwat
Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Nicole
Annabeth Danvers is a typical 18 year old girl except for one thing. She is a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood. She is part of a line of women who is supposed to pro...
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Best Wattpad Stories by JareenaNasreen
Best Wattpad Storiesby Jareena Nasreen
hi hello if you're here then you must be desperate in need of a good book. but worry no more, cause you're in the right place. choose your pick from these bunch and you...
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The Rider's Legacy by SaoiMarie
The Rider's Legacyby SMarie
The Fourth Installment of the Rider's Series Valaxia is on the brink of destruction. The decimation of Ithrall has marked the start of a certain war and the threat of an...
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Just A Myth | Shota Aizawa by strawhat_pirate
Just A Myth | Shota Aizawaby Straw
Merfolk were the very foundation of Shota Aizawa's childhood. Growing up with an absentee mother and a father who worked hard to keep them comfortably afloat, Aizawa fou...
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The Tail  by Manang15
The Tail by Artemis Fox Jackson
When Percy Jackson goes to Australia for a vacation, he stumbles upon a certain pool in a volcano. Will he find it's secrets and the Mermaids in it? The four mermaids...
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Humans huh// yandere merman x pirate reader by NSFT-Taejeon
Humans huh// yandere merman x 💐🎋Red Panda🎋💐
WARNING BEFORE YOU READ -Swearing -inappropriateness of the human body -sexual theme or content -gore/ blood I guess -maybe a lemon or maybe a whole lot -auctioning up ...
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